• Willie Williams

    1956 - 2005

    Willie Williams (1956 - 2005)

    William James “Flip” Williams, Jr. (November 9, 1956 – October 25, 2005) was a mass murderer executed by lethal injection. He was convicted of the September 2, 1991 murders of three rival drug dealers and a visitor to their Youngstown, Ohio home.  Williams had returned to the neighborhood after a long absence to find that […]

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  • Stanley Williams

    1953 - 2005

    Stanley Williams (1953 - 2005)

    Stanley Williams was born December 29, 1953 in Shreveport, Louisiana to a 17-year old mother. His father abandoned the family when Williams was just a year old. In 1959, at the age of six, Williams moved with his mother from Rayville, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California by a Greyhound Lines bus. His mother moved into […]

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  • Clifton Curtis Williams, Jr

    1932 - 1967

    Clifton Curtis Williams, Jr (1932 - 1967)

    Astronaut. Born in Mobile, Alabama, he was a US Marine Corps Major, graduated from the Navy Test Pilot School and accumulated 2,500 hours flying time in jet aircraft. In October 1963, he was selected by NASA as an Astronaut serving as backup pilot for the Gemini 10 mission and worked in the areas of launch […]

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  • Sybil Christopher

    1929 - 2013

    Sybil Christopher (1929 - 2013)

    Sybil Williams was born on 27 March 1929, in Tylorstown, Mid Glamorgan. She attended the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (now LAMDA), meeting Richard Burton during the filming of The Last Days of Dolwyn (1949). After their marriage, she retired from acting, performing only a few times, and generally on stage rather than on film. […]

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  • Andy Williams

    1927 - 2012

    Andy Williams (1927 - 2012)

    Andy Williams Williams was born in Wall Lake, Iowa, the son of Jay Emerson and Florence (née Finley) Williams. Williams attended Western Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio; he finished high school at University High School, in West Los Angeles, because of his family’s move to California. He had three older brothers—Bob, Don, and Dick […]

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  • Clifton Williams

    1932 - 1967

    Clifton Williams (1932 - 1967)

    Williams was born on September 26, 1932 in Mobile, Alabama, to parents Clifton Curtis Williams and Gertrude (née Medicus) Williams. He was active in the Boy Scouts of America where he achieved its second highest rank, Life Scout. Williams attended Murphy High School in Mobile, from which he graduated in 1949. He received a Bachelor […]

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  • Esther Williams

    1921 - 2013

    Esther Williams (1921 - 2013)

    Esther Williams Born in Inglewood, California, on August 8, 1921, Williams was the fifth and youngest child of Louis Stanton Williams (January 19, 1886 – June 10, 1968) and Bula Myrtle (née Gilpin; October 8, 1885 – December 29, 1971). Louis Williams was a sign painter and Bula Myrtle Williams was a psychologist. The two […]

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  • Camilla Williams

    1919 - 2012

    Camilla Williams (1919 - 2012)

    On October 18, 1919, Camilla Ella Williams was born in Danville, Virginia, to Fannie Carey Williams and Cornelius Booker Williams, who worked as a chauffeur. She was the youngest of four children (Mary, Helen, and Cornelius).  “My grandparents and parents were self-taught musicians; all of them sang, and there was always music in our home.” […]

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  • Robin Williams

    1951 - 2014

    Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

    Robin Williams Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 21, 1951. His mother, Laurie McLaurin (c. 1923 – September 4, 2001), was a former model from Jackson, Mississippi, whose own great-grandfather was Mississippi senator and governor Anselm J. McLaurin. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams (September 10, 1906 – October 18, 1987), was […]

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  • Hank Williams Sr.

