• Carleton G. Young

    1907 - 1971

    Carleton G. Young (1907 - 1971)

    Carleton Garretson Young (May 26, 1907 – July 11, 1971) was an American television actor and the voice of the Ellery Queen radio detective character.  From January 10, 1942 until August 1943, he had the title role on The Adventures of Ellery Queen, and from 1943 to 1952, he played Edmond Dantès in Mutual’s version […]

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  • Audrey Young

    1922 - 2012

    Audrey Young (1922 - 2012)

    Actress, Singer. A Big Band performer and veteran of about two dozen movies from the late 1940s, she is better remembered via her long marriage to legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder. Raised in Southern California, she was a part time model when she joined Paramount as a contract player and made her silver screen bow in […]

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  • Georgiana Young

    1923 - 2007

    Georgiana Young (1923 - 2007)

    Actress. Sister of actresses Loretta Young, Sally Blane, and Polly Ann Young. She appeared in the films, “No, No, Nanette” (1940) and “The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell” (1939). She was married to actor Ricardo Montalban of “Fantasy Island” fame from 1944 until her death.

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  • Loretta Young

    1913 - 2000

    Loretta Young (1913 - 2000)

    Actress. Loretta Young began her career at the age of 4 as a child extra in silent films. From that time on she appeared in numerous films and made a smooth transition into talking pictures. Throughout the 1930’s she was an established actress acting mostly in very run of the mill films. The 1940’s were […]

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  • Gig Young

    1913 - 1978

    Gig Young (1913 - 1978)

    Actor. He took the name “Gig Young” from the character he played in “The Gay Sisters.” His films include “Game of Death,” “Young at Heart,” “The Hindenburg,” “The Elite Killer,” and “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They.” His work on television includes “The Rogues.” He shot and killed his fifth wife, German actress Kim Schmidt, after […]

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  • Clifton Young

    1917 - 1951

    Clifton Young (1917 - 1951)

    Actor. Born Robert Howard Young in New York City, he began performing on stage at age five and made frequent vaudeville and occasional movie appearances through his early 20s, most often billed as Bobby Young. From 1925 to 1931 he had a semi-regular role in the “Our Gang” series, playing “Bonedust”, a kid with a […]

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  • Lee Young

    1984 - 2013

    Lee Young (1984 - 2013)

    Young was born in Columbia, South Carolina, the son of Velma (née Love) and Tommy Scott Young. He was in the second grade when his parents’ marriage ended, and he went to live with his mother. At age ten, he portrayed Martin Luther King in a play called A Night of Stars and Dreams by […]

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  • Roland Young

    1887 - 1953

    Roland Young (1887 - 1953)

    Actor. Young made his stage debut in 1911 with Arthur Bouries in “Find the Woman”.  After playing for some time in the English provinces he appeared in “Improper Peter” in London. So successful was he in this play that his next chance came from New York where he played in “Hindle Wakes” and in shorter […]

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  • Robert Young

    1907 - 1998

    Robert Young (1907 - 1998)

    Actor. In a career that lasted over fifty years, Robert Young performed on stage, screen and radio, appearing in some 100 movies before making a successful transition to television. He was born in Chicago coming west when his family relocated to Los Angeles at age seven. Introduced to acting while attending Lincoln High School, he […]

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  • Clara Kimball Young

    1890 - 1960

    Clara Kimball Young (1890 - 1960)

    Clarisa Kimball was born in Chicago to Edward M. and Pauline (née Maddern) Kimball, travelling stock actors. She made her stage debut at the age of three, and throughout her early childhood travelled with her parents and acted with their theater company. She attended St. Francis Xavier Academy, Chicago. Afterwards she was hired into a […]

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  • Sally Blane

    1910 - 1997

    Sally Blane (1910 - 1997)

    Blane was born in Salida, Colorado. She was the sister of actresses Polly Ann and Loretta Young, and half-sister of actress Georgiana Young. Blane had her film debut at the age of seven when she appeared in Sirens of the Sea in 1917. She returned to the film business as an adult in the 1920s, playing […]

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  • Faron Young

    1932 - 1996

    Faron Young (1932 - 1996)

    Faron Young Country Music Singer. A star of the Grand Ole Opry from 1952 to 1964), he was also known as “The Singing Sheriff” after appearing in a 1956 western “Hired Guns.” He helped Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson get their music careers started. One of his #1 hits was a 1961 Nelson-penned tune “Hello […]

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  • Graham Young

    1947 - 1990

    Graham Young (1947 - 1990)

    Young was born in Neasden, north west London. His mother died a few months after his birth. He was sent by his father to live with an uncle and aunt, while his older sister went to live with grandparents. A few years later he was separated from his aunt and uncle in order to live […]

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  • Jay Youngblood

    1955 - 1985

    Jay Youngblood (1955 - 1985)

    Jay Youngblood American professional wrestler better known by his ring name Jay Youngblood. He wrestled in the National Wrestling Alliance‘s Jim Crockett Promotions in a tag team with Ricky Steamboat. In addition, he wrestled with Florida Championship Wrestling and the American Wrestling Association. Romero started wrestling in 1975 in Amarillo under a mask and calling […]

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  • Henny Youngman

    1906 - 1998

    Henny Youngman (1906 - 1998)

    Youngman was born to a Jewish family in London, England. His family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when he was a child. He grew up in New York City, and began as a comedian after he had worked for years at a print shop, where he wrote “comedy cards” containing one-line gags. The comedy cards […]

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  • Mickey Rooney

    1920 - 2014

    Mickey Rooney (1920 - 2014)

    Mickey Rooney He achieved fame in the ‘Andy Hardy’ film series of the 1930s and 1940s, before moving on to a wide range of movie roles. Born Joe Yule, Jr., the son of vaudeville performers, he first appeared on stage at the age of fifteen months. He was brought up as a central part of […]

