• Chrissy Amphlett

    1959 - 2013

    Chrissy Amphlett (1959 - 2013)

    Chrissy Amphlett   Christine Joy “Chrissy” Amphlett (/æmflət/; 25 October 1959 – 21 April 2013) was an Australian singer who was the frontwoman of the Australian rock band Divinyls. Amphlett grew up in her home town of Geelong in Victoria, Australia as a singer and dancer. She left home as a teenager and travelled to […]

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  • Morey Amsterdam

    1908 - 1996

    Morey Amsterdam (1908 - 1996)

    Morey Amsterdam Born in Chicago, Morey Amsterdam started in vaudeville at the age of 14, as a straight man for his piano-playing brother. His father, a concert violinist who worked with the Chicago Opera and the San Francisco Symphony, wanted Morey to pursue a career in classical music but Morey had other plans. By the […]

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  • Albert Anastasia

    1902 - 1957

    Albert Anastasia (1902 - 1957)

    Albert Anastasia As Umberto Anastasio became known as a Brooklyn gangster, he adjusted his name to Albert Anastasia. The adjustment to his surname was reportedly to save his Anastasio relatives from embarrassment. (One of his brothers entered the U.S. legally and became a parish priest in New York.) Anastasia became an accomplished underworld enforcer, earning […]

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  • Anthony Anastasio

    1906 - 1963

    Anthony Anastasio (1906 - 1963)

    Organized Crime Figure, Anthony Anastasio (Tough Tony), was a powerful labor boss and racketeer on the Brooklyn waterfront.  Brother of Mafia figures Albert and Frank Anastasia.  As brother of syndicate chieftain Albert Anastasia,Tough Tony took control of the astoundingly lucrative Brooklyn docks through the International Longshoremen’s Association for which he was a vice president and head […]

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  • Glenn Anders

    1889 - 1981

    Glenn Anders (1889 - 1981)

    Actor. He began his career in vaudeville on the Orpheum circuit. He made his Broadway debut in 1919 in “Just Around the Corner.” He had a long career on Broadway, and appeared in appeared in three Pulitzer Prize winning plays – “Hell Bent for Heaven” (1924), “They Knew What They Wanted” (1924) and “Strange Interlude” […]

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  • Luana Anders

    1938 - 1996

    Luana Anders (1938 - 1996)

    Actress. Born Luana Margo Anderson in New York City, she was a bike messenger for MGM, when she started appearing on the television shows “Dragnet”, “M Squad”, “The Rifleman” and “Rawhide” in the 1950s. She made her film debut in “Dementia 13” (1961), followed by “The Pit and the Pendulum” (1961). Among her many credits […]

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  • Helga Anders

    1948 - 1986

    Helga Anders (1948 - 1986)

    Actress. She was a leading performer of Austrian and German television for a number of years. Born Helga Scherk, she was raised in Ruhpolding and Bielfield after her parents’ break-up and made her professional stage debut at age eight. To the end of her life she was involved in Munich theatrical projects though she was […]

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  • Karen Anders

    1928 - 1994

    Karen Anders (1928 - 1994)

    Actress. She appeared in the films “Fright Night Part II” (1989), “The Malibu Bikini Shop” (1985), “The Kid With 200 I.Q.” (1983), “Promises In The Dark” (1979), “Audrey Rose” (1977), “Sheila Levine Is Dead And Living In New York” (1975), “Medical Story” (1975), “Busting” (1974), and “She Lives” (1973). Appeared in television series including “Dream […]

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  • Laurie Anders

    1922 - 1992

    Laurie Anders (1922 - 1992)

    Entertainer. Born Lorayne Day in Casper, Wyoming. A voluptuous blonde starlet, she enjoyed brief fame as a crooning cowgirl on CBS TV’s “The Ken Murray Show” from 1950 to 1953. Her hit theme song, “I Love the Wide Open Spaces” (with the emphasis on “Wide”), became a popular catch phrase of the era. Anders brought […]

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  • Bridgette Andersen

    1975 - 1997

    Bridgette Andersen (1975 - 1997)

