• Jack Kirby

    1917 - 1994

    Jack Kirby (1917 - 1994)

    Jack Kirby was born Jacob Kurtzberg on August 28, 1917, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City, where he was raised. His parents, Rose and Benjamin Kurtzberg, were Austrian Jewish immigrants, and his father earned a living as a garment factory worker. In his youth, Kirby desired to escape his neighborhood. He liked to draw, and sought out places he could learn more about art. Essentially […]

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  • Jack Klugman

    1922 - 2012

    Jack Klugman (1922 - 2012)

    Jack Klugman Klugman was born in Philadelphia, the son of Rose, a hat maker, and Max Klugman, a house painter. His parents were Russian Jewish immigrants, though the family name is German in origin. He attended Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University, from which he graduated in 1948. While there his drama teacher […]

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  • Jack Kruschen

    1922 - 2002

    Jack Kruschen (1922 - 2002)

    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kruschen began his radio career while still in high school, and during the 1940s, he became a staple of West Coast radio drama. He had several roles in programs made especially for the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) broadcast for the benefit of members on active duty in the military in […]

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  • Jack La Rue

    1902 - 1984

    Jack La Rue (1902 - 1984)

    Jack La Rue (May 3, 1902, New York City, New York – January 11, 1984, Santa Monica, California) was an American film and stage actor.  Born Gaspere Biondolillo, he went from high school to his first acting job, in Otis Skinner’s road company production of Blood and Sand. He performed in Broadway plays from around […]

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  • Jack Lemmon

    1925 - 2001

    Jack Lemmon (1925 - 2001)

    Jack Lemmon One of the most consistently acclaimed actors in motion picture and television history, Jack Lemmon became the first man to win Academy Awards as both Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Mister Roberts” (1955) and Best Actor for “Save the Tiger” (1973). In between and after, Lemmon amassed an envious résumé of […]

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  • Jack McGurn

    2024 - 1936

    Jack McGurn (2024 - 1936)

    He was a killer at the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, Illinois.

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  • Jack Mitchell

    1925 - 2013

    Jack Mitchell (1925 - 2013)

    Mitchell was born in Key West, Florida in 1925; his family moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in 1932. He started photography at eleven, as the darkroom assistant to his sister. He then moved on to taking his own photographs, and was soon contributing photographs to the Daytona News Journal and New Smyrna Beach News. […]

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  • Jack Oakie

    1903 - 1978

    Jack Oakie (1903 - 1978)

    Jack Oakie was born as Lewis Delaney Offield in Sedalia, Missouri at 522 w 7th Street. His father was a grain dealer and his mother a psychology teacher. When he was five years old the Offield family moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma, the source of his “Oakie” nickname. His adopted first name, Jack, was the name […]

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  • Jack Pardee

    1936 - 2013

    Jack Pardee (1936 - 2013)

    As a teenager, Pardee moved to Christoval, Texas, where he excelled as a member of the six-man football team. He was an All-American linebacker at Texas A&M University and a two-time All-Pro with the Los Angeles Rams (1963) and the Washington Redskins (1971). He was one of the few six-man players to ever make it […]

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  • Jack Ramsay

    1925 - 2014

    Jack Ramsay (1925 - 2014)

    Growing up in Milford, Connecticut, Jack Ramsay was encouraged to participate in sports in grade school by his parents, Anne and John. With his family moving to a Philadelphia suburb, Ramsay graduated from Upper Darby High School in 1942. Years after playing basketball, baseball and soccer in high school, he was inducted into the school’s Wall of Fame […]

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  • Jack Stapp

    1912 - 1980

    Jack Stapp (1912 - 1980)

    Jack Stapp Jack Smiley Stapp was born in Nashville in 1912, but in 1923 he moved with his family to Atlanta. There, while still in his teens, he broke into radio at the Winecoff Hotel, programming a station that was piped into the hotel’s rooms. While studying at Georgia Tech University, he became involved with […]

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  • Jack Twyman

    1934 - 2012

    Jack Twyman (1934 - 2012)

    Twyman, a 6’6″ forward from the University of Cincinnati, spent eleven seasons in the NBA as a member of the Rochester/Cincinnati Royals. Twyman and Wilt Chamberlain became the first players in NBA history to average more than 30 points per game in a single season when they both accomplished that feat during the 1959–60 season. […]

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  • Jack Warner

    1895 - 1981

    Jack Warner (1895 - 1981)

    Warner was born in London, his real name being Horace John Waters. His sisters Elsie and Doris Waters were well-known comediennes who usually performed as “Gert and Daisy”. Warner attended the Coopers’ Company’s Grammar School for Boys in Mile End, while his sisters both attended the nearby sister school, Coborn School for Girls in Bow. […]

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  • Jack Weil

    1901 - 2008

    Jack Weil (1901 - 2008)

    Jack Arnold Weil (March 28, 1901 – August 13, 2008) was the founder and CEO of the Denver-based Western clothing manufacturer Rockmount Ranch Wear and was believed to be the oldest working CEO in the United States. Weil was born in Evansville, Indiana in 1901. In 1926, Weil (also known as Papa or “Papa Jack”) […]

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  • Jackie Burroughs

    1939 - 2010

    Jackie Burroughs (1939 - 2010)

    Born in Lancashire, England, Burroughs acted in live theatre at Ontario’s Stratford Festival. Her film credits included The Dead Zone (1983), The Grey Fox (1982), and a voice-over stint in the legendary animated anthology Heavy Metal (1981), while her TV-series résumé includes the roles of Mrs. Amelia Evans in Anne of Green Gables (1985) and […]

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  • Jackie Collins

    1937 - 2015

    Jackie Collins (1937 - 2015)

