• Bill Rafferty

    1944 - 2012

    Bill Rafferty (1944 - 2012)

    Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host. His big break came when he won the role as the roving reporter on the NBC reality series “Real People” which ran from 1979 to 1984. In the late 1970’s, he made regular guest appearenaces on the hit television comedy “Laugh-In”. He hosted the game shows “Every Second Counts” (1984), […]

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  • Billie Bird

    1908 - 2002

    Billie Bird (1908 - 2002)

    American stage, motion picture, and television actress of the 1920s thru 1990s. She appeared in many top films, such as “Home Alone” (1990), and several classic TV series. She is remembered by the modern television audience for her role as ‘Mrs Philbert’ on the 1980s series “Dear John.” Married to songwriter Edwin Sellen.

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  • Billy Eckstine

    1914 - 1993

    Billy Eckstine (1914 - 1993)

    Singer, Actor. Mr “B” is often considered a ground breaker for black vocalists. He cut a swath through American before Nat “King” Cole came to the scene. He was one of the very first African American matinee idols, singing first with Earl “Fatha” Hines orchestra, then veering off with his own band. He appeared in […]

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  • Binnie Barnes

    1903 - 1998

    Binnie Barnes (1903 - 1998)

    Actress. Born in London, England, she was a versatile performer in comedies or dramas. She began appearing in short films in 1929 and made her first full length feature in “A Night in Montmartre” (1931). She remained active for over 40 years appearing in many films to include “The Private Life of Henry VIII” (1934), […]

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  • Blanche Yurka

    1887 - 1974

    Blanche Yurka (1887 - 1974)

    Actress. Born in St Paul, Minnesota, she was an opera singer when she made her debut as a character actor on Broadway in 1910. Turning to the screen, she is most remembered for the role as the vicious Madame Defarge in “A Tale of Two Cities” (1935). Among her many film credits were “Song of […]

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  • Blanche Earle

    1882 - 1951

    Blanche Earle (1882 - 1951)

    Silent-film actress. Married to director William P.S. Earle. 

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  • Blanchette Brunoy

    1918 - 2005

    Blanchette Brunoy (1918 - 2005)

    French Actress. She appeared in nearly 100 films during a career that spanned almost 70 years, from 1930 to 1998. Among her credits are the title role in “Claudine à L’école,” “Judas Was a Woman,” “Shop Girls of Paris,” “Bernadette of Lourdes,” “Anatomy of a Marriage,” “The Holy Terror” and “L’ Enfer.” Her final film […]

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  • Bo-Peep Karlin

    1910 - 1969

    Bo-Peep Karlin (1910 - 1969)

    Actress. Born in Green Creek, Illinois, she was a dancer when she made her screen debut as a chorus girl in 滴appy Days” (1929). Her other credits included “The Trial of Vivienne Ware” (1932), “Something to Sing About” (1937), “Around the World in 80 Days” (1956) and “Bye Bye Birdie” (1963). She died in Hollywood, […]

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  • Bonnie Bonnell

    1905 - 1964

    Bonnie Bonnell (1905 - 1964)

    Actress who starred with Ted Healy in a number of movie ‘shorts’ in the early 1930’s which also featured the Three Stooges. Ted Healy coined her as “Bonnie.” Her real first name is Marion.

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  • Brenda Benet

    1945 - 1982

    Brenda Benet (1945 - 1982)

    Actress. She is best remembered for her role as the scheming villainess ‘Lee Dumonde’ on the daytime serial “Days of our Lives,” which she played from 1979 until her death in 1982. A classic example of a modern-day Hollywood tragedy, her acting career spanned just over 16 years with a wide range of guest appearances […]

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  • Brian Badcoe

    1925 - 1992

    Brian Badcoe (1925 - 1992)

    Actor. He was born in Cardiff, Wales and died in England. His film and television credits include “A Man for All Seasons,” “Oliver Twist,””Mata Hari,” “Kim,” “Fanny by Gaslight,” “Nineteen Eighty Four,” “Crossroads,””Upstairs, Downstairs,” “Doctor Who,” “Dixon of Dock Green,” “Doomwatch,” “The Saint,” “The Avengers,” and “The First Lady.” He was married to actress, Hilda […]

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  • Bud Jamison

    1895 - 1944

    Bud Jamison (1895 - 1944)

    Actor. He entered vaudeville as a teenager, and by 1915 had begun appearing in Keystone comedies. Jamison was Charlie Chaplin’s foil in short subjects such as ‘In the Park,’ ‘The Bank,’ ‘Shanghaied,’ ‘By the Sea,’ and ‘A Jitney Elopement,’ working as Chaplin’s foil before Eric Campbell had. Chaplin considered Jamison to be one of his […]

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  • Buddy Ebsen

    1908 - 2003

    Buddy Ebsen (1908 - 2003)

    Actor. He is best remembered for his role as ‘Jed Clampett’ on the CBS television sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies” that aired from 1962 until 1971 and the title character on the CBS television drama “Barnaby Jones,” from 1973 until 1980. His career spanned seven decades in films, television, and the stage. Born Charles Ludolf Ebsen, […]

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  • Byron Palmer

    1920 - 2009

    Byron Palmer (1920 - 2009)

    Entertainer. He began his career with CBS as a radio announcer. He performed as a vocalist on radio with the group the Music Mates while stationed in the Pacific serving with the USA Army Air Forces during World War II. He made his Broadway debut in the hit musical “Where’s Charley?” (1948 to 1950), supporting […]

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  • Camila Quiroga

    1891 - 1948

    Camila Quiroga (1891 - 1948)

    Famed stage and cinema actress. She made several tours for Europe and America divulgating the works of the Argentine authors. She also was a pioneer of the Argentine cinema (5 movies.) 

