• Burt Mustin

    1884 - 1977

    Burt Mustin (1884 - 1977)

    Burt Mustin Life literally began at 60 for American actor Burt Mustin, who didn’t enter show business until that age and didn’t make his film debut until Detective Story (1951), at which time he was 68. After a decade of uncredited movie roles as hillbilly patriarchs and Town’s Oldest Citizens, Mustin began getting name recognition […]

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  • Burton Abbott

    1928 - 1957

    Burton Abbott (1928 - 1957)

    Burton W. Abbott (February 8, 1928 – March 15, 1957) was a University of California at Berkeley accounting student living in Alameda, California, who was tried for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Stephanie Bryan in November 1955. Although the evidence against him was entirely circumstantial, he was convicted and sentenced to death in California’s […]

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  • Buster Keaton

    1895 - 1966

    Buster Keaton (1895 - 1966)

    Buster Keaton Legendary motion picture comic actor, writer, producer, and director of the 1910s thru 1960s. Born on October 4, 1895, in Piqua, Kansas, as Joseph Francis Keaton. The oldest son of Joseph and Myra Keaton, who were stage comedians. Buster joined his family’s act at a very young age. It soon developed into a […]

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  • Buster West

    1901 - 1966

    Buster West (1901 - 1966)

    Buster West American dancer and actor who was a featured performer in vaudeville, the Broadway stage, motion pictures and television. West was one of those performers who was “born in a suitcase”, as his father John West and mother were both vaudeville performers and he performed with them as a child. Buster West achieved success […]

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  • Butch Cassidy

    1866 - 1908

    Butch Cassidy (1866 - 1908)

    Butch Cassidy Born Robert Leroy Parker in Beaver, Utah the eldest of Max and Anne Parker’s thirteen children. The Parker family established a ranch near Circleville, Utah in 1879, but a local Mormon bishop found against them in a land dispute, leaving the family financially pressed. Parker began dabbling in rustling under the tuition of […]

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  • Butterfly McQueen

    1911 - 1995

    Butterfly McQueen (1911 - 1995)

    Born Thelma McQueen in Tampa, Florida on January 7, 1911, she planned to become a nurse until a high school teacher suggested that she try acting. McQueen initially studied with Janet Collins and went on to dance with the Venezuela Jones Negro Youth Group. Around this time she acquired the nickname “Butterfly” – a tribute […]

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