• Frank Bacon

    1864 - 1922

    Frank Bacon (1864 - 1922)

    Frank Bacon was an American character actor and playwright who after years of relative obscurity achieved great success as he entered the twilight of his career. The 1918 play Lightnin’, which Bacon co-wrote and starred in, set a Broadway record for the day of 1,291 performances and was still going strong on tour after more […]

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  • Faith Bacon

    1910 - 1956

    Faith Bacon (1910 - 1956)

    Actress, Burlesque Dancer. A Broadway starlet of the late 1920s, she is remembered for her erotic dance routines at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. Born Frances Yvonne Bacon, little is recorded of her early years save that she at some point lived in the northern California community of Placerville and along the way apparently received […]

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  • Stefano Badami

    1888 - 1955

    Stefano Badami (1888 - 1955)

    Stefano Badami Organized Crime Figure. He was the first boss of what is now called the Decavalcante Organized Crime Family based in New Jersey. He ran the family until the 1930s, and was stabbed to death in a restaurant at 372 15th Avenue in Newark, New Jersey in 1955.  

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  • Brian Badcoe

    1925 - 1992

    Brian Badcoe (1925 - 1992)

    Actor. He was born in Cardiff, Wales and died in England. His film and television credits include “A Man for All Seasons,” “Oliver Twist,””Mata Hari,” “Kim,” “Fanny by Gaslight,” “Nineteen Eighty Four,” “Crossroads,””Upstairs, Downstairs,” “Doctor Who,” “Dixon of Dock Green,” “Doomwatch,” “The Saint,” “The Avengers,” and “The First Lady.” He was married to actress, Hilda […]

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  • Hermione Baddeley

    1908 - 1986

    Hermione Baddeley (1908 - 1986)

    Actor. Born Hermione Youlanda Ruby Clinton-Baddeley. In her more than 60 year career Hermione enjoyed success in all the acting media. Prior to World War II, she became popular in London stage comedies and revues due to her dancer’s training and innate flair for comedy. In her film career she played memorable character roles, including […]

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  • Dr. John Badley

    1783 - 1870

    Dr. John Badley (1783 - 1870)

    Born in Dudley, Worcestershire, England to a surgeon father, William Badley, of Dudley and Sarah Cox his wife. He studied medicine at Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital in London where he was a favorite pupil of John Abernethy a leading surgeon at the turn of the 18th century and himself a student of Hunter. He was elected […]

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  • Leo Baekeland

    1863 - 1944

    Leo Baekeland (1863 - 1944)

    Leo Baekeland was born in Ghent, Belgium, Baekeland was the son of a cobbler and a house maid. He told The Literary Digest: “The name is a Dutch word meaning ‘Land of Beacons.’” He graduated with honours from the Ghent Municipal Technical School and was awarded a scholarship by the City of Ghent to study […]

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  • Parley Baer

    1914 - 2002

    Parley Baer (1914 - 2002)

    Actor. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, he was a veteran character performer of more then 40 films and countless televisions shows. He began his career on radio in the 1940s, being featured on programs such as “A Tooth for Paul Revere”, “Dragnet”, “Lux Radio Theatre”, “The Whistler” and many more. For TV, his credits […]

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  • Lynn Baggett

    1924 - 1960

    Lynn Baggett (1924 - 1960)

    Actress. Stage and screen figure and writer. Married to movie producer Sam Spiegel. 

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  • Jack Bailey

    1907 - 1980

    Jack Bailey (1907 - 1980)

    A former vaudeville musician and World’s Fair barker, Bailey is best remembered as the host of Queen for a Day, a daytime game show which first aired on the Mutual Radio Network in 1945 and later moved to television, where it ran locally in the Los Angeles area from 1948 through 1955, on the NBC […]

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  • Sir Donald Coleman Bailey

    1901 - 1985

    Sir Donald Coleman Bailey (1901 - 1985)

    Bailey attended Rotherham Grammar School and The Leys School in Cambridge and then studied for a period at Sheffield University.  Bailey was a civil servant in the War Office when he designed his bridge. Another engineer, A.M. Hamilton, successfully demonstrated that the Bailey bridge breached a patent on the Callender-Hamilton bridge, though the Bailey bridge […]

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  • DeFord Bailey

    1899 - 1982

    DeFord Bailey (1899 - 1982)

    DeFord Bailey Musician and Country Music Hall of Fame Member. A grandson of slaves, he was not just the first African American to appear on the Grand Ole Opry, he was the first star to appear. The show was originally named the WSM Barn Dance, but when it became a part of the NBC network […]

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  • Frankie Bailey

    1859 - 1953

    Frankie Bailey (1859 - 1953)

    Actress. A screen, stage and burlesque figure, she appeared in the films “The Crown Of Lies” (1926), “Thank You” (1925), “Flower Of Light” (1925), and “The Famous Mrs Fair” (1923). She was known as “The Girl With The Million Dollar Legs”.