    Collins was born in 1937 in Hampstead, London, the younger daughter of Elsa (née Bessant) Collins (died 1962) and Joseph William Collins (died 1988), a theatrical agent whose clients later included Shirley Bassey, the Beatles and Tom Jones.  Collins’ South African-born father was Jewish and her British mother was Anglican. A middle child, Collins had […]

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  • Jackie Presser

    1926 - 1988

    Jackie Presser (1926 - 1988)

    Labor Leader. He was President of the Teamsters Union from 1983 to 1988. He was indicted on federal charges in 1986 of racketeering and embezzlement but never stood trial. Presser said that he was an FBI informant. Died from complications after brain cancer surgery. Was a staunch supporter of Ronald Reagan and assisted him in […]

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  • Jackie Robinson

    1919 - 1972

    Jackie Robinson (1919 - 1972)

    Jackie Robinson American baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era. Robinson broke the baseball color line when the Brooklyn Dodgers started him at first base on April 15, 1947. As the first major league team to play a black man since the 1880s, […]

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  • Jacob Lawrence

    1917 - 2000

    Jacob Lawrence (1917 - 2000)

    Jacob Lawrence was born in 1917 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was thirteen when his family, including his sister and brother, moved to New York City. Lawrence was introduced to art shortly after that, when their mother enrolled him in classes at an arts and crafts settlement house in Harlem, in an effort to […]

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  • Jacob Orgen

    1893 - 1927

    Jacob Orgen (1893 - 1927)

    Born to a middle class Orthodox Jewish family in the city of Minsk in the old Tsarist Russian Empire, Orgen became a well known labor slugger for Benjamin “Dopey Benny” Fein by the early 1910s. Being ambitious, he had formed his own gang, “The Little Augies” c. 1911. He operated his labor rackets diligently for […]

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  • Jacqueline Kennedy

    1929 - 1994

    Jacqueline Kennedy (1929 - 1994)

    Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born in Southampton, New York in 1929, to Wall Street stockbroker John Vernou “Black Jack” Bouvier III (1891–1957) and Janet Norton Lee (1907–1989). Jackie’s younger sister Caroline Lee Bouvier was born in 1933. The Bouviers divorced in 1940. Janet later married Standard Oil heir Hugh Dudley Auchincloss, Jr. in 1942 and […]

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  • Jacques Rivette

    1928 - 2016

    Jacques Rivette (1928 - 2016)

    Jacques Rivette (French: [ʒak ʁivɛt]; 1 March 1928 – 29 January 2016) was a French film director and film critic most commonly associated with the French New Wave and Cahiers du Cinéma. He has made twenty-eight films, including Le Coup de Berger, Paris Belongs to Us, L’amour fou, Out 1, Celine and Julie Go Boating, […]

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  • Jacques Sernas

    1925 - 2015

    Jacques Sernas (1925 - 2015)

    Jacques Sernas, was a Lithuanian-born French actor with an international film career. He was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, the son of Jokūbas Šernas, a signatory of the 1918 Act of Independence of Lithuania, who died when Sernas was one year old. His mother took him to Paris, France, where Sernas received his formal education. During […]

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  • Jaime Escalante

    1930 - 2010

    Jaime Escalante (1930 - 2010)

    Escalante was born to two teachers of Aymara ancestry  on December 31, 1930 in La Paz, Bolivia. He was proud of his Aymara heritage and as an adult would proudly proclaim “The Aymara knew math before the Greeks and Egyptians”. He taught mathematics and physics for 12 years in his mother country before immigrating to […]

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  • Jake Bird

    1901 - 1949

    Jake Bird (1901 - 1949)

    Jake Bird (December 14, 1901 – July 15, 1949) was a convicted murderer and self-confessed serial killer who was tried and executed for the axe murders of Bertha Kludt (age 53) and her daughter Beverly June Kludt (17) in Tacoma, Washington on October 30, 1947. Bird may have killed as many as 46 people. The […]

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  • Jake Lingle

    1891 - 1930

    Jake Lingle (1891 - 1930)

    Journalist, Mob Figure. A reporter for the Chicago Tribune, he covered the city’s organized crime beat during the bloody reign of Al Capone. He was not a writer but a “leg man”, someone who gathered information and phoned it in to the editor’s desk. On June 9, 1930, he was shot dead at close range […]

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  • James Allen

    1864 - 1912

    James Allen (1864 - 1912)

    Born in Leicester, England, into a working-class family, Allen was the elder of two brothers. His mother could neither read nor write while his father, William, was a factory knitter. In 1879 following a downturn in the textile trade of central England, Allen’s father travelled alone to America to find work and establish a new […]

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  • James Arness

    1923 - 2011

    James Arness (1923 - 2011)

    James Arness Actor. He is best remembered for his role of ‘Marshall Matt Dillon’ in the long-running television Western “Gunsmoke” (1955 to 1975). Born James King Aurness, his father was a traveling salesman, his mother was a newspaper columnist. He briefly attended Beloit College in Wisconsin before his service with the USA Army during World […]

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  • James Aubrey

    1947 - 2010

    James Aubrey (1947 - 2010)

    James Aubrey Tregidgo was born in 1947 in Klagenfurt, Austria. His parents were Major Aubrey James Tregidgo and Edna May Tregidgo (née Boxall). He was educated at the Wolmer’s Boys’ School in Kingston, Jamaica, the Windsor Boys’ School (Germany) and St. John’s School (Singapore). He married Agnes Kristin Hallander, although the marriage ended in divorce. […]

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  • James Avery

    1945 - 2013

    James Avery (1945 - 2013)

    James Avery James LaRue Avery (November 27, 1945 – December 31, 2013) was an American actor. He played patriarch and Judge Philip Banks in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990−96). This character was ranked #34 in TV Guide’s “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time.” He also provided the voice of Shredder in […]

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