• Ken Annakin

    1914 - 2009

    Ken Annakin (1914 - 2009)

    Annakin was born in and grew up in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire where he attended the grammar school. He began his career in feature films following an early experience making documentaries. Injured in the Liverpool blitz, he joined the RAF Film Unit, where he worked as camera operator on propaganda films for the Ministry […]

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  • Ken Curtis

    1916 - 1991

    Ken Curtis (1916 - 1991)

    Though born Curtis Wain Gates in Lamar in Prowers County in southeastern Colorado, Curtis was reared west of there in Las Animas, the seat of Bent County. His father, Dan Gates, was the Bent County sheriff. The family lived above the jail and his mother, Nellie Sneed Gates, cooked for the prisoners. The jail is […]

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  • Ken Lynch

    1910 - 1990

    Ken Lynch (1910 - 1990)

    Kenneth E. “Ken” Lynch (July 15, 1910 – February 13, 1990) was a Cleveland, Ohio-born American radio, film, and TV actor credited with more than 180 credits to his name. He was generally known for portraying law enforcement officers and detectives. He may have been best known for his starring role as ‘the Lieutenant’ on […]

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  • Ken Norton

    1943 - 2013

    Ken Norton (1943 - 2013)

    Ken Norton Norton was an outstanding athlete at Jacksonville High School. He was a member of the state championship football team and was selected to the all-state team on defense as a senior in 1960. His track coach entered him in eight events, and Norton placed first in seven of them. As a result, the […]

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  • Ken Price

    1935 - 2012

    Ken Price (1935 - 2012)

    Price was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Price’s earliest aspirations were to be an artist, “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an artist. Even when I was a kid I would make drawings and little books, and cartoons..,” he states. Price enrolled in his first art ceramics […]

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  • Ken Stabler

    1945 - 2015

    Ken Stabler (1945 - 2015)

    Ken Stabler Stabler first showed his professional chops in a 1972 playoff game best known for the Immaculate Reception. Mostly forgotten was that Stabler replaced starter Daryle Lamonica and led the Raiders to what seemed to be the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter — until Franco Harris’ spectacular catch and run won the game […]

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  • Ken Venturi

    1931 - 2013

    Ken Venturi (1931 - 2013)

    Born in San Francisco, California, Venturi learned to play golf at an early age, and developed his game at Harding Park Golf Course and other public courses in the Bay Area. In the early 1950s, he was a pupil of Byron Nelson, and was also influenced by playing partner Ben Hogan. Venturi won the California […]

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  • Kenne Duncan

    1903 - 1972

    Kenne Duncan (1903 - 1972)

    Kenne Duncan (February 17, 1903 – February 5, 1972) was a Canadian-born B-movie character actor. Hyped professionally as “The Meanest Man in the Movies,” the vast majority of his over 250 appearances on camera were Westerns, but he also did occasional forays into horror, crime drama, and science fiction. He also appeared in over a […]

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  • Kenneth Battelle

    1927 - 2013

    Kenneth Battelle (1927 - 2013)

    Kenneth Everette Battelle was born in Syracuse, New York, the eldest son with four younger sisters. His father was a shoe salesman, who divorced his mother when Kenneth was 12, leaving their son to support his family through cooking and washing dishes, selling beer and working as an elevator operator. Aged 17, he joined the […]

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  • Kenneth Biros

    1958 - 2009

    Kenneth Biros (1958 - 2009)

    Kenneth Biros Biros admitted to killing 22 year old Tami Engstrom during February 1991 in a fit of rage. Biros then cut up the body and spread numerous parts over a wide territory encompassing portions of northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania.  Biros was convicted of aggravated murder, attempted rape, aggravated robbery and felonious sexual penetration […]

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  • Kenneth Lee Boyd

    1948 - 2005

    Kenneth Lee Boyd (1948 - 2005)

    After leaving school in the ninth grade, Boyd later joined the United States Army and volunteered for a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1967. Two years later he received an honorable discharge. After his first marriage had ended in divorce, he married Julie. This second marriage, which resulted in three boys, had a series […]

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  • Kenneth MacDonald

    1901 - 1972

    Kenneth MacDonald (1901 - 1972)

    MacDonald began his career as a stage actor, and came to Hollywood in the early 1930’s. He found a few bit parts at first, finally finding steady work in westerns and serials at Columbia Pictures. MacDonald perfected a cool, debonair demeanor, which usually masked an evil side as a con man, outlaw, or thief. His […]

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  • Kenneth Tobey

    1917 - 2002

    Kenneth Tobey (1917 - 2002)

    Born in Oakland, California, Tobey was headed for a law career when he first dabbled in acting at the University of California Little Theater. That experience led to a year-and-a-half of study at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse, where his classmates included fellow University of California at Berkeley alumnus Gregory Peck, Eli Wallach, and Tony Randall. […]

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  • Kerwin Mathews

    1926 - 2007

    Kerwin Mathews (1926 - 2007)

    Mathews was born in Seattle, Washington and was two years old when he moved with his divorced mother to Janesville, Wisconsin. He attended Janesville High School, graduating in 1943. Mathews said that “a kind high school teacher put me in a play, and that changed my life.” According to a classmate, he was a “handsome […]

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  • Kevin Hagen

    1928 - 2005

    Kevin Hagen (1928 - 2005)

    Born in Chicago, Illinois, to professional ballroom dancers, Haakon Olaf Hagen and the former Marvel Lucile Wadsworth. When Haakon Hagen deserted his family, young Hagen was reared by his mother, grandmother, and aunts. As a 15-year-old, he relocated to Portland, Oregon, where one of his aunts had taken a teaching job. His family returned to […]

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  • Kevin Sharp

    1970 - 2014

    Kevin Sharp (1970 - 2014)

