• Freddy Fender

    1937 - 2006

    Freddy Fender (1937 - 2006)

    Freddy Fender Country Singer, Musician. Born Baldemar Huerta Spouse Evangelina (Vangie) Huerta, his best known hit song was “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” a No. 1 hit on both Billboard magazine’s country and Hot 100 charts in 1975. The song sold one million copies and was awarded the Country Music Association’s Single of the Year […]

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  • Frederic Franklin

    1914 - 2013

    Frederic Franklin (1914 - 2013)

    Born in Liverpool, England, Frederic Franklin claimed that on seeing Peter Pan, his only thought was to go on the stage. He began his career in 1931 at the Casino de Paris with Josephine Baker, briefly danced with the Vic-Wells (early Royal Ballet) and joined the Markova-Dolin Ballet in 1935. Three years later, Franklin became […]

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  • Frederick Aiken

    1832 - 1878

    Frederick Aiken (1832 - 1878)

    Information on Aiken’s early life is largely unknown; his date of birth, city of birth, and even his full name varies depending on source. His official birth records, as well as the 1840 and 1850 census records, indicate that he was born Frederick Augustus Aiken on September 20, 1832, in Lowell, Massachusetts, to Susan (née […]

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  • Frederick Augustus Abel

    1827 - 1902

    Frederick Augustus Abel (1827 - 1902)

    Born in London, Abel studied chemistry at the Royal Polytechnic Institution and in 1845 became one of the original 26 students of A. W. von Hofmann at the Royal College of Chemistry. In 1852 he was appointed lecturer in chemistry at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, succeeding Michael Faraday, who had held that post since […]

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  • Frederick Banting

    1891 - 1941

    Frederick Banting (1891 - 1941)

    Frederick Banting was born on November 14, 1891, in a farm house near Alliston, Ontario. The youngest of five children (Nelson, Thompson, Kenneth and Essie) of William Thompson Banting and Margaret Grant, he attended public and high schools in Alliston. He attempted to enter the army but was refused due to poor eyesight. He then […]

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  • Frederick Coffin

    1943 - 2003

    Frederick Coffin (1943 - 2003)

    Coffin was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1943 to actress Winifred Deforest Coffin and writer Dean Coffin, and was one of five children. He was educated at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, where he was both a student and athlete. He began to study theater at WRA and graduated in 1961, with a B.A. […]

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  • Frederick George Abberline

    1843 - 1929

    Frederick George Abberline (1843 - 1929)

    Frederick Abberline was the only son of Edward Abberline, a saddlemaker and Sheriff’s Officer and Clerk of the Market, minor local government positions, and his wife Hannah (née Chinn). Edward Abberline died in 1849, and his widow opened a small shop and brought up her four children, Emily, Harriett, Edward and Frederick, alone. Frederick was […]

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  • Frederick Piper

    1902 - 1979

    Frederick Piper (1902 - 1979)

    Born in London in 1902, Frederick Piper worked as a tea merchant before starting his acting career on the stage in the 1920s, playing in London productions and also touring as far afield as Canada. His first film appearance came in the 1933 production The Good Companions. An unassuming man with no trappings of ambition or […]

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  • Frederick Sanger

    1918 - 2013

    Frederick Sanger (1918 - 2013)

    Frederick Sanger was born on 13 August 1918 in Rendcomb, a small village in Gloucestershire, England, the second son of Frederick Sanger, a general practitioner, and his wife, Cicely Sanger (née Crewdson). He was one of three children. His brother, Theodore, was only a year older, while his sister May (Mary) was five years younger. […]

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  • Frederik Pohl

    1919 - 2013

    Frederik Pohl (1919 - 2013)

    Pohl was the son of Frederik George Pohl (a salesman of Germanic descent) and Anna Jane Mason. Pohl Sr. held various jobs, and the Pohls lived in such wide-flung locations as Texas, California, New Mexico and the Panama Canal Zone. The family settled in Brooklyn when Pohl was around seven.  He attended Brooklyn Technical High […]

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  • Fredric Brandt

    1949 - 2015

    Fredric Brandt (1949 - 2015)

    Fredric Brandt Fredric Sheldon Brandt was an American physician, researcher, lecturer, author, and radio host specializing in cosmetic dermatology. Among the first to use botulinum toxin (“botox”) and fillers, Brandt was noted for his role in the FDA approval of numerous fillers and botulinum toxins for cosmetic use in the United States.  Brandt, who hosted […]

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  • Fredric Brown

    1906 - 1972

    Fredric Brown (1906 - 1972)

    Fredric Brown’s science fiction novel What Mad Universe (1949) is a parody of pulp SF story conventions. Martians, Go Home (1955) is both a broad farce and a satire on human frailties as seen through the eyes of a billion jeering, invulnerable Martians who arrive not to conquer the world but to drive it crazy. The […]

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