• Patsy Ruth Miller

    1904 - 1995

    Patsy Ruth Miller (1904 - 1995)

    Patsy Ruth Miller After being discovered by the actress Alla Nazimova at a Hollywood party, Patsy Ruth Miller got her first break with a small role in Camille, which starred Rudolph Valentino. Her roles gradually improved, and she was chosen as a WAMPAS Baby Star in 1922. In 1923, she was acclaimed for her performance […]

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  • Patti Page

    1927 - 2013

    Patti Page (1927 - 2013)

    Clara Ann Fowler (November 8, 1927 – January 1, 2013), known by her professional name Patti Page, was an American singer of traditional pop music. She was the top-charting female vocalist and best-selling female artist of the 1950s, selling over 100 million records during a six decade long career. She was often introduced as “the […]

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  • Paul Almond

    1931 - 2015

    Paul Almond (1931 - 2015)

    Paul Almond attended Bishop’s College School, McGill University and Balliol College, Oxford University, where he read Philosophy, Politics, Economics, edited the University magazine Isis played for the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club and was president of the university Poetry Society. At the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, he worked primarily as a director and producer, and also wrote […]

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  • Paul Bartel

    1938 - 2000

    Paul Bartel (1938 - 2000)

    Bartel was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Jesse and William Bartel, who was an advertising executive. Bartel was openly gay; this influenced his career choice, as he found himself more accepted and afforded more opportunities within the independent film industry than he would have in Hollywood. In 1979, he was a member of […]

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  • Paul Bearer

    1954 - 2013

    Paul Bearer (1954 - 2013)

    Paul Bearer Professional Wrestling/Entertainment Manager. Born William Alvin Moody, he will most likely be remembered by his ring names ‘Paul Bearer’ and ‘Percival Pringle III’, as a professional wrestling manager for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and World Wrestling Federation (WWF—later WWE). As a teenager, he became involved in wrestling as a ringside photographer and […]

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  • Paul Benedict

    1938 - 2008

    Paul Benedict (1938 - 2008)

    Benedict was born in Silver City, New Mexico, the son of Alma Marie (née Loring), a journalist, and Mitchell M. Benedict, a doctor. He grew up in Massachusetts. As a young man, he suffered from acromegaly, a pituitary disorder that affects the extremities and face, which accounted for his slightly oversized jaw and large nose. Benedict […]

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  • Paul Blair

    1944 - 2013

    Paul Blair (1944 - 2013)

    Blair was born in Cushing, Oklahoma but grew up in Los Angeles where he attended Manual Arts High School. An accomplished athlete, he played basketball, baseball and track while a student. Blair was originally signed by the New York Mets as an amateur free agent in 1961. After spending the 1962 season in their farm […]

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  • Paul Burke

    1926 - 2009

    Paul Burke (1926 - 2009)

    Burke was born in New Orleans, the son of Santa Maria (Palermo) and Martin Joseph “Marty” Burke, a boxer who fought Gene Tunney and later owned a restaurant and a nightclub known as “Marty Burke’s” in the New Orleans French Quarter. He was of Irish and Italian descent. After training at the Pasadena Playhouse, Burke’s film […]

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  • Paul Carr

    1934 - 2006

    Paul Carr (1934 - 2006)

    Carr was born and raised in Marrero, Louisiana. As a teenager, he had an interest in both music and acting. After a short stint in the United States Marine Corps during his late teens, Carr launched his acting career with a role in a New Orleans production of Herman Melville’s Billy Budd. By the middle 1950s, […]

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  • Paul Castellano

    1915 - 1985

    Paul Castellano (1915 - 1985)

    Paul Castellano Castellano was born in Brooklyn on June 26th, 1915. His father was a butcher who also operated an Italian gambling game for the locals. Paul was late Mafia boss Carlo Gambino’s younger cousin, and his sister, Catherine, was Gambino’s wife. Castellano operated several lucrative meat businesses in the 1950s and his control over […]

