• Rona Anderson

    1926 - 2013

    Rona Anderson (1926 - 2013)

    Actress. A pretty brunette, she is remembered for her long career on the British stage and screen. Raised in the city of her birth, she received her theatrical training at the Glover Turner-Robertson School of Drama, made her 1945 professional bow at Lerwick’s Garrison Theatre in “Peg o’My Heart”, then from 1945 thru 1949 refined […]

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  • Ronald Allen

    1930 - 1991

    Ronald Allen (1930 - 1991)

    Ronald John Allen (16 December 1930 – 18 June 1991) was an English character actor who achieved the status of a soap opera star.  Allen was born in Reading, Berkshire. He studied at Leighton Park School in Reading and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, worked in repertory theatre, had […]

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  • Ronald Colman

    1891 - 1958

    Ronald Colman (1891 - 1958)

    He was born in Richmond, Surrey, England, as Ronald Charles Colman, the second son and fourth child of Charles Colman and his wife Marjory Read Fraser. His siblings included Eric, Edith and Marjorie. He was educated at boarding school in Littlehampton, where he discovered that he enjoyed acting, despite his shyness. He intended to study […]

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  • Ronald Dworkin

    1931 - 2013

    Ronald Dworkin (1931 - 2013)

    Ronald Dworkin was born in 1931 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States, the son of Madeline (Talamo) and David Dworkin. He studied at Harvard University and at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar and a student of Sir Rupert Cross. After he completed his final year’s exams at Oxford, the examiners were […]

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  • Ronald Erwin McNair

    1950 - 1986

    Ronald Erwin McNair (1950 - 1986)

    US Astronaut. Born in Lake City, South Carolina, he was a Doctor of Physics when selected as astronaut candidate by NASA in January 1978. After he completed a one year training and evaluation period, he was placed for assignment as mission specialist astronaut on Space Shuttle flight crews. He flew as mission specialist on STS […]

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  • Ronald Howard

    1918 - 1996

    Ronald Howard (1918 - 1996)

    Howard was born in South Norwood, London, the son of Ruth Evelyn (Martin) and film actor Leslie Howard. He attended Tonbridge School. After graduating from Jesus College, Cambridge, Ronald Howard became a newspaper reporter for a while but decided to become an actor. His first film role was an uncredited bit part in Pimpernel Smith (1941), […]

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  • Ronald Neame

    1911 - 2010

    Ronald Neame (1911 - 2010)

    Ronald Neame’s parents were the photographer Elwin Neame and the actress Ivy Close. He studied at University College School and Hurstpierpoint College. His father died in 1923, and Neame took a job with the Anglo-Persian Oil Company as an office boy. Later, through his mother’s contacts in the British film industry, Neame started at Elstree […]

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  • Ronald Ray Howard

    1973 - 2005

    Ronald Ray Howard (1973 - 2005)

    Born in Houston, Texas, Howard dropped out of school in the 8th grade. By age 15, he was stealing cars and dealing drugs.(American Justice). He started, but never finished training in electrician, building maintenance, computer data entry, and heavy diesel mechanics. He was married with three daughters and one son.  Howard’s prior criminal convictions were […]

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  • Ronald Reagan

    1911 - 2004

    Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004)

    Ronald Reagan 40th United States President, Actor. Considered by many historians and political scientists as the one individual who most helped end the Cold War between the Western world and the Soviet Union and its allies (although this event occurred ten months after he left office). Born in the small town of Tampico, Illinois, he […]

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  • Ronnie “Fast Eddie” Allen

    1938 - 2013

    Ronnie “Fast Eddie” Allen (1938 - 2013)

    Born in Danville, Illinois, Ronnie Allen was there only a week, when his family had to move. His father was part-owner of a carnival, and the entire family, who worked at the carnival, moved every week to a new town.  When Ronnie was 11 years old, his father was killed in a motor vehicle accident, […]

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  • Ronnie Biggs

    1929 - 2013

    Ronnie Biggs (1929 - 2013)