    1923 - 1953

    Hank Williams Sr. (1923 - 1953)

    Hank Williams Sr Williams’s parents, Elonzo Huble “Lon” Williams and Jessie Lillybelle “Lillie” Skipper married on November 12, 1916. Hank Williams was of English-American ancestry. Elonzo Williams worked as an engineer for the railroads of the W.T. Smith lumber company. He was drafted during World War I, serving from July 1918 until June 1919. He […]

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  • Nicol Williamson

    1936 - 2011

    Nicol Williamson (1936 - 2011)

    Thomas Nicol Williamson was born in 1936 (he would later claim 1938 in Who’s Who) in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, the son of a factory owner. His family later moved south to England, and Williamson was educated at the Central Grammar School for Boys, Birmingham. He left school at 16 to begin work in his father’s […]

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  • Noble Willingham

    1931 - 2004

    Noble Willingham (1931 - 2004)

    Willingham was the son of Ladelle (née Speights) and Noble Henry Senior, a railroad worker and a farmer. He was born in the small town of Mineola, in Wood County east of Dallas, Texas. After graduating in 1953 from North Texas State University in Denton, he earned a master’s degree in educational psychology from Baylor University […]

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  • Cameron Todd Willingham

    1968 - 2004

    Cameron Todd Willingham (1968 - 2004)

    On December 23, 1991, a fire destroyed the Willingham family home in Corsicana, Texas. Killed in the fire were Willingham’s three daughters: two-year-old Amber Louise Kuykendall and one-year-old twins Karmon Diane Willingham and Kameron Marie Willingham. Willingham himself escaped the home with only minor burns. Stacy Kuykendall, Willingham’s then-wife and the mother of his three […]

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  • George William, Elector of Brandenburg

    1595 - 1640

    George William, Elector of Brandenburg (1595 - 1640)

    Born in Cölln on the Spree, George William was the son of John Sigismund, Margrave of Brandenburg and Anna of Prussia. His maternal grandfather was Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia.  In 1616 George William married Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate. Their only son Frederick William later became known as the “Great Elector”. Of his two […]

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  • Dave Willock

    1909 - 1990

    Dave Willock (1909 - 1990)

    Dave Willock (August 13, 1909 – November 12, 1990) was an American character actor. Willock appeared in 181 films and television series from 1939 to 1989. He is probably most familiar to modern audiences from his performance as Baby Jane Hudson’s father in the opening scenes of the cult classic What Ever Happened to Baby […]

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  • Bob Wills

    1905 - 1975

    Bob Wills (1905 - 1975)

    Bob Wills American Western swing musician, songwriter, and bandleader. Considered by music authorities as the co-founder of Western swing,he was universally known as the King of Western Swing (after the death of Spade Cooley who used the moniker “King Of Western Swing” from 1942 to 1969.) Wills formed several bands and played radio stations around […]

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  • Wheely Willy

    1991 - 2009

    Wheely Willy (1991 - 2009)

    Willy was found abandoned in a cardboard box with spinal injuries and a cut throat. Taken in by a veterinary hospital and treated, Willy stayed there for a year unadopted. Learning that the dog would be euthanised if not adopted, pet groomer Deborah Turner decided to bring him home.  Initially, the two pound (one kilogram) […]

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  • Flip Wilson

    1933 - 1998

    Flip Wilson (1933 - 1998)

    Flip Wilson He is remembered for his NBC variety television series “The Flip Wilson Show” that aired from September 1970 until June 1974, as well as his character ‘Geraldine Jones’. Born Clerow Wilson, Jr., one of ten children, his father worked as a handyman during the Great Depression. When he was seven years old, his […]

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  • Teddy Wilson

    1912 - 1986

    Teddy Wilson (1912 - 1986)

    Teddy Wilson Mr. Wilson spent much of his career as a soloist or leader of his own small combos, but rose to prominence during a four-year stint with the Benny Goodman Orchestra. ”What I got out of playing with Teddy was something, in a jazz way, like what I got from playing Mozart in a […]

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  • Carl Wilson

    1946 - 1998

    Carl Wilson (1946 - 1998)

    Carl Wilson Rock Musician, Vocalist, and Producer. He is best remembered as a founding member, lead guitarist, and occasional lead vocalist of classic California-based rock group The Beach Boys. He was the youngest brother of fellow Beach Boys Dennis and Brian Wilson and cousin of Beach Boy’s Mike Love. Born Carl Dean Wilson, as a […]