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  • Paul Cezanne

    1839 - 1906

    Paul Cezanne (1839 - 1906)

    The Cézannes lived in the town of Cesana now in West Piedmont, and the surname may be of Italian origin. Paul Cézanne was born on 19 January 1839 in Aix-en-Provence, in Provence in the South of France. On 22 February, Paul was baptized in the Église de la Madeleine, with his grandmother and uncle Louis as godparents. His father, Louis-Auguste Cézanne (28 […]

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  • Paul D’Amato

    2024 - 1984

    Paul D’Amato (2024 - 1984)

    Organized Crime Figure. Known as “Mr. Atlantic City”, he was the owner of the 500 Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey from the 1930’s until the club burned down in 1973. The 500 Club was a front for an illegal gambling operation providing slot machines, baccarat, craps, roulette, and blackjack. To draw gamblers, he had […]

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  • Paul Desmarais

    1927 - 2013

    Paul Desmarais (1927 - 2013)

    Desmarais was born in Sudbury, Ontario to lawyer Jean-Noel Desmarais and Lebea Laforest. The Desmarais family is originally from Quebec and descended from Paul Desmarais who moved to Canada from Saint-Sauveur, France.  Desmarais’ grandfather Noël Desmarais founded the town of Noëlville, Ontario. Desmarais was married to Jacqueline Maranger, also from Sudbury. They had two sons: […]

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  • Paul Dubov

    1918 - 1979

    Paul Dubov (1918 - 1979)

    Paul Dubov ( Illinois , 10 October 1918 – Encino , 20 September 1979 ) was an actor and screenwriter US . He starred in almost 70 films from 1938 to 1977 and appeared in over 70 TV productions from 1952 to 1971. He was also credited as Paul Dubor.  Paul Dubov was born in Illinois, […]

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  • Paul Engle

    1908 - 1991

    Paul Engle (1908 - 1991)

    Paul Engle is often mistakenly credited with having founded the Iowa Writers’ Workshop (an honor that more appropriately belongs to his predecessor, Wilbur Schramm). Nonetheless, perhaps no one helped to better establish the reputation of the venerable writing program than Engle. During his tenure as director (1941–1965), he was responsible for luring some of the […]

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  • Paul Fussell

    1924 - 2012

    Paul Fussell (1924 - 2012)

    Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Fussell was the second of three children. His father, Paul Fussell (1895–1973), son of a widowed schoolteacher, became a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles with the firm of O’Melveny & Myers. His mother, Wilhma Wilson Sill (1893–1971), was the daughter of a carriage trimmer in Illinois. His brother, Edwin […]

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  • Paul Harvey

    1918 - 2009

    Paul Harvey (1918 - 2009)

    Harvey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The son of a policeman killed in 1921, Harvey made radio receivers as a young boy. He attended Tulsa Central High School where a teacher, Isabelle Ronan, was “impressed by his voice.” On her recommendation, he started working at KVOO in Tulsa in 1933, when he was 14. His […]

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  • Paul Henreid

    1908 - 1992

    Paul Henreid (1908 - 1992)

    Born in the city of Triest, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Trieste, Italy), Henreid was the son of Maria-Luise (Lendecke) and Baron Carl Alphons, an aristocratic Viennese banker. He studied theatre in Vienna and debuted on the stage under the direction of Max Reinhardt. He began his film career acting in German films […]

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  • Paul Hindemith

    1895 - 1963

    Paul Hindemith (1895 - 1963)

    Born in Hanau, near Frankfurt am Main, Paul Hindemith was taught the violin as a child. He entered Frankfurt’s Hoch’sche Konservatorium, where he studied violin with Adolf Rebner, as well as conducting and composition with Arnold Mendelssohn and Bernhard Sekles. At first he supported himself by playing in dance bands and musical-comedy groups. He became […]

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  • Paul Jennings Hill

    1954 - 2003

    Paul Jennings Hill (1954 - 2003)