    Biggs was born in Stockwell, Lambeth, London, on 8 August 1929. As a child during the Second World War, he was evacuated to Flitwick, Bedfordshire, and then Cornwall.  In 1947, at age 18, Biggs joined the RAF but was dishonorably discharged on charges of desertion two years later after breaking into a local chemist shop. […]

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  • Ronnie Montrose

    1947 - 2012

    Ronnie Montrose (1947 - 2012)

    Ronnie Montrose It wasn’t prostate cancer that killed guitar legend Ronnie Montrose. He beat that gremlin into the dirt, as he did so many obstacles to his career and musical expression. But Montrose, who was immensely proud of being a “survivor,” simply couldn’t vanquish the clinical depression that plagued him since he was a toddler. […]

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  • Roone Arledge

    1931 - 2002

    Roone Arledge (1931 - 2002)

    Arledge was born the son of a North Carolina lawyer, mother Gertrude, from Polk County NC, who moved to New York City in search of opportunity. Arledge attended Wellington C. Mepham High School on Long Island where he wrestled and played baseball. Upon graduation, he decided that sportswriting was what he wanted to do in […]

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  • Rosa Cuthbert Guy

    1922 - 2012

    Rosa Cuthbert Guy (1922 - 2012)

    Rosa Cuthbert was born in 1922 in Diego Martin, on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She and her younger sister Ameze were left with relatives when their parents Audrey and Henry Cuthbert emigrated in 1927 to the United States. The children did not join their parents in Harlem until 1932. The following year their mother […]

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  • Rosa Luxemburg

    1871 - 1919

    Rosa Luxemburg (1871 - 1919)

    Luxemburg was born to a Jewish family in Zamość on 5 March 1871, in Russian-controlled Congress Poland. She was the fifth child of timber trader Eliasz Luxemburg and Line Löwenstein. The family moved to Warsaw in 1873. After being bedridden with a hip ailment at the age of five, she was left with a permanent […]

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  • Rosa Parks

    1913 - 2005

    Rosa Parks (1913 - 2005)

    Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an activist in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, whom the United States Congress called “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement”. Her birthday, February 4, and the day she was arrested, December 1, have both become Rosa […]

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  • Rosalía Mera

    1944 - 2013

    Rosalía Mera (1944 - 2013)

    Rosalia Mera was born in A Coruña, Galiza, Spain in 1944. She dropped out of school at age eleven to work as a sales assistant in a clothing shop.  Mera began designing gowns and lingerie in her home with her then-husband, Amancio Ortega Gaona. The couple opened the first Zara store in 1975 in A […]

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  • Rosalie Crutchley

    1920 - 1997

    Rosalie Crutchley (1920 - 1997)

    Rosalie Crutchley (4 January 1920 – 28 July 1997) was an English actress. Trained at the Royal Academy of Music, Crutchley was known for her television performances, but had a long and successful career in theatre and films, making her stage début at least as early as 1932 and her screen début in 1947. She […]

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  • Roscoe Arbuckle

    1887 - 1933

    Roscoe Arbuckle (1887 - 1933)

    Legendary Comic-actor. Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle was born on March 24, 1887 in Smith Center, Kansas. His family was poor, constantly struggling and on the move. When he was just a year old, he and his family moved to California. Roscoe grew into an overweight child and local children gave him the nickname of “Fatty” which […]

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  • Roscoe Brumbaugh

    1928 - 2006

    Roscoe Brumbaugh (1928 - 2006)

    Roscoe Brumbaugh During an era of inequality, regional wrestling favorite Sputnik Monroe refused to perform unless black patrons were allowed to sit in any seat at the Ellis Auditorium. At the time, African-Americans were forced to sit in a separate section far away from the Caucasian patrons until Sputnik Monroe made a stand, refusing to […]

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  • Roscoe Lee Browne

    1922 - 2007

    Roscoe Lee Browne (1922 - 2007)