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  • Victor Sen Yung

    1915 - 1980

    Victor Sen Yung (1915 - 1980)

    Sen Yung made his first significant acting debut in the 1938 film Charlie Chan in Honolulu, as the Chinese detective’s “number two son,” Jimmy Chan. In this movie, Sidney Toler replaced the recently deceased Warner Oland as Charlie Chan and Sen Yung replaced Oland’s “number one son” Lee, who had been played by Keye Luke. […]

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  • Mei Ling Yung

    1959 - 1985

    Mei Ling Yung (1959 - 1985)

    Actress. Barbara Yung was a big star in Hong Kong prior to her suicide in 1985, and details of her funeral arrangements were widely publicised in the media. She was cremated in Hong Kong and her ashes taken back to Cambridge, England by her mother to be buried in a cemetery not far from where […]

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  • Blanche Yurka

    1887 - 1974

    Blanche Yurka (1887 - 1974)

    Actress. Born in St Paul, Minnesota, she was an opera singer when she made her debut as a character actor on Broadway in 1910. Turning to the screen, she is most remembered for the role as the vicious Madame Defarge in “A Tale of Two Cities” (1935). Among her many film credits were “Song of […]

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  • Tony Zale

    1913 - 1997

    Tony Zale (1913 - 1997)

    Tony Zale His three-fight series with Rocky Graziano between 1946 and 1948 are treated with reverence and awe by those who simply read about them as well as the relative few who witessed them in person. Only the third, in which Zale proved his superiority with a third-round knockout, was filmed. The grainy footage provides […]

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  • Pedro Zamora

    1972 - 1994

    Pedro Zamora (1972 - 1994)

    Pedro Zamora was born in Diezmero, San Miguel del Padrón, on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba, to Hector Zamora, a food-warehouse worker, and Zoraida Diaz, a housewife. Zamora was the eighth and youngest child in his family. After the birth of their seventh child, Zoraida had been told that she would not be able to […]

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  • Jordan Christopher

    1940 - 1996

    Jordan Christopher (1940 - 1996)

    Born in Youngstown, Ohio, to Macedonian immigrants Eli and Dorothy Zankoff, he moved at an early age to Akron, where his father ran a downtown bar. Christopher became interested in singing with the rise of rock & roll, spending much of his time at the music clubs in Akron’s black section. He formed a doo-wop group […]

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  • Dane Clark

    1912 - 1998

    Dane Clark (1912 - 1998)

    Clark was born Bernard Zanville in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Jewish immigrants, Samuel, a sporting goods store owner, and his wife, Rose. The date of birth is a matter of dispute, amongst different sources. He graduated from Cornell University and earned a law degree at St. John’s University School of Law in Queens, […]

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  • Carmen Zapata

    1927 - 2014

    Carmen Zapata (1927 - 2014)

    Carmen Margarita Zapata (July 15, 1927 – January 5, 2014) was an American actress. Zapata was born in New York City to a Mexican father and an Argentine mother.  Zapata made her Broadway debut in the chorus of Oklahoma! in 1946. She appeared in over one hundred movies and shows, including Batman: The Animated Series, […]

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  • Michael Zaslow

    1942 - 1998

    Michael Zaslow (1942 - 1998)

    Actor. He is best remembered for his roles on television soap operas. Among his many roles are as, ‘Jonathan Hadary’ on “King’s Crossing” in 1982, ‘Dick Hart’ on “Search For Tomorrow” from 1970 to 1971, ‘Dr. Peter ‘Pete’ Chernak’ on “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” in 1970, ‘David Renaldi’ on “One Life To Live” […]

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  • Michael Zaslow

    1944 - 1998

    Michael Zaslow (1944 - 1998)

    Zaslow was born in Inglewood, California. He played Dick Hart on the CBS soap opera Search for Tomorrow and Dr. Peter Chernak on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing. He also played David Renaldi on ABC’s One Life to Live from 1983 to 1986, and in 1998. Zaslow was also a writer for the NBC […]

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  • Rosel Zech

    1942 - 2011

    Rosel Zech (1942 - 2011)

    Actress. A longtime star of the German stage and screen she shall probably remembered for her lead role in 1982’s “Veronika Voss”. Raised in Hoya she broke into show business in 1962 at Landshut’s South Bavarian City Theatre then over the next years was to refine her craft in the increasingly important venues of such […]

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  • Eleanor Audley

    1905 - 1991

    Eleanor Audley (1905 - 1991)

    Eleanor Audley Beginning as a radio actress, she worked extensively in the 1940s and 50s in Hollywood on such shows as Escape, Suspense and the radio versions of My Favorite Husband (as mother-in-law Mrs. Cooper), The Story of Dr. Kildare (as receptionist Molly Byrd), and Father Knows Best (as one of the Anderson family’s neighbors). […]

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  • Lilyan Chauvin

    1925 - 2008

    Lilyan Chauvin (1925 - 2008)

    Chauvin began her career working in broadcasting in France. Her mother was French and her father was Italian. While under contract to a French radio station she had her heart set on becoming a lawyer; however her earnings soon exceeded that of her parents and she gave serious consideration to making show business her way […]

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  • Meles Zenawi

    1955 - 2012

    Meles Zenawi (1955 - 2012)

    Meles was born in Adwa, Tigray, in northern Ethiopia, to an Ethiopian father Zenawi Asres from Adwa and Alemash Guebreluel from Adi Quala, Eritrea. He was the third of six children in the family. His first name at birth was “Legesse” (thus Legesse Zenawi, Ge’ez: ለገሰ ዜናዊ legesse zēnāwī). However, he eventually became better known […]

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