Janis Carter (Janis Dremann)

Janis Carter

Janis Carter (October 10, 1913 – July 30, 1994) was a film and television actress working in the 1940s and 1950s. After attending Mather College in Cleveland, Ohio, Carter headed to New York in an attempt to start an opera career. Although unsuccessful in opera, she was working on Broadway when she was spotted on stage by Darryl F. Zanuck, who signed her to a movie deal. After moving to Hollywood, she appeared in over 30 films beginning in 1941 for 20th Century Fox, MGM, Columbia, and RKO. She appeared in the films Night Editor (1946) and Framed (1947) with Glenn Ford and Flying Leathernecks (1951) with John Wayne. After leaving Los Angeles, Carter returned to New York and found work in television in comedies and dramas and as hostess for the quiz show Feather Your Nest opposite Bud Collyer. She was married to Carl Prager from 1942 to 1951, but the couple divorced. In 1956, she quit show business after marrying Julius Stulman, a New York lumber and shipping tycoon, that year. They remained together until her death. She died from a heart attack, on July 30, 1994, aged 80, in Durham, North Carolina.

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  • October, 10, 1913
  • USA
  • Cleveland, Ohio


  • July, 30, 1994
  • USA
  • Durham, North Carolina

Cause of Death

  • heart attack


  • Maplewood Cemetery
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • USA

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