• Elizabeth Bathory

    1560 - 1614

    Elizabeth Bathory (1560 - 1614)

    Elizabeth was engaged at age 15 to Ferenc Nádasdy, the son of Baron Tamás Nádasdy de Nádasd et Fogarasföld and his wife, Orsolya Kanizsay  in what was likely a political arrangement within the circles of the aristocracy. The couple married on 8 May 1575 at the palace of Varannó. Approximately 4,500 guests attended the wedding. […]

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  • Sam Battaglia

    1908 - 1973

    Sam Battaglia (1908 - 1973)

    Sam Battaglia Chicago Gangster. He was the middle of three brothers who dominated the Chicago mob for nearly four decades before falling from power. He broke into the mob after spending time with the street gang 42, founded by his brother Paul. Sam, a burglar and muscle man, was a huge, good looking youngster when […]

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  • Kenneth Battelle

    1927 - 2013

    Kenneth Battelle (1927 - 2013)

    Kenneth Everette Battelle was born in Syracuse, New York, the eldest son with four younger sisters. His father was a shoe salesman, who divorced his mother when Kenneth was 12, leaving their son to support his family through cooking and washing dishes, selling beer and working as an elevator operator. Aged 17, he joined the […]

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  • Jeannette Batti

    1921 - 2011

    Jeannette Batti (1921 - 2011)

    Actress. She was seen in numerous French film and television features over a long career. Born Henriette Eugenie Genot, she made her silver screen bow as Lulu in 1945’s “The King of the Free Riders”. Jeannette eventually had roughly three dozen movie roles including Mona in the 1946 “Macadam”, Claudia in “Paris is Always Paris” […]

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  • Simone Battle

    1989 - 2014

    Simone Battle (1989 - 2014)

    Battle made her television debut in 2006, having small roles on shows including Zoey 101 and Everybody Hates Chris. In 2010, Battle was a background dancer in the Cali Swag District music video “Teach Me How to Dougie”.  In 2011, Battle auditioned for the American singing competition The X Factor in front of judges Simon […]

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  • Frank Baum

    1856 - 1919

    Frank Baum (1856 - 1919)

    Frank Baum Born in New York in 1856, Frank Baum had his first best-selling children’s book with 1899’s Father Goose, His Book. The following year, Baum scored an even bigger hit with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and went on to write 13 more Oz books before his death in 1919. His stories have formed […]

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  • Frances Bavier

    1902 - 1989

    Frances Bavier (1902 - 1989)

    Actress, most noted for her performance as “Aunt Bee” on the Andy Griffith Show TV series. She appeared in 10 films and 4 television series. Born in New York City, she began her acting career in April 1925, on Broadway, in the play “The Poor Nut.” During World War II, she travelled with the USO […]

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  • Barbara Baxley

    1923 - 1990

    Barbara Baxley (1923 - 1990)

    Actress. Born in Porterville, California, she had many television and film roles, being best remembered for portraying Sally Field’s mother in “norma Rae” (1979). She began her career on Broadway in 1948 and made her film debut in “East of Eden” (1955). Her other films included “The Savage Eye” (1959), “Nashville” (1975), “All That Glitters” […]

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  • Barbara Baxley

    1923 - 1990

    Barbara Baxley (1923 - 1990)

    Barbara Baxley (January 1, 1923 – June 7, 1990) was an American actress and singer. Barbara Angie Rose Baxley was born in Porterville, California, the daughter of Emma (née Tyler) and Bert Baxley. A life member of the Actors Studio, Barbara Baxley also studied acting under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School […]

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  • Anne Baxter

    1923 - 1985

    Anne Baxter (1923 - 1985)

    Actress. Anne Baxter was born in Michigan City, Indiana to a father salesman and her mother Catherine was the daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. She arrived in New York City at age 11, attending various private schools. Possessing an acting talent and encouraged by her mother, Anne won a part at age 13 in a […]

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  • May Baxter

    1885 - 1934

    May Baxter (1885 - 1934)

    Actress. She appeared in the films, “Penrod” (1922), and “The Sins Of St. Anthony” (1920).

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  • Frances Bay

    1919 - 2011

    Frances Bay (1919 - 2011)

    Actress. Petite, soft spoken, and kindly elderly character actress. Best remembered for her role as Adam Sandler’s grandmother in the 1996 film “Happy Gilmore,” and for her guest appearance as ‘Mabel Choate’ the woman from whom Jerry Seinfeld stole a loaf of marble rye bread on “Seinfeld.” Born in Canada, she acted locally for many […]

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  • Paule Bayard

    1931 - 1975

    Paule Bayard (1931 - 1975)

    Actress. Bayard appeared in the films, “Bingo” (1974), and “Tiens-Toi Bien Apres Les Oreilles A Papa” (1971). She also appeared on the television shows, “Pepinot Et Capucine” from 1952 to 1954, and “Le Courrier Du Roy” from 1958 to 1961. Also a talented voice actress she did the voice of the puppet character, ‘Bobinette’ on […]

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  • Beverly Bayne

    1894 - 1982

    Beverly Bayne (1894 - 1982)

    Motion picture and stage Actress. Born Pearl Von Name, she appeared in silent Hollywood romances such as: “White Roses” “The Old Wedding Dress,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “One Wonderful Night.” In 1918 she secretly married Francis X. Bushman, but eventually the two were publicly divorced a few years later. As a result her career as […]

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  • Sir Joseph William Bazalgette

    1819 - 1891

    Sir Joseph William Bazalgette (1819 - 1891)

    Joseph William Bazalgette was born at Hill Lodge, Clay Hill, Enfield, London, the son of Joseph William Bazalgette (1783–1849), a retired Royal Navy captain, and Theresa Philo, née Pilton (1796–1850), and was the grandson of a French Protestant immigrant.  He began his career working on railway projects, articled to noted engineer Sir John MacNeill and […]

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  • Mary Beal

    1878 - 1929

    Mary Beal (1878 - 1929)

    Early silent screen actress. Married to actor Frank Beal.

