• George Nader

    1921 - 2002

    George Nader (1921 - 2002)

    Nader was born in Pasadena, California, the son of Alice (née Scott), who was from Kansas, and George G. Nader, who was from Illinois. During World War II he served in the US Navy as a communications officer in the Pacific Theatre of Operations  He began his film career in 1950, after having earned his […]

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  • George Offerman Sr

    1879 - 1938

    George Offerman Sr (1879 - 1938)

    George Offerman Sr Vaudeville, stage, and motion picture actor. He appeared in vaudeville in an act billed as “The Original Singing Nut.” He appeared in two films: “Girl on the Barge” (1929) and “Mayor of Hell” (1933). Married to actress Marie Offerman (died 1950). Father of actor George Offerman, Jr.

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  • George Orwell

    1903 - 1950

    George Orwell (1903 - 1950)

    Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), who used the pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and commitment to democratic socialism. Commonly ranked as one of the most influential English writers of […]

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  • George P. Mitchell

    1919 - 2013

    George P. Mitchell (1919 - 2013)

    Mitchell was born to Greek immigrant parents in the port city of Galveston, Texas in 1919. Mitchell’s roots reached back to Greece, where his father Savvas Paraskevopoulos from the village of Nestani in Arcadia, tended goats before immigrating to the United States in 1901, arriving at Ellis Island at the age of 20. He worked […]

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  • George Pal

    1908 - 1980

    George Pal (1908 - 1980)

    He was born in Cegléd, Austria–Hungary, the son of György Pál Marczincsak Sr.[citation needed] and his wife Maria. He graduated from the Budapest Academy of Arts in 1928 (aged 20). From 1928 to 1931, he made films for Hunnia Films of Budapest, Hungary.  At the age of 23 in 1931 he married Elisabeth “Zsoka” Grandjean, […]

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  • George Peppard

    1928 - 1994

    George Peppard (1928 - 1994)

    George Peppard, Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of building contractor George Peppard, Sr. and opera singer Vernelle Rohrer. He graduated from Dearborn High School in Dearborn, Michigan.  Peppard enlisted in the United States Marine Corps July 8, 1946, and rose to the rank of Corporal in the 10th Marines, leaving the Corps […]

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  • George Reeves

    1914 - 1959

    George Reeves (1914 - 1959)

    George Reeves In June 1951, Reeves was offered the role of Superman in a new television series titled Adventures of Superman. He was initially reluctant to take the role because, like many actors of his time, he considered television unimportant and believed few would see his work. The half-hour films were shot on tight schedules; […]

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  • George Scott (Wrestler)

    1929 - 2014

    George Scott (Wrestler) (1929 - 2014)

    George Scott was the first born son to his parents, Walter and Jeannie. He was born in Dalmeny, Scotland while his parents were visiting relatives and, returning to Canada, was raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He grew up with his siblings Angus (AKA Sandy Scott, 1934-2010), Walter. His sister Jeannie, near the age of 12, suffered […]

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  • George Seaton

    1911 - 1979

    George Seaton (1911 - 1979)

    Born George Stenius in South Bend, Indiana, of Swedish descent, baptized as Roman Catholic, and grew up in a Detroit Jewish neighborhood and described himself as a “Shabas goy”. So he went on to learn Hebrew in an Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva and was even bar mitzvahed. George Seaton moved to Detroit after graduating from college […]

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  • George Stevens

    1904 - 1975

    George Stevens (1904 - 1975)

    George Stevens was born in Oakland, California, and his family included his father Landers Stevens and his mother Georgie Cooper, both stage actors. His uncle was drama critic Ashton Stevens. He also had two brothers, Jack and writer Aston Stevens. He learned about the stage from his parents and worked and toured with them on […]

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  • George Trenholm Allen

    1914 - 2000

    George Trenholm Allen (1914 - 2000)

    George Trenholm Allen (July 27, 1914 – March 27, 2000) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played Left Wing in the National Hockey League, mostly for the Chicago Black Hawks.  Allen began his career playing in various locations in the east, until he joined the North Battleford Beavers of the Northern Saskatchewan Senior […]

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  • George V

    1865 - 1936

    George V (1865 - 1936)

    George was born on 3 June 1865, in Marlborough House, London. He was the second son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Albert Edward and Alexandra. His father was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and his mother was the eldest daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark. As a son […]

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  • George Wallace

    1917 - 2005

    George Wallace (1917 - 2005)

    Wallace was born in New York City. When he was 13 his family moved to McMechen, West Virginia. While still in his teens Wallace worked as a coal miner and also joined the Civilian Conservation Corps.  He joined the U.S. Navy in 1936 and served for eight years. Wallace served in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, […]

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  • George Washington

    1732 - 1799

    George Washington (1732 - 1799)

    George Washington (February 22, 1732  – December 14, 1799) was the first President of the United States (1789–1797), the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He presided over the convention that drafted the United States Constitution, which replaced the Articles of […]

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  • George William, Elector of Brandenburg

    1595 - 1640

    George William, Elector of Brandenburg (1595 - 1640)

    Born in Cölln on the Spree, George William was the son of John Sigismund, Margrave of Brandenburg and Anna of Prussia. His maternal grandfather was Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia.  In 1616 George William married Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate. Their only son Frederick William later became known as the “Great Elector”. Of his two […]

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  • Georgia Brown

    1933 - 1992

    Georgia Brown (1933 - 1992)

    Actress. She was the first actress to play the role of ‘Nancy’ in the musical “Oliver!” on the London, England stage, first performing the role in June of 1960.

