• Sunset Carson

    1920 - 1990

    Sunset Carson (1920 - 1990)

    Born on November 12, 1920 at Gracemont, Oklahoma to Maurice Greely Harrison and Azalee Belle McAdams. He moved to Plainview, Texas as a child (1930 US Census Hale County, Texas). Carson became an accomplished rodeo rider in his youth. For a time he worked in a western show owned by early cowboy actor Tom Mix. […]

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  • Susan Cabot

    1927 - 1986

    Susan Cabot (1927 - 1986)

    Actress. Born Harriet Shapiro in Boston, Massachusetts, Cabot was raised in eight different foster homes. She attended high school in Manhattan, where she took an interest in dramatics and joined the school dramatic club. She illustrated children’s books during the day and sang at Manhattan’s Village Barn at night. She made her film debut as […]

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  • Susan Atkins

    1948 - 2009

    Susan Atkins (1948 - 2009)

    Born in San Gabriel, California, the second of three children, Susan Atkins grew up in northern California. According to her, both her parents, Edward John and Jeanette, were alcoholics. Her mother died of cancer in 1963. Over the next three years, Susan’s life was disrupted by the gradual breakup of her family, frequent relocations, and […]

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  • Susan B. Anthony

    1820 - 1906

    Susan B. Anthony (1820 - 1906)

    Susan Brownell Anthony was born on February 15, 1820, to Daniel Anthony and Lucy Read in Adams, Massachusetts, the second oldest of seven children. Her family shared a passion for social reform. Her brothers Daniel and Merritt moved to Kansas to support the anti-slavery movement there. Merritt fought with John Brown against pro-slavery forces during […]

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  • Susan Bieke Neilson

    1956 - 2006

    Susan Bieke Neilson (1956 - 2006)

    Neilson was born August 27, 1956 in Ann Arbor and was a lifelong Michigan resident. In 1977, she received an A.B. degree in political science from the University of Michigan Honors College. Neilson received her law degree in 1980 from Wayne State University Law School. Following graduation she practiced products liability, commercial litigation, medical malpractice, […]

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  • Susan Gordon

    1949 - 2011

    Susan Gordon (1949 - 2011)

    Susan Lynn Gordon (July 27, 1949 — December 11, 2011) was an American child actress who appeared in films and numerous episodes of television programs such as The Twilight Zone, My Three Sons, and The Donna Reed Show. Gordon was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the daughter of film director Bert I. Gordon and his wife […]

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  • Susan Luckey

    1938 - 2012

    Susan Luckey (1938 - 2012)

    Susan Luckey Suzanne Dolores Luckey (April 4, 1938 – November 29, 2012) was an American actress, best known for her roles in the musical films Carousel, released in 1956, and The Music Man, which opened in 1962. Luckey performed on Broadway during the 1950s, including the original 1954 adaptation of Peter Pan and Take Me […]

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  • Susan Peters

    1921 - 1952

    Susan Peters (1921 - 1952)

    Peters was born Suzanne Carnahan in Spokane, Washington, the elder of two children born to Robert and Abby Carnahan. Her father was a civil engineer of Irish descent while her mother was of French descent. Shortly after her birth, the Carnahan family moved to Portland, Oregon. In 1933, Robert Carnahan was killed in a car […]

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  • Susan Tyrrell

    1945 - 2012

    Susan Tyrrell (1945 - 2012)

    Susan Tyrrell Susan Tyrrell (born Susan Jillian Creamer; March 18, 1945 – June 16, 2012), was an American actress who appeared in dozens of film, stage and television productions over a forty-year career. Her performance as Oma in John Huston’s Fat City (1972) earned her a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. […]

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  • Susannah York

    1939 - 2011

    Susannah York (1939 - 2011)

    York was born Susannah Yolande Fletcher in Chelsea, London, in 1939, the younger daughter of Simon William Peel Vickers Fletcher (1910–2002), a merchant banker and steel magnate, and his first wife, the former Joan Nita Mary Bowring – they married in 1935 and divorced prior to 1943. Her maternal grandfather was Walter Andrew Bowring, CBE, […]

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  • Susanne Lothar

    1960 - 2012

    Susanne Lothar (1960 - 2012)

    Susanne Lothar Susanne Lothar (15 November 1960 – 21 July 2012) was a German film, television and stage actress. Early life and education Susanne Lothar was born on 15 November 1960 in Hamburg, Germany. She was the daughter of actors Hanns Lothar and Ingrid Andree, who divorced in 1965, the year before her father’s death. […]

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  • Suzanne Basso

    1954 - 2014

    Suzanne Basso (1954 - 2014)

    Basso was born on May 15, 1954 to a family from Schenectady, New York. She was one of eight children born to Florence (née Garrow) and John Richard Burns. Florence was the elder sister of spree killer Robert Garrow. Of the three girls in the family, she was the youngest.  She married a Marine named […]

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  • Suzanne Crough

    1963 - 2015

    Suzanne Crough (1963 - 2015)

    On The Partridge Family, Crough played Tracy Partridge, the youngest Partridge sibling, who played the tambourine. After The Partridge Family, she made several TV movies and made guest appearances on television shows, including Mulligan’s Stew. Her last credited on-screen role was as Kate in the 1980 TV movie Children of Divorce.  Crough graduated from Los […]

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  • Svante Arrhenius

    1859 - 1927

    Svante Arrhenius (1859 - 1927)

    Arrhenius was born on February 19, 1859 at Vik (also spelled Wik or Wijk), near Uppsala, Sweden, the son of Svante Gustav and Carolina Thunberg Arrhenius. His father had been a land surveyor for Uppsala University, moving up to a supervisory position. At the age of three, Arrhenius taught himself to read without the encouragement […]

