• Pascale Ogier

    1958 - 1984

    Pascale Ogier (1958 - 1984)

    Actress. Born Pascale Marguerite Cécile Claude Colette Nicolas in Paris, France, she was the daughter actress Bulle Ogier. She began performing first on the stage, made her film debut in “Perceval le Gallois” (1978) and with her mother co-wrote the screenplay and starred in “Le pont du nord” (1981). For her performance in “Full Moon […]

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  • Pat Ast

    1941 - 2001

    Pat Ast (1941 - 2001)

    Actress, Model. Best known for her role as as ‘Linda’ in the movie “Heat”. She was working as a clerk and receptionist in a box factory when she caught the eye of Andy Warhol who signed her on to star in some movies he was going to make. Her credits include “Heat”, “The Incredible Shrinking […]

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  • Patricia Blair

    1933 - 2013

    Patricia Blair (1933 - 2013)

    Actress. She will be best remembered for playing Rebecca Boone opposite Fess Parker in the TV series “Daniel Boone” (1964 to 1970). Born Patsy Lou Blake, she was raised in Dallas, Texas. Her radiant beauty enabled her to launch a career in modeling while a teenager. The experience created opportunities for her to try acting […]

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  • Patricia Lake

    1923 - 1993

    Patricia Lake (1923 - 1993)

    Actress, Scandal Figure. In the 1920s, there was speculation that Lake was the child of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and actress Marion Davies, who carried on a public affair despite Hearst being married to another woman. Many reference books state that Lake’s parents were Marion Davies’ sister Rosemary and her first husband, George Van […]

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  • Patricia Neal

    1926 - 2010

    Patricia Neal (1926 - 2010)

    Actress. The sultry voiced beauty won an Academy Award for playing Alma Brown in the film “Hud” (1963). Off-screen, she will be best remembered for her personal triumph and recovery over a series of strokes than nearly took her life in 1965. Born Patricia Louise Neal, her father was a coal company manager her mother […]

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  • Patti Brill

    1923 - 1963

    Patti Brill (1923 - 1963)

    American actress in several motion pictures of the 1940s and 50s.

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  • Patti Jerome

    1925 - 2000

    Patti Jerome (1925 - 2000)

    American screen and television actress of the 1970s and 80s.

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  • Paul Panzer

    1872 - 1958

    Paul Panzer (1872 - 1958)

    Prolific German-born stage and motion picture actor of the 1910s through the 1950s. His film credits date back as far as 1905. Appeared with Joan Crawford in the 1945 film-noir drama “Mildred Pierce.” 

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  • Paula Blackton

    1881 - 1930

    Paula Blackton (1881 - 1930)

    Actress and Film Director. Most remembered for the role of ‘Paula Wyngate’ in “The Littlest Scout.” Other credits include: “The Diary of a Puppy,” “The Little Strategist” and “The Fairy Godfather.” Married for a time to filmmaker J. Stuart Blackton, she was the mother of actress Violet Virginia Blackton and actor Charles Stuart Blackton.

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  • Paule Bayard

    1931 - 1975

    Paule Bayard (1931 - 1975)

    Actress. Bayard appeared in the films, “Bingo” (1974), and “Tiens-Toi Bien Apres Les Oreilles A Papa” (1971). She also appeared on the television shows, “Pepinot Et Capucine” from 1952 to 1954, and “Le Courrier Du Roy” from 1958 to 1961. Also a talented voice actress she did the voice of the puppet character, ‘Bobinette’ on […]

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  • Pauline Bush

    1886 - 1969

    Pauline Bush (1886 - 1969)

    Actress. Leading lady in early silent movies. She was the first wife of acclaimed director Allan Dwan. She was born in Wahoo, a suburb of Lincoln, Nebraska, to parents Dr. Russell Bush and Charlotte Garfield Bush. She was educated in a private school in Virginia and attended the University of Nebraska. She appeared in her […]

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  • Pearl Hackney

    1916 - 2009

    Pearl Hackney (1916 - 2009)

    Actress. Though she had a long career on stage, as well as in movies and on radio, she will be best remembered for her numerous British television appearances. Raised in Liverpool, to which her family had moved after their business in Staffordshire failed, Hackney never attended school, but was drawn to classical music and dance […]

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  • Pearl M. Early

    1878 - 1960

    Pearl M. Early (1878 - 1960)

    Actress on Stage and in Motion Pictures. She started in Vaudeville along with her husband, entertainer John Early.

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  • Pedro Infante

    1917 - 1957

    Pedro Infante (1917 - 1957)

    Acclaimed Mexican actor and singer. Among his films: “Angelitos Negros” (1948), “Los Hijos de María Morales” (1952), “Ahora soy Rico” (1952), “Ansiedad” (1953), and “La Vida no Vale Nada” (1955). He was a screen idol in México.

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  • Pedro Quartucci

    1905 - 1983

    Pedro Quartucci (1905 - 1983)

    Actor. He belonged to a family of actors. He began his career at age of 4. Between 1923 and 1928 he had a successful career as a boxer, winning a bronze medal (featherweight category) at the Olympic Games of 1924 (Paris). 

