Cliff Nazarro (Cliff Nazarro)

Cliff  Nazarro

Actor. A comedian specializing in “double-talk”, he appeared in supporting roles in B films, sometimes as a western sidekick. Nazarro played the comic strip character Barney Google in “Hillbilly Blitzkreig” (1942), and was the voice of “Egghead” in several Warner Bros. cartoons of the late 1930s. His other credits include “The Singing Buckaroo” (1937), “Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry” (1937), “St. Louis Blues” (1939), and “Blue Skies” (1946). Nazarro was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He was a vaudeville performer and burlesque master of ceremonies before making his screen debut in 1930. Although he made 45 films, Nazarro’s Hollywood career never really took off and in 1946 he returned to the stage.

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  • January, 31, 1904


  • February, 18, 1961


  • Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park
  • California
  • USA

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