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  • Sybil Christopher

    1929 - 2013

    Sybil Christopher (1929 - 2013)

    Sybil Williams was born on 27 March 1929, in Tylorstown, Mid Glamorgan. She attended the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (now LAMDA), meeting Richard Burton during the filming of The Last Days of Dolwyn (1949). After their marriage, she retired from acting, performing only a few times, and generally on stage rather than on film. […]

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  • Sybil Jason

    1927 - 2011

    Sybil Jason (1927 - 2011)

    Child Actress. Sometimes known as “Britain’s answer to Shirley Temple”. Born Sybil Jacobson, the daughter of a shoe salesman and the niece of orchestra leader Harry Jacobson, she moved with her family to London at an early age. At five years old, she was performing in London-area clubs, entertaining patrons with her Maurice Chevalier impersonations […]

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  • Sybil Thorndike

    1882 - 1976

    Sybil Thorndike (1882 - 1976)

    Sybil Thorndike was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, to Arthur Thorndike and Agnes Macdonald. Her father was a Canon of Rochester Cathedral. She was educated at Rochester Grammar School for Girls, and first trained as a classical pianist, making weekly visits to London for music lessons at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her childhood home […]

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  • Syd Field

    1935 - 2013

    Syd Field (1935 - 2013)

    Sydney Alvin Field (December 19, 1935 − November 17, 2013) was an American screenwriting guru who wrote several books on the subject of screenwriting. He also conducted workshops and seminars on the subject of producing salable screenplays. Hollywood film producers have increasingly used his ideas on structure as a guideline to a proposed screenplay’s potential. […]

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  • Sydney Pollack

    1934 - 2008

    Sydney Pollack (1934 - 2008)

    Sydney Pollack was an American film director, producer and actor. Pollack directed more than 21 films and 10 television shows, acted in over 30 films or shows, and produced over 44 films. Some of his best known works include Jeremiah Johnson (1972), The Way We Were (1973), Three Days of the Condor (1975) and Absence […]

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  • Sydney Tafler

    1916 - 1979

    Sydney Tafler (1916 - 1979)

    Sydney Tafler (31 July 1916 – 8 November 1979) was an English actor best remembered for numerous appearances in films and on British television from the 1940s to the 1970s. His father was an antiques dealer. After two years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he first appeared on stage in London’s West End in […]

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  • Sylva Koscina

    1933 - 1994

    Sylva Koscina (1933 - 1994)

    She was born “Silvija Košćina” (Σύλβα Κοσκινού in Greek) to a Greek father, who had a hotel in the “West Coast” section of Split, Croatia and a Polish mother. She may be best-remembered for her role as Iole, the bride of Hercules (Steve Reeves) in Hercules (1958) and Hercules Unchained (1960). She also played Paul […]

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  • Sylvester H. Roper

    1823 - 1896

    Sylvester H. Roper (1823 - 1896)

    Sylvester H. Roper’s father, Merrick, was a cabinetmaker, born 1792 in Sterling, Massachusetts. Merrick came to Francestown, New Hampshire in 1807 and married Sylvester’s mother Susan Fairbanks in 1817. Sylvester had an older brother who was a housepainter, two younger sisters, and a younger brother who became a machinist at the Singer Sewing Machine Manufactory […]

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  • Sylvester Weaver

    1908 - 2002

    Sylvester Weaver (1908 - 2002)

    Weaver was born Sylvester Laflin Weaver, Jr. in Los Angeles, California, the son of Eleanor Isabel (née Dixon) and Sylvester Laflin Weaver. He was of Scottish descent (possibly Clan MacFarlane), as well as of Ulster Scots and early New England ancestry. He was a great-great-grandson of Charles Laflin, a gunpowder manufacturer, who came to America […]

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  • Sylvia Ashley

    1904 - 1977

    Sylvia Ashley (1904 - 1977)

    Sylvia Ashley was born Edith Louisa Sylvia Hawkes in Paddington, London, England, a daughter of Arthur Hawkes and Edith Florence Hyde. (Although she preferred giving her year of birth as 1906, the England and Wales Civil Registration Index, Vol. 1a, Page 26, shows it was recorded during the June quarter of 1904, District of Paddington.) […]

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  • Sylvia Browne

    1936 - 2013

    Sylvia Browne (1936 - 2013)

    Sylvia Browne Browne grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, the daughter of Celeste (née Coil) and William Lee Shoemaker. Her father held several different jobs, working at times in mail delivery, in jewelry sales, and as a vice president of a major freight line. Browne was raised mostly as a Catholic, and was said to […]

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  • Sylvia Plath

    1932 - 1963

    Sylvia Plath (1932 - 1963)

    Plath was born on October 27, 1932, in the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. Her mother, Aurelia Schober Plath (1906–1994), was a first-generation American of Austrian descent, and her father, Otto Plath (1885–1940), was from Grabow, Germany. Plath’s father was an entomologist and was a professor of biology at Boston University; he […]

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  • Sylvia Woods

    1926 - 2012

    Sylvia Woods (1926 - 2012)

    Sylvia Woods (February 2, 1926 – July 19, 2012) was an American restaurateur who co-founded the landmark restaurant Sylvia’s in Harlem on Lenox Avenue, New York City with her husband, Herbert Woods, in 1962. The soul food eatery is a popular gathering place for Harlem residents and tourists not far from the Apollo Theater. Sylvia […]

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  • Syrie Maugham

    1879 - 1955

    Syrie Maugham (1879 - 1955)

    Gwendoline Maud Syrie Barnardo was born in England, a daughter of Thomas John Barnardo, the founder of the Barnardo’s charity for destitute children, and his wife, the former Sarah Louise “Syrie” Elmslie.  In a career that lasted from 1922 until her death, Syrie Maugham became a legendary interior designer credited for designing the first all-white […]

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