    Kevin Sharp Kevin Sharp was born in 1970 in Redding, California. When he was seven years old, his family moved to Weiser, Idaho to open a restaurant. Sharp performed in local musicals in high school, and stayed active in music after his family moved back to California in 1985. Starting in 1989, he began to […]

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  • Keye Luke

    1904 - 1991

    Keye Luke (1904 - 1991)

    Luke was born in Canton, China, to a father who owned an art shop, but grew up in Seattle. He was part of the Luke family, a relative of Wing Luke, for whom Seattle’s Wing Luke Asian Museum was named. He had four siblings who all emigrated from China to California during the Depression. His […]

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  • Kid Gavilán

    1926 - 2003

    Kid Gavilán (1926 - 2003)

    Kid Gavilán Cuban professional boxer and world welterweight champion who was known for his “bolo punch,” a combination of a hook and an uppercut. Gavilan said that cutting sugarcane during his youth in Cuba helped him to perfect his punching technique. He was a flashy fighter and a skillful boxer who began his professional career […]

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  • Kiel Martin

    1944 - 1990

    Kiel Martin (1944 - 1990)

    Kiel Urban Mueller (July 26, 1944, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—December 28, 1990, Rancho Mirage, California), professionally known as Kiel Martin, was an American actor best known for his role as lovable rogue Detective John “J.D.” La Rue on the 1980s television drama Hill Street Blues. Martin was married twice, first to Claudia Martin (1944–2001), who was actor/crooner Dean […]

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  • Kim Hunter

    1922 - 2002

    Kim Hunter (1922 - 2002)

    Hunter was born Janet Cole in Detroit, Michigan, the daughter of Grace Lind, who was trained as a concert pianist, and Donald Cole, a refrigeration engineer. She attended Miami Beach High School. Hunter’s first film role was in the 1943 film noir, The Seventh Victim. In 1947, she performed in the original Broadway production of A […]

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  • Kim Stanley

    1925 - 2001

    Kim Stanley (1925 - 2001)

    Stanley was born Patricia Reid in Tularosa, New Mexico, the daughter of Ann (née Miller), an interior decorator, and J. T. Reid, a professor of philosophy and education at the University of New Mexico, located in Albuquerque. Her father was of Irish or Scottish descent, born and raised in Texas, where he met her mother […]

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  • Kimberly McCarthy

    1961 - 2013

    Kimberly McCarthy (1961 - 2013)

    McCarthy was born on May 11, 1961, in Greenville, Texas. She worked as an occupational therapist in a nursing home. She was briefly married to the founder of the New Black Panther Party, Aaron Michaels, with whom she had one son. During her adult life, she developed an addiction to crack cocaine. In 1990, she […]

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  • King George III

    1738 - 1820

    King George III (1738 - 1820)

    George was born in London at Norfolk House. He was the grandson of King George II, and the son of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. As Prince George was born two months premature and was thought unlikely to survive, he was baptised the same day by Thomas Secker, who was both Rector of St James’s and the Bishop of Oxford.  […]

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  • King George IV of the United Kingdom

    1762 - 1830

    King George IV of the United Kingdom (1762 - 1830)

    George was born at St James’s Palace, London, on 12 August 1762, the first child of King George III of the United Kingdom and Queen Charlotte. As the eldest son of a British sovereign, he automatically became Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay at birth; he was created Prince of Wales and Earl of […]

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  • King George VI

    1895 - 1952

    King George VI (1895 - 1952)

    George VI was born at York Cottage, on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, during the reign of his great-grandmother Queen Victoria. His father was Prince George, Duke of York (later King George V), the second and eldest-surviving son of the Prince and Princess of Wales (later King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra). His mother was […]

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  • King Vidor

    1894 - 1982

    King Vidor (1894 - 1982)

    King Vidor (pronounced “vee-dor”) was born in Galveston, Texas, where he survived the great Galveston Hurricane of 1900.  A freelance newsreel cameraman and cinema projectionist, Vidor made his debut as a director in 1913 with The Grand Military Parade. In Hollywood from 1915, he worked as a screenwriter and as director of a series of […]

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  • Kirk Kerkorian

    1917 - 2015

    Kirk Kerkorian (1917 - 2015)

    Kirk Kerkorian Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, an eighth-grade dropout who built Las Vegas’ biggest hotels, tried to take over Chrysler and bought and sold MGM at a profit three times, has died. He was 98. He died Monday night in Beverly Hills. The reserved, unpretentious Kerkorian spent much of his life trying to stay out of […]

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  • Kitty Carlisle

    1910 - 2007

    Kitty Carlisle (1910 - 2007)

    Kitty Carlisle was born as Catherine Conn (Kitty is a nickname for Catherine; the surname was pronounced Cohen) in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her family was of German Jewish heritage. Her grandfather, Ben Holtzman, was the mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana. A Confederate veteran of the American Civil War, Holtzman had been a gunner on the CSS […]

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  • Kitty Wells

    1919 - 2012

    Kitty Wells (1919 - 2012)

    Kitty Wells Wells was born Ellen Muriel Deason in 1919 in Nashville, Tennessee, one of the few country singers born in Nashville. She began singing as a child, learning guitar from her father, who was a brakeman on the Tennessee Central Railroad. Her father, Charles, and his brother were musicians and her mother, Myrtle, was […]

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  • Klaus Kinski

    1926 - 1991

    Klaus Kinski (1926 - 1991)

    Klaus Kinski was born to German nationals in Zoppot in what was, under League of Nations supervision, the Free City of Danzig from 1920-1939. (It is now Sopot, Poland). His father, Bruno Nakszynski, a German of Polish descent, was a failed opera singer turned pharmacist; his mother, Susanne (née Lutze), was a nurse and the […]

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