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  • Carl Ballantine

    1917 - 2009

    Carl Ballantine (1917 - 2009)

    Entertainer. Fondly remembered for his role as ‘Lester Gruber’ in the television series “McHale’s Navy” (1962-1966). Born Meyer Kessler in Chicago, he would strive to become a magician at an early age after he was impressed by his barber who performed magic tricks for him. not long into his career which began during the early […]

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  • Carl Hackett

    1893 - 1948

    Carl Hackett (1893 - 1948)

    Actor. Born Carl Ellsworth Germain in Carthage, Missouri, he was a supporting actor in over a 160 films, typecast most as a villain or as a cowboy. He arrived in Hollywood circa 1935 and was signed to Republic Pictures, for whom he made the majority of his movies for from 1936 to 1947. Among his […]

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  • Carl Raddatz

    1912 - 2004

    Carl Raddatz (1912 - 2004)

    German stage and movie actor. He was one of the last living stars of the famed Ufa film company, who dubbed Joseph Stalin’s voice on German TV after World War II, and who became one of the most popular actors in German post-war theatre until the 1970s.

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  • Caryll Ann Ekelund

    1935 - 1939

    Caryll Ann Ekelund (1935 - 1939)

    Actress. She appeared with Shirley Temple in the film, “The Blue Bird” (1940), in the role of a little girl. Her name was later cut from the credits for no apparent reason. Her dress caught fire from a jack-o-lantern on Halloween night, October 31, 1939. She died from the injuries on november 3, 1939. At […]

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  • Celia Gamez

    1905 - 1992

    Celia Gamez (1905 - 1992)

    Actress, Singer. She had a successful career both in Argentina and Spain.

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  • Charles Dalton

    1869 - 1942

    Charles Dalton (1869 - 1942)

    Actor. A stage and film actor of the 1900s to 1930s, he appeared in films such as “The Fighting Odds”(1917), “ The Eternal Magdalene” (1919), and “The Wakefield Case” (1921). SOme of his Broadway appearances include “The Helmet of Navarre” (1901), “The Fires of St. John” (1904), “The Straight Road” (1907), “The Man Inside” (1913), […]

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  • Charles Napier

    1936 - 2011

    Charles Napier (1936 - 2011)

    Actor. A typecast ‘tough guy’, he had memorable roles in several big screen classics. Raised in Kentucky, he was a noted high school basketball player then joined the US Army in 1954 where he served as a sergeant in the 11th. Airborne. After earning his degree from Western Kentucky University in 1961 he was an […]

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  • Charles Ogle

    1865 - 1940

    Charles Ogle (1865 - 1940)

    Actor. Born in Germany, he was silent film performer most noted for portraying the monster in the first screen showing of “Frankenstein” (1910). The short reel film was only 13 minutes long and was a huge box office success. He died in Los Angels, California, at age 75.

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  • Charles Sale

    1884 - 1936

    Charles Sale (1884 - 1936)

    Actor. Born Charles Partlow Sale in Huron, South Dakota, he was a popular comic performer in feature films during the 1920s and 1930s. He was part of a Ziegfeld Follies show when he made his screen debut in “The Smart Aleck” (1920). His more then 30 credits include “The New School Teacher” (1924), “The Star […]

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  • Charles Lamb

    1900 - 1989

    Charles Lamb (1900 - 1989)

    British Actor. He was born and died in London, England. Film and television credits include “The Tall Guy,” “Casualty,” “The Bill,” “Bergerac,” “Quatermass,” “Love for Lydia,” “Lord Peter Wimsey: Nine Tailors,” “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em,” “Follyfoot,” “Upstairs, Downstairs,” “Hands of the Ripper,” “Paul Temple,” “Z Cars,” “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased),” “Subterfuge,” “Out of the […]

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  • Charles Wagenheim

    1896 - 1979

    Charles Wagenheim (1896 - 1979)

    Actor who appeared in more than one hundred films and on televison. His film credits include Suddenly, with Frank Sinatra, The Diary of Anne Frank, Hello Dolly, and Missouri Breaks, which would be his last. He was a regular on the TV series Gunsmoke from 1966 to 1975, as the rancher Mr Halligan. He was […]

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  • Charlotte Boisjoli

    1923 - 2001

    Charlotte Boisjoli (1923 - 2001)

    Actress. Boisjoli appeared in the films, “Zero Patience” (1993), “La Ligne De Chaleur” (1987), “It Can’t Be Winter, We Haven’t Had Summer Yet” (1980), “Monsieur Zero” (1977), “The Awakening” (1970), “Phedre” (1963), and as the narrator for, “Saint-Denys Garneau” (1960). Boisjoli also played in the television shows, “Sous Un Ciel Variable” in 1995, “Bonjour Docteur” […]

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  • Chili Bouchier

    1909 - 1999

    Chili Bouchier (1909 - 1999)

    Actress. Born Dorothy Irene Boucher into a close knit family in London, she went to work at Harrods as a model at the age of 15. After being fired for being seduced by one of the store’s floorwalkers, she responded to a newspaper advertisement offering help getting into movies. Bouchier, started working in the film […]

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  • Christa Paffgen

    1938 - 1988

    Christa Paffgen (1938 - 1988)

    Christa Päffgen, better known as Nico started out as a model, doing shoots for Vogue and other popular publications in the early 1960’s. Andy Warhol placed her in some of his experimental films and introduced her to The Velvet Underground with whom she recorded the legendary ‘Banana’ album. She recorded several solo albums during the […]

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  • Christine Fabrega

    1931 - 1988

    Christine Fabrega (1931 - 1988)


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