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  • Pearl Bailey

    1918 - 1990

    Pearl Bailey (1918 - 1990)

    Bailey was born in Southampton County in southeastern Virginia, to Joseph and Ella Mae Ricks Bailey. She was reared in the Bloodfields neighborhood of Newport News, Virginia.  She made her stage-singing debut when she was 15 years old. Her brother Bill Bailey was beginning his own career as a tap dancer, and suggested she enter […]

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  • Raymond Bailey

    1904 - 1980

    Raymond Bailey (1904 - 1980)

    He was born in San Francisco, California, the son of William and Alice (née O’Brien) Bailey. When he was a teenager he went to Hollywood to become a movie star. He found it was harder than he had thought, however, and took a variety of short-term jobs. He worked for a time as a day […]

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  • Conrad Bain

    1923 - 2013

    Conrad Bain (1923 - 2013)

    Actor. Bain, a Canadian-born actor who served in the Canadian Army during World War II, will best be remembered for his roles as as Phillip Drummond in the sitcoms ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and as Dr. Arthur Harmon on ‘Maude’. He started as an actor in the 1956 stage revival of ‘The Iceman Cometh’. His other Broadway […]

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  • Conrad Bain

    1923 - 2013

    Conrad Bain (1923 - 2013)

    Conrad Bain was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, the son of Jean Agnes (née Young) and Stafford Harrison Bain, who was a wholesaler. He studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts before serving in the Canadian Army during World War II. He later studied in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, graduating […]

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  • Fay Bainter

    1893 - 1968

    Fay Bainter (1893 - 1968)

    Actress. She acted on radio, television, motion pictures and Broadway plays. Her work includes “Willow Tree”, “East Island West”, “Jealousy”, “First Love”, “Admirable Crighton”, “Dream Girl”, and “Dodsworth”. Her motion pictures include “White Banners”, “Mrs Wiggs”, “War Against Mrs Hadley”, “Jezebel” (which she won an Academy Award for the role of Aunt Belle), and “Childrens […]

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  • John Logie Baird

    1888 - 1946

    John Logie Baird (1888 - 1946)

    Baird was born at 8am on 14 August 1888 in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute (then Dunbartonshire), and was the youngest of four children of the Reverend John Baird, the Church of Scotland’s minister for the local St Bride’s church and Jessie Morrison Inglis, the orphaned niece of a wealthy family of shipbuilders from Glasgow.  He […]

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  • Spencer Fullerton Baird

    1823 - 1887

    Spencer Fullerton Baird (1823 - 1887)

    Spencer Fullerton Baird was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1823. He became a self-trained naturalist as a young man, learning about the field from his brother, William, who was a birder, and the likes of John James Audubon, who instructed Baird on how to draw scientific illustrations of birds. His father was also a big […]

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  • Leah Baird

    1883 - 1971

    Leah Baird (1883 - 1971)

    Actress and Screenwriter. She began her career in 1913 playing in numerous films for Universal and Vitagraph and in 1918 she played in fifteen episodes of the serial “Wolves of Kultur.” In the mid-1920s, Baird became a screenwriter and contributed to a number of Clara Bow features. In the early 1940s, she returned to the […]

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  • George Baker

    1931 - 1970

    George Baker (1931 - 1970)

    Baker was born in Varna, Bulgaria. His father was an English businessman and honorary vice consul and his mother a Red Cross nurse who moved to Bulgaria to help fight cholera. He attended Lancing College, Sussex; he then appeared as an actor in repertory theatre and at the Old Vic. Baker’s third wife, Louie Ramsay, […]

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  • Vernon Baker

    1919 - 2010

    Vernon Baker (1919 - 2010)

    Baker was born on December 17, 1919, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the youngest of three children. After his parents died in a car accident when he was four, he and his two sisters were raised by their grandparents. His grandfather Joseph S. Baker, a railroad worker in Cheyenne, taught him to hunt in order to feed […]

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  • Margaret Dumont

    1882 - 1965

    Margaret Dumont (1882 - 1965)

    Margaret Dumont was born Daisy Juliette Baker in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of William and Harriet Anna (née Harvey) Baker. As a child, she lived in the South, where she was mainly raised by her godfather, writer Joel Chandler Harris. She grew to stand 5′ 9″ (1.75 m). Margaret Dumont trained as an operatic singer […]

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  • Sir Stanley Baker

    1927 - 1976

    Sir Stanley Baker (1927 - 1976)

    Welsh-born film actor and producer. Some of his credits include “The Italian Job,” “The Guns of Navarone” and Zulu.” Knighted shortly before his death.

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  • Ma Baker

    1873 - 1935

    Ma Baker (1873 - 1935)

    Born Arizona Clark, in Ash Grove, Missouri, she was known as “Arrie”. In 1892 she married George Barker, in Lawrence Co., MO. The couple had four boys, named Herman (1893-1927), Lloyd (1897-1949), Arthur (1899-1939) and Fred (1901-1935). It appears from the 1910 to 1930 censuses and the Tulsa City Directories from 1916 to 1928 that […]

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  • Marilyn Monroe

    1926 - 1962

    Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962)

    Marilyn Monroe Actress. In a career that spanned 16 years, with no acting experience and through the promotion of her sex symbol image, Marilyn became a Hollywood media star and a legend while making 29 movies. She was born in Los Angeles at General Hospital to unmarried Gladys Pearl Monroe Baker. Her father was Charles […]

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  • Benjamin Baker

    1840 - 1907

    Benjamin Baker (1840 - 1907)

    He was born in Keyford, which is now part of Frome, Somerset in 1840, educated at Cheltenham Grammar School and, at the age of 16, became an apprentice at Messrs Price and Fox at the Neath Abbey Iron Works. After his apprenticeship he spent two years as an assistant to Mr. W.H. Wilson. Later, he […]

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  • Robert C. Baker

    1921 - 2006

    Robert C. Baker (1921 - 2006)

    A Lansing, New York native, Baker earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 1943 and then went on to major in Pomology at the university’s College of Agriculture. For his graduate work, Baker took his master’s degree at Penn State University and his doctorate at Purdue University. Baker was a member of the Alpha […]

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  • Chet Baker

    1929 - 1988

    Chet Baker (1929 - 1988)

    Baker was born and raised in a musical household in Yale, Oklahoma; his father, Chesney Baker, Sr., was a professional guitar player, and his mother, Vera (née Moser) was a talented pianist who worked in a perfume factory. His maternal grandmother, Randi Moser, was Norwegian. Baker began his musical career singing in a church choir. […]

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