    Actress. Bridgette Andersen was best known as the title character in the 1982 comedy,”Savannah Smiles”. Born Bridgette Marriah Andersen in Inglewood, California, she showed expectational intelligence from a young age. By age 2, she was able to read and noted Ernest Hemingway as her favorite author. That same year, she decided she wanted to be […]

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  • Lale Andersen

    1905 - 1972

    Lale Andersen (1905 - 1972)

    German Singer, Songwriter, and Actress. She is best remembered as the first singer of “Lili Marleen” (1939), which became one of the most popular songs of World War II. Born Liese Lotte Helene Berta Bunnenberg in Lehe, Germany (now a part of the city of Bremerhaven), she married Paul Ernst Wilke, a local painter, at […]

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  • Dame Anderson

    1898 - 1992

    Dame Anderson (1898 - 1992)

    Actress. Born in Adelaide, Australia, she worked in stage in Australia before coming to United States in 1918. After a few difficult years, she appeared on Broadway and built a solid career as one of the greatest ladies in stage. She obtained acclaim playing “Medea” and “Lady Macbeth”, wining two Emmys for these performances. In […]

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  • Rona Anderson

    1926 - 2013

    Rona Anderson (1926 - 2013)

    Actress. A pretty brunette, she is remembered for her long career on the British stage and screen. Raised in the city of her birth, she received her theatrical training at the Glover Turner-Robertson School of Drama, made her 1945 professional bow at Lerwick’s Garrison Theatre in “Peg o’My Heart”, then from 1945 thru 1949 refined […]

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  • Mignon Anderson

    1892 - 1983

    Mignon Anderson (1892 - 1983)

    Actress. Appeared on stage and in motion pictures during the 1910s and 20s (silent era). She is buried next to her husband, actor J. Morris Foster.

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  • Robert Orville Anderson

    1917 - 2007

    Robert Orville Anderson (1917 - 2007)

    Robert Orville Anderson was born in Chicago on April 13, 1917, to the Swedish immigrants Hugo A. Anderson and Hilda Nelson. His father was a prominent banker who, Anderson often said, was the first banker in the U.S. “who loaned money on oil in the ground.”  Robert attended the Laboratory Elementary and High Schools of […]

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  • Stig Anderson

    1931 - 1997

    Stig Anderson (1931 - 1997)

    Stig Anderson Anderson was the founder of the Polar Music record label in 1963. Initially beginning his career as a chemistry and mathematics teacher after leaving school at the age of 15, Anderson soon entered the Swedish popular music scene, becoming a music producer, manager and also occasional performer.  Anderson had begun writing songs as […]

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  • Ernie Anderson

    1923 - 1997

    Ernie Anderson (1923 - 1997)

    Born in Lynn, Massachusetts, Anderson planned to go to law school but was instead drafted into the U.S. Navy during World War II. In an interview, his son Paul Thomas Anderson spoke of his military service: “He (Ernie) was in the Navy stationed mainly in Guam. I don’t think he did any fighting. I think […]

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  • John Murray Anderson

    1886 - 1954

    John Murray Anderson (1886 - 1954)

    John Murray Anderson was born in 1886 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the son of Hon. John Anderson and his wife. His brother was Hugh Abercrombie Anderson. Anderson received his early education at Bishop Feild College in St. John’s. He was sent to Europe for additional studies at Edinburgh Academy in Scotland. He entered college at […]

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  • Juliet Anderson

    1938 - 2010

    Juliet Anderson (1938 - 2010)

    Juliet Anderson Judith Carr was born and grew up in Burbank, California, the daughter of a jazz trumpet player and an aspiring nurse. She was afflicted with both childhood arthritis and Crohn’s disease and spent a sizable portion of her youth in the hospital or on bedrest. Graduating from Burbank High School in 1956 (where […]

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  • Lew Anderson

    1922 - 2006

    Lew Anderson (1922 - 2006)

    Anderson was born in Kirkman, Iowa, the son of a railroad telegrapher. He began playing his sister’s clarinet when she tired of it, and by high school had formed his own dance band. After a year in junior college in Fort Dodge, Iowa, he received a music scholarship to Drake University in Des Moines. He […]