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  • Mary Bear

    1910 - 1972

    Mary Bear (1910 - 1972)

    Actress. Born Mary Baer in Los Angeles, California, she was regular performer of films in the 1940s to 1950s. Her credits included “The Lady In Ermine” (1948), “Johnny Allegro” (1949), “The Life of Riley” (1949), “Stella” (1950), “Mother Didn’t Tell Me” (1950), “Singing Guns” (1950) and I‘ll Cry Tomorrow” (1955).

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  • Ethel Beard

    1918 - 2003

    Ethel Beard (1918 - 2003)

    Actress. Beard appeared on radio in the 1940s with the likes of Hume Cronyn, Jonathan Winters, and Sid Caesar, as part of the Experimental Radio Theater, also known as, Experimental Playhouse of the Air. From 1960 to 1962, Beard was a hostess on Merv Griffin’s television game show, “Play Your Hunch.”

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  • Donald Beardslee

    1943 - 2005

    Donald Beardslee (1943 - 2005)

    Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1943, Beardslee was the oldest of three children whose father died when he was 11. He was sent to a military school at age 15 and joined the U.S. Air Force at 19, where he served for four years as an aircraft mechanic. He and another airman were caught […]

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  • Robert Beatty

    1909 - 1992

    Robert Beatty (1909 - 1992)

    Robert Beatty Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Beatty began his acting career in Britain in 1939.  Beatty’s film credits include: San Demetrio London (1943), Another Shore (1948), Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (1951), The Square Ring (1953), The Amorous Prawn (1962), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Where Eagles Dare (1968), The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976), Superman […]

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  • William Beaudine

    1892 - 1970

    William Beaudine (1892 - 1970)

    Born in New York City, William Beaudine began his career as an actor in 1909 with American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. He married Marguerite Fleischer in 1914, to whom he stayed married until his death and who died in 1970 (Marguerite’s sister was the mother of actor Bobby Anderson). He was the brother of director […]

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  • Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

    1443 - 1509

    Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby (1443 - 1509)

    Margaret was born at Bletsoe Castle, Bedfordshire, on 31 May 1443 or 1441. The day and month are not disputed, as she required Westminster Abbey to celebrate her birthday on 31 May. The year of her birth is more uncertain. William Dugdale, the 17th century antiquary, has suggested that she may have been born in […]

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  • Louise Beavers

    1902 - 1962

    Louise Beavers (1902 - 1962)

    Actress. A plump, mournful-eyed character player in Hollywood films, she was almost always cast as a maid, mammy, or housekeeper, a shameful waste of her talent. Beavers is best remembered for her wrenching performance in “Imitation of Life” (1934), as an Aunt Jemima-like pancake maker whose light-skinned daughter abandons her to pass for white in […]

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  • Napoleon Beazley

    1976 - 2002

    Napoleon Beazley (1976 - 2002)

    Napoleon Beazley (August 5, 1976 – May 28, 2002) was a convicted murderer executed by lethal injection by the State of Texas for the murder of 63-year-old Texas businessman John Luttig in 1994. Beazley shot Luttig in his garage on April 19, 1994 in order to steal his family’s Mercedes-Benz car. Beazley also shot at […]

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  • Sally Rand

    1904 - 1979

    Sally Rand (1904 - 1979)

    Hattie Helen Gould Beck was born in the village of Elkton, Hickory County, Missouri. Her father, William Beck, was a West Point graduate and retired U.S. Army colonel, while her mother, Nettie (Grove) Beck, was a school teacher and part-time newspaper correspondent. The family moved to Jackson County, Missouri while she was still in grade […]

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  • Thomas Becket

    1118 - 1170

    Thomas Becket (1118 - 1170)

    Becket was born about 1118, or in 1120 according to later tradition. He was born in Cheapside, London, on 21 December, which was the feast day of St Thomas the Apostle. He was the son of Gilbert Beket and Gilbert’s wife Matilda. Gilbert’s father was from Thierville in the lordship of Brionne in Normandy, and […]

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  • Scotty Beckett

    1929 - 1968

    Scotty Beckett (1929 - 1968)

    Born in Oakland, California, Beckett got his start in show business at age 3 when the family moved to Los Angeles and a casting director heard him singing by chance. Beckett was at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital visiting his father, who was recovering from an illness, and was entertaining him by singing songs in Pig […]

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  • Tony Beckley

    1929 - 1980

    Tony Beckley (1929 - 1980)

    Beckley was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England. He was a child out of wedlock and never met his father. His mother, Beatrice Mitchell, was a stewardess who worked on ocean liners such as the RMS Mauretania and the RMS Aquitania. Due to work commitments she was often away and Beckley was brought up mainly by […]

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  • Don Beddoe

    1903 - 1991

    Don Beddoe (1903 - 1991)

    Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Beddoe made his Broadway acting debut in 1929, receiving top billing (over a young Spencer Tracy) in Nigger Rich.  After a decade of stage work and bit parts in films, Beddoe began more prominent film roles in the late 1930s. He was usually cast as fast-talking reporters and the like. His […]

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  • Brian Bedford

    1935 - 2016

    Brian Bedford (1935 - 2016)

    Brian Bedford was born in Morley, West Yorkshire, the son of Ellen (née O’Donnell) and Arthur Bedford, a postman. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London from 1952-55. Primarily a stage actor, he was known for his English-speaking interpretations of the French playwright Molière, including Tony Award nominated performances in Tartuffe, The Molière […]

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