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  • Pedro Armendariz

    1912 - 1963

    Pedro Armendariz (1912 - 1963)

    Actor. Born in Churubusco, a suburb of Mexico City, and raised in Texas, he studied at California Polytechnic State University where he graduated with an engineering degree. He began his acting career at the stage in Mexico City, entering films there in 1935. During the next years he made 42 Spanish-language films, among them “Maria […]

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  • Peggy Ashcroft

    1907 - 1991

    Peggy Ashcroft (1907 - 1991)

    Actress. Born Edith Margaret Emily Ashcroft in Croydon, Surrey, England. After graduation from London’s Central School of Dramatic Art, Ashcroft made her stage debut in the Birmingham Repertory’s production of Dear Brutus in 1926, and her London debut a year later. She first gained recognition, however, for her portrayal Naomi in Jew Süss in 1929. […]

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  • Peter Kanellos

    1879 - 1967

    Peter Kanellos (1879 - 1967)

    Motion picture actor in the silent-era (1910s-20s). 

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  • Peter Ustinov

    1921 - 2004

    Peter Ustinov (1921 - 2004)

    Actor, Motion Picture Director, Educator. He is best remembered for his film roles of vain, selfish, insolent and rude characters. Born of Russian descent, where his grandfather, an officer in the Czar’s Army, was exiled for refusing to convert to the Eastern Orthodox Church (he was Protestant), his mother was Nadia Benois, also of a […]

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  • Philip John Amelio II

    1977 - 2005

    Philip John Amelio II (1977 - 2005)

    Child Actor. Amelio is best known for his television role as ‘Scott Parker Chandler’ on the long-running soap opera series, “All My Children” from 1988 to 1991. Amelio’s character was the son of Stuart and Cindy Chandler, Adam Chandler’s brother and sister-in-law. In a later episode Cindy died from AIDS. Amelio’s other roles included, an […]

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  • Phyllis Avery

    1924 - 2011

    Phyllis Avery (1924 - 2011)

    Actress. Born in New York City, daughter of screenwriter Stephen Morehouse Avery, she marked her professional acting debut at the age of twelve on the Broadway stage in the musical “Orchids Preferred” (1937), followed by “Three Waltzes” (1937 to 1938) and “Charley’s Aunt” (1940 to 1941). She broadened her skills at the American Academy of […]

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  • Pier Angeli

    1932 - 1971

    Pier Angeli (1932 - 1971)

    Actress. Italian-born motion picture and television figure of the 1940s through the 1970s. Her last screen appearance was in the 1971 sci-fi film “Octaman.” Married for a time to singer Vic Dammone, and later to composer Armando Trovajoli.

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  • Pierre Labelle

    1941 - 2000

    Pierre Labelle (1941 - 2000)

    Singer, Comedian. A native of Windsor, Ontario, Labelle moved to Villeray, Quebec with his family at a young age. While still in high school, he joined his friends Rene Angelil and Jean Beaulne to form the music group Les Baronets. With Labelle’s distinct voice as the group’s main vocal, Les Baronets released their first album […]

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  • Pola Illery

    1908 - 2012

    Pola Illery (1908 - 2012)

    Actress. The exotic vamp of roughly 15 French movies, she was possibly the last performer to have starred in silent films as an adult. Born Paula Illiescu in the small town of Corabia, she took to show business early and made her silver screen bow in the 1928 “Le Desir”. After first attracting major notice […]

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  • Poupee Andriot

    1899 - 1988

    Poupee Andriot (1899 - 1988)

    Actress. Appeared on stage and in motion pictures during the 1920s and 1930s. Married to famed cinematographer Lucien Andriot.

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  • Priscilla Bonner

    1899 - 1996

    Priscilla Bonner (1899 - 1996)

    Actress. A figure of the silent screen era and sister of actress Marjorie Bonner. She played the role of Gabrielle Darley in “The Red Kimono” (1925). Married to noted Hollywood Physician Dr. Emmanuel Bertrand Woolfan.

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  • Rafael Alonso

    1920 - 1998

    Rafael Alonso (1920 - 1998)

    Spanish actor best known for his films “Cómicos”, “El Baile,” and “El Abuelo,” his last film.

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  • Rafaela Aparicio

    1906 - 1996

    Rafaela Aparicio (1906 - 1996)

    Popular stage and screen character actress. She is best remembered for her films “Atraco a las Tres” (1962), “Sor Citroen” (1967), “El Extraño Viaje” (1967), “La Casa de los Martínez” (1971), “Mamá Cumple 100 Años” (1979), “El Sur” (1982), “El Mar y el Tiempo” (1989), “Mala Yerba” (1991), and “Oh, Cielos” (1994), which she played […]

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  • Ralph Yearsley

    1896 - 1928

    Ralph Yearsley (1896 - 1928)

    Silent-era motion picture actor. Married to actress Grace Yearsley.

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  • Raymond Walburn

    1887 - 1969

    Raymond Walburn (1887 - 1969)

    Actor in 91 films including “Mr Deeds Goes to Town,” “Craig’s Wife,” “Thin Ice,” “Murder in Greenwich Village,” “Dixie” and “State of the Union.”

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