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  • Lindsay Anderson

    1923 - 1994

    Lindsay Anderson (1923 - 1994)

    Of Scottish parentage, Anderson was the son of a British Army officer. He was born in Bangalore, South India, and educated at Saint Ronan’s School in Worthing, West Sussex, and at Cheltenham College, where he met his lifelong friend and biographer, the screenwriter and novelist Gavin Lambert; and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he studied […]

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  • Carl David Anderson

    1905 - 1991

    Carl David Anderson (1905 - 1991)

    Anderson was born in New York City, the son of Swedish immigrants. He studied physics and engineering at Caltech (B.S., 1927; Ph.D., 1930). Under the supervision of Robert A. Millikan, he began investigations into cosmic rays during the course of which he encountered unexpected particle tracks in his (modern versions now commonly referred to as […]

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  • Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

    1836 - 1917

    Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836 - 1917)

    Elizabeth Garrett was born on 9 June 1836 in Whitechapel, London, the second of eleven children of Newson Garrett (1812–1893), from Leiston, Suffolk, and his wife, Louisa née Dunnell (1813–1903), from London.  The Garrett ancestors had been ironworkers in East Suffolk since the early seventeenth century. Newson was the youngest of three sons and not […]

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  • Gilbert Anderson

    1882 - 1971

    Gilbert Anderson (1882 - 1971)

    Actor. He began his career at age 18, as a stage perform in vaudeville and is best known as the first star of the Western film genre. As the character “Bronco Billy”, he was the first silent screen cowboy star appearing in “The Great Train Robbery” (1903). As “Bronco Billy”, he played the first real […]

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  • John Anderson

    1922 - 1992

    John Anderson (1922 - 1992)

    Actor. Born in Clayton, Illinois, he was a brilliant character performer best remembered for his role as a snooping used-car salesman in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Psycho”(1960). He began his acting career on the Mississippi River showboat Goldenrod and made his debut in the Broadway show “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” in the 1940s. His […]

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  • Eddie Lincoln Anderson

    1905 - 1977

    Eddie Lincoln Anderson (1905 - 1977)

    Actor. He is best remembered for his role of ‘Rochester Van Jones’, on the “Jack Benny Show”. The son of a minstrel, Big Ed Anderson, and a circus tightrope walker, Ella May Anderson, Eddie was born into a show business family, where he joined his brother, Cornelius, in a vaudeville troop. For a while, he […]

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  • Herbert Anderson

    1917 - 1994

    Herbert Anderson (1917 - 1994)

    Actor. He was best remembered for his role as Henry Mitchell, Dennis’ father on the TV series “Dennis the Menace”. After signing with Warner Bros. Studios, he made his film debut in “Navy Blues” (1941), followed by a great performance as Private Hanson in the World War II movie, “Battleground” (1949). His many television credits […]

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  • Louisa Garrett Anderson

    1873 - 1943

    Louisa Garrett Anderson (1873 - 1943)

    Dr. Louisa Garrett Anderson, CBE (28 July 1873 – 15 November 1943) was a medical pioneer, a member of the Women’s Social and Political Union, a suffragette, and social reformer. She was the daughter of the founding medical pioneer Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. Her aunt, Dame Millicent Fawcett was a British suffragist. Anderson was the Chief […]

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  • Warner Anderson

    1911 - 1976

    Warner Anderson (1911 - 1976)

    Warner Anderson (March 10, 1911 – August 26, 1976) was an American actor. Anderson was born to “a theatrical family” in Brooklyn, New York, March 10, 1911. Anderson had a small part in a film in 1915. A contemporary newspaper article about the movie Sunbeam, in which Anderson appeared in 1917, noted, “Warner Anderson is one of […]

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  • Judith Anderson

    1897 - 1992

    Judith Anderson (1897 - 1992)

    Anderson was born Frances Margaret Anderson in 1897 in Adelaide, South Australia to Jessie Margaret (née Saltmarsh; 19 October 1862 – 24 November 1950) and James Anderson Anderson. She attended Norwood High School, and began acting in Australia before moving to New York in 1918. Anderson established herself as a dramatic actress of note, making […]

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