    Paul Hill was born in Miami, Florida on February 6, 1954, to Oscar Jennings Hill, an airline pilot, and his wife Louise. He was raised in Coral Gables. He was charged with assault at the age of 17, by his father, when his father attempted to get treatment for Hill’s drug problem. Hill said he […]

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  • Paul Kantner

    1941 - 2016

    Paul Kantner (1941 - 2016)

    Paul Kantner was born on March 17, 1941 in San Francisco, California, the son of Cora Lee (Fortier) and Paul Schell Kantner. Kantner had a half-brother and a half-sister by his father’s first marriage, both much older than he. His father was of German descent, and his mother was of French and German ancestry. His […]

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  • Paul Kurtz

    1925 - 2012

    Paul Kurtz (1925 - 2012)

    Kurtz was born in Newark, New Jersey, into a Jewish family, the son of Sara Lasser and Martin Kurtz. Kurtz received his bachelor’s degree from New York University, and the Master’s degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree from Columbia University. Kurtz was left-wing in his youth, but has said that serving in the United States […]

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  • Paul Meurisse

    1912 - 1979

    Paul Meurisse (1912 - 1979)

    Paul Meurisse was born in Dunkirk, on the north-east coast of France, but grew up on the island of Corsica, to where his bank manager father had been transferred when Paul Meurisse was a small child. After leaving school he moved to Aix-en-Provence, where he became a solicitor’s clerk. His passion was for the stage, […]

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  • Paul Newman

    1925 - 2008

    Paul Newman (1925 - 2008)

    Newman was born in Shaker Heights (a suburb of Cleveland). He was the son of Theresa (née Fetzer or Fetsko; Slovak: Terézia Fecková) and Arthur Sigmund Newman, who ran a profitable sporting goods store. His father was Jewish (Paul’s paternal grandparents, Simon Newman and Hannah Cohn, were immigrants from Hungary and Poland). His mother, who […]

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  • Paul Picerni

    1922 - 2011

    Paul Picerni (1922 - 2011)

    Born in New York City, Picerni was an Eagle Scout. He joined the United States Army Air Forces during World War II and served as a B-24 Liberator bombardier in the China-Burma-India Theater. He flew twenty-five combat missions with the 493rd Bomb Squadron of the 7th Bomb Group and received the Distinguished Flying Cross. He […]

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  • Paul Reichmann

    1930 - 2013

    Paul Reichmann (1930 - 2013)

    Reichmann was born in Vienna in 1930 to Samuel Reichmann, a wealthy egg merchant and his wife Renée. His parents were Orthodox Jews from a small town in Hungary, but his father had risen to prominence in Vienna as a successful merchant. Paul was the fifth of six children. The family escaped the Nazi occupation […]

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  • Paul Ricca

    1897 - 1973

    Paul Ricca (1897 - 1973)

    Chicago Gangster – ‘The Waiter.’

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  • Paul Scofield

    1922 - 2008

    Paul Scofield (1922 - 2008)

    Paul Scofield was born in Birmingham England, the son of Mary and Edward Harry Scofield. When Scofield was a few weeks old, his family moved to Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, where his father served as the headmaster at the Hurstpierpoint Church of England School. Scofield told his biographer, Garry O’Connor, that his upbringing was divided. His father […]

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  • Paul Shane

    1940 - 2013

    Paul Shane (1940 - 2013)

    Paul Shane was born George Frederick Speight in Thrybergh, West Riding of Yorkshire, near Rotherham. He was a miner at Silverwood Colliery but slipped on soap in the pit-head baths in 1967, resulting in double herniated discs. He was pensioned from the pit at 27. Two years later, he became a professional entertainer since he […]

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  • Paul Walker

    1973 - 2013

    Paul Walker (1973 - 2013)

    Paul Walker Walker was born in Glendale, California, and was the son of Cheryl (née Crabtree), a fashion model, and Paul William Walker III, a sewer contractor and a fighter who was a two-time Golden Gloves champion, His ancestry was mostly English, with a smaller amount of German. His paternal grandfather, a professional boxer, had […]

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