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  • Georgia Hale

    1905 - 1985

    Georgia Hale (1905 - 1985)

    Actress. Her big film was “The Great Gatsby” (1926) where she played ‘Myrtle Wilson.’ Hale’s career never went anywhere and her last picture would be the silent film “The Last Moment.” Although her film career was over, Chaplin hired Hale into the lengthy shooting of “City Lights” to replace Virgian Cherrill, who had to leave […]

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  • Georgia O’Keeffe

    1887 - 1986

    Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 - 1986)

    Georgia O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887, in a farmhouse near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Her parents, Francis Calyxtus O’Keeffe and Ida (Totto) O’Keeffe, were dairy farmers. Her father was of Irish descent. Her mother’s father, George Victor Totto, for whom Georgia O’Keeffe was named, was a Hungarian count who came to America in 1848.  Georgia was […]

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  • Georgiana Young

    1923 - 2007

    Georgiana Young (1923 - 2007)

    Actress. Sister of actresses Loretta Young, Sally Blane, and Polly Ann Young. She appeared in the films, “No, No, Nanette” (1940) and “The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell” (1939). She was married to actor Ricardo Montalban of “Fantasy Island” fame from 1944 until her death.

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  • Georgine Darcy

    1931 - 2004

    Georgine Darcy (1931 - 2004)

    Georgine Darcy (January 14, 1931 – July 18, 2004) was an American dancer and actress best known for her role as “Miss Torso” in the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window. She also had a regular role in the 1960–1961 ABC sitcom Harrigan and Son. Born in Brooklyn, Darcy’s mother urged her to become a stripper […]

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  • Georgy Timofeyevich Beregovoy

    1921 - 1995

    Georgy Timofeyevich Beregovoy (1921 - 1995)

    Beregovoy was born on April 15, 1921, in Fedorivka, Poltava Oblast, Soviet Union (now Ukraine). He graduated from a school in 1938 at Yenakieve, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. He joined the Soviet Air Forces (VVS) in 1941, and was soon assigned to a ground-attack unit flying the Ilyushin Il-2 “Shturmovik”. He flew some 185 combat sorties […]

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  • Gerald Ford

    1913 - 2006

    Gerald Ford (1913 - 2006)

    Gerald Ford Born as Leslie Lynch King, Jr. in Omaha, Nebraska, his mother divorced his father the following year and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she remarried to Gerald R. Ford. The young boy’s name was then changed to Gerald R. Ford, Jr. Graduated from the University of Michigan and Yale Law School. Served […]

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  • Geraldine Brooks

    1925 - 1977

    Geraldine Brooks (1925 - 1977)

    Actress. She is best remembered for her supporting roles in numerous films and television shows from the 1940s through the 1970s. Born Geraldine Stroock in New York City, her father, James Stroock, owned a costume company that provided costumes to stage theaters. Her mother, Bianca, was a costume designer and stylist. Her aunt was a […]

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  • Geraldine Fizgerald

    1913 - 2005

    Geraldine Fizgerald (1913 - 2005)

    Fitzgerald was born in Greystones, County Wicklow, south of Dublin, the daughter of Edith and Edward Fitzgerald, who was an attorney. Her father was Catholic and her mother a Protestant who converted to Catholicism. She studied painting at the Dublin School of Art. Inspired by her aunt, actress Shelagh Richards, Fitzgerald began her acting career in […]

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  • Gerard Parkes

    1924 - 2014

    Gerard Parkes (1924 - 2014)

    Gerard Parkes Gerard “Gerry” Parkes (October 16, 1924 – October 19, 2014) was an Irish Canadian actor who was born in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Toronto in 1956. Career His acting career spanned film, radio, television, and the stage. Parkes worked often on CBC radio, beginning in 1959, and shifted into television and film, […]

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  • Gerda Lerner

    1920 - 2013

    Gerda Lerner (1920 - 2013)

    Lerner was born Gerda Hedwig Kronstein in Vienna, Austria, on April 30, 1920, the first child of Ilona (née Neumann) and Robert Kronstein, an affluent Jewish couple. Her father was a pharmacist, her mother an artist. Following the Anschluss, Kronstein joined the anti-Nazi resistance, and spent six weeks, including her eighteenth birthday, in an Austrian […]

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  • Gertrude Astor

    1887 - 1977

    Gertrude Astor (1887 - 1977)

    Actress. Born in Lakewood, Ohio, November 9, 1877, she began her career playing trombone on riverboats and in vaudeville when she signed a contract with Universal in 1915. She made her screen debut in “Concert” (1921), followed by “Strong Man” (1926) and “The Cat and the Carney” (1927). Her other credits included Laurel and Hardy […]

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  • Gia Allemand

    1983 - 2013

    Gia Allemand (1983 - 2013)

    Gia Marie Allemand was born to Eugene and Donna Allemand in the Howard Beach neighborhood of Queens, New York City, and grew up in the borough of Staten Island and nearby in suburban Long Island, where she graduated from Lindenhurst High School in 2001. Allemand’s parents separated in 1992, later divorcing; Donna Allemand married Tony […]

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  • Gia Scala

    1934 - 1972

    Gia Scala (1934 - 1972)

    Gia Scala was born Josephine Grace Johanna Scoglio in Liverpool, Lancashire, to a Sicilian father, Pietro Scoglio, and an Irish mother, Eileen O’Sullivan. She had one sister, Tina Scala, also an actress. Gia was raised in Messina, and Mili San Marco, Sicily, the latter was upon her grandfather—Natale Scoglio’s estate. He was the largest agriculturist […]

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  • Gig Young

    1913 - 1978

    Gig Young (1913 - 1978)

    Actor. He took the name “Gig Young” from the character he played in “The Gay Sisters.” His films include “Game of Death,” “Young at Heart,” “The Hindenburg,” “The Elite Killer,” and “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They.” His work on television includes “The Rogues.” He shot and killed his fifth wife, German actress Kim Schmidt, after […]

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