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  • Yvette Wilson

    1964 - 2012

    Yvette Wilson (1964 - 2012)

    Before she started her career in the entertainment business, Yvette Wilson attended San Jose State University and majored in communications. Wilson first entered comedy when she lost a bet and had to perform as a stand-up comedian at a friend’s club. She decided to make a living off comedy and never turned back. Her big break […]

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  • Elizabeth Wilson

    1921 - 2015

    Elizabeth Wilson (1921 - 2015)

    Wilson was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the daughter of Marie Ethel (née Welter) and insurance agent Henry Dunning Wilson. Her maternal grandfather was a wealthy German immigrant, and Wilson was raised in a large mansion. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, then studied with Sanford Meisner at the […]

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  • Marvin Wilson

    1958 - 2012

    Marvin Wilson (1958 - 2012)

    Marvin Wilson American murderer who was executed by the State of Texas on August 7, 2012. He entered death row on May 9, 1992, for the murder of a police drug informant. Wilson abducted and shot 21-year-old Jerry Robert Williams following a physical confrontation between the two in the 1500 block of Verone in Beaumont. […]

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  • Julie Wilson

    1924 - 2015

    Julie Wilson (1924 - 2015)

    Wilson was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the daughter of Emily (née Bennett), a hairdresser, and Russell Wilson, a coal salesman. She first found a musical outlet with local musical group “Hank’s Hepcats” in her teenage years and briefly attended Omaha University. She won the title of Miss Nebraska and would have competed in the Miss […]

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  • Edith White Wilson

    1872 - 1961

    Edith White Wilson (1872 - 1961)

    Edith Bolling was born October 15, 1872 in Wytheville, Virginia to circuit court judge William Holcombe Bolling and his wife Sarah “Sallie” Spears née White. Her birthplace is a contributing building in the Wytheville Historic District. Edith was a descendant of settlers who came to Virginia early in the British colonization of the Americas. Through […]

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  • Ellen Louise Wilson

    1860 - 1914

    Ellen Louise Wilson (1860 - 1914)

    Born Ellen Louise Axson in Savannah, Georgia, the daughter of the Reverend Samuel Edward Axson, a Presbyterian minister, and Margaret Jane (née Hoyt) Axson, Ellen was a lady of refined tastes with a fondness for art, music and literature. Thomas Woodrow Wilson first saw her when he was about 3 and she was a baby. […]

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  • James Q. Wilson

    1931 - 2012

    James Q. Wilson (1931 - 2012)

    James Wilson completed his B.A. at the University of Redlands in 1952, where he was the national collegiate debate champion in 1951 and 1952. He completed an M.A. (1957) and a Ph.D. (1959) in political science at the University of Chicago. From 1961 to 1987, he was the Shattuck Professor of Government at Harvard University. […]

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  • William Windom

    1923 - 2012

    William Windom (1923 - 2012)

    Windom was born on September 28, 1923, in New York City. He was the son of Isobel Wells (née Peckham) and Paul Windom, an architect. He was the great-grandson of the United States Secretary of the Treasury of the same name. He served in the United States Army in the European Theater of Operations in […]

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  • Amy Winehouse

    1983 - 2011

    Amy Winehouse (1983 - 2011)

    Amy Winehouse was born in Chase Farm Hospital in north London, to Jewish parents. Her father, Mitchell “Mitch” Winehouse, was a window panel installer then a taxi driver; her mother, Janis Winehouse (née Seaton), a pharmacist. Amy had an older brother, Alex (born 1979), and the family lived in London’s Southgate area.  Part of her […]

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  • Anna Lee

    1913 - 2004

    Anna Lee (1913 - 2004)

    Lee trained at the Royal Albert Hall, [clarification needed] then debuted with a bit part in His Lordship (1932). When she and her first husband, director Robert Stevenson, moved to Hollywood she became associated with John Ford, appearing in several of his films, notably How Green Was My Valley, Two Rode Together and Fort Apache. […]

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