    Browne was the fourth son of a Baptist minister, Sylvanus S. Browne, and his wife Lovie (née Lovie Lee Usher). Born in Woodbury, New Jersey, Browne first attended historically black Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where he became a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1946. During World War II, […]

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  • Rose Maddox

    1925 - 1998

    Rose Maddox (1925 - 1998)

    Rose Maddox  April 15, 1998 –  Ashland, Or.   Rose Maddox, a flamboyant country music pioneer who earned a Grammy nomination late in life for her autobiographical “$35 and a Dream,” has died at 71. Maddox was born Roselea Arbana Maddox, December 15,  1925, near Boaz, Alabama and died of kidney failure Wednesday April 15, 1998 […]

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  • Rosemarie Frankland

    1943 - 2000

    Rosemarie Frankland (1943 - 2000)

    Born in Rhosllannerchrugog, Denbighshire, in north-east Wales in 1943, Rosemarie Frankland moved to Lancashire, England, as a child. She took part in many beauty pageants and won the title of Miss Wales and, later in 1961 in London, she became (as Miss United Kingdom) the first British woman and the seventh European (Sweden won the […]

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  • Rosemary Clooney

    1928 - 2002

    Rosemary Clooney (1928 - 2002)

    Clooney was born in Maysville, Kentucky, the daughter of Marie Frances (née Guilfoyle) and Andrew Joseph Clooney. She was one of five children. Her father was of Irish and German descent and her mother was of Irish and English ancestry. She was raised Catholic. When Clooney was 15, her mother and brother Nick moved to […]

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  • Rosemary DeCamp

    1910 - 2001

    Rosemary DeCamp (1910 - 2001)

    DeCamp first came to fame in November 1937, when she took the role of Judy Price, the secretary/nurse of Dr. Christian in the long-running radio series of the same name. She also played in The Career of Alice Blair, a transcribed syndicated soap opera that ran in 1939-1940. She made her film debut in Cheers for […]

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  • Rosie Carter

    1958 - 2003

    Rosie Carter (1958 - 2003)

    Rosie Carter was an American singer–songwriter. She was born July 13, 1958, the daughter of June Carter Cash and her second husband Edwin “Rip” Nix, and the stepdaughter of the country singer Johnny Cash. She was married to Philip Adams. Her first name was spelled as both “Rosie” and “Rosey,” according to stepsister Rosanne Cash, […]

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  • Ross Elliott

    1917 - 1999

    Ross Elliott (1917 - 1999)

    Ross Elliott (June 18, 1917 – August 12, 1999) was an American television and film character actor. He began his acting career in the Mercury Theatre, where he performed in Orson Welles’ famed radio program, The War of the Worlds. Throughout his career, Ross Elliott appeared in more than 100 television programs, including the recurring role […]

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  • Rossano Brazzi

    1916 - 1994

    Rossano Brazzi (1916 - 1994)

    Brazzi was born in Bologna to Adelmo and Maria (née Ghedini) Brazzi. He attended San Marco University[citation needed] in Florence, Italy, where he was raised from the age of four. He made his film debut in 1939.  He was propelled to international fame with his role in the English-language film Three Coins in the Fountain […]

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  • Rouben Mamoulian

    1897 - 1987

    Rouben Mamoulian (1897 - 1987)

    Mamoulian was born in Tbilisi, Georgia (ruled at that time by imperial Russia), to an Armenian family. His mother Virginia (née Kalantarian) was a director of the Armenian theater, and his father, Zachary Mamoulian, was a bank president. Mamoulian relocated to England and started directing plays in London in 1922. He was brought to America […]

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  • Roxwell Kent

    1882 - 1971

    Roxwell Kent (1882 - 1971)

    Rockwell Kent was born in Tarrytown, New York, the same year as fellow American artists George Bellows and Edward Hopper. Kent was of English descent. Kent lived much of his early life in and around New York City where he attended the Horace Mann School. In his mid-40s he moved to an Adirondack farmstead that […]

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