• Glenn Anders

    1889 - 1981

    Glenn Anders (1889 - 1981)

    Actor. He began his career in vaudeville on the Orpheum circuit. He made his Broadway debut in 1919 in “Just Around the Corner.” He had a long career on Broadway, and appeared in appeared in three Pulitzer Prize winning plays – “Hell Bent for Heaven” (1924), “They Knew What They Wanted” (1924) and “Strange Interlude” […]

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  • Glenn Quinn

    1970 - 2002

    Glenn Quinn (1970 - 2002)

    Actor. Irish-born figure of films and television. He was featured in many films including “R.S.V.P.” (2002), “At Any Cost” (2000), “Some Girl” (1998), “Outlaws” (1997), “The Curse Of Monkey Island” (1997), “Campfire Tales” (1997), “Live Nude Girls” (1995), “Dr. Giggles” (1992), “Shout” (1991), “Silhouette” (1990) and “Call Me Anna” (1990). He also made several television […]

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  • Grace Boyd

    1913 - 2010

    Grace Boyd (1913 - 2010)

    Actress. Though she starred in several dozen Hollywood features of the 1930s and 1940s, she will perhaps be better remembered as the wife of actor William Boyd, the screen’s Hopalong Cassidy. Raised in New York, she trained as a classical pianist at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, but after winning a […]

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  • Gretchen Gailing

    1915 - 1961

    Gretchen Gailing (1915 - 1961)

    Actress. American stage and motion picture figure who appeared in Victor Fleming’s 1948 version of “Joan of Arc”.

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  • Grete Natzler

    1906 - 1999

    Grete Natzler (1906 - 1999)

    Austrian-born stage and motion picture actress of the 1920s and 30s. She played the featured role of ‘Anna Albert’ in the 1938 Laurel & Hardy film “Swiss Miss” (credited as Della Lind). Married to composer Franz Steininger.

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  • Gudrun Brost

    1910 - 2014

    Gudrun Brost (1910 - 2014)

    Swedish Actress. 

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  • Gus Van

    1887 - 1968

    Gus Van (1887 - 1968)

    Vaudvillian comedian and actor. With his partner, Joe Schenck, they made up the comedy duo, Van & Schenck. They were together for 18 years and appeared on Broadway and in the Ziegfeld Follies. Schenck died in 1930 and Van went onto appear in films. His roles include, “Atlantic City” (1944), “Rainbow’s End” (1938), “Gus Van’s […]

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  • Gustl Waldau

    1871 - 1958

    Gustl Waldau (1871 - 1958)

    Actor. Real name Gustav Freiherr von Rummel. One of Germany’s leading stage performers. After military service and a stint as a journalist, he made his acting debut in 1897 at the Kölner Stadttheater, the beginning of a 60-year career. He also appeared in over 100 films, including “Little Dorrit” (1934), “Yvette” (1938), “Munchausen” (as Casanova, […]

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  • Guusje Nederhorst

    1969 - 2004

    Guusje Nederhorst (1969 - 2004)

    Dutch Actress. Guusje played Roos Alberts-de Jager in the Dutch TV series “GTST” and Angela Bolhuys in “Onderweg,” she also appeared as herself in the movie “All Stars” which dealt with an amateur soccer team. Gussje was a popular sex-symbol among fans, and was voted as one of the sexiest women in many dutch magazines. […]

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  • Guy Sanche

    2023 - 1988

    Guy Sanche (2023 - 1988)

    Actor. He appeared in the film “Dust From Underground” (1968), and the television series, “Bobino” (1956). 

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  • Hank Nasiff

    1962 - 2001

    Hank Nasiff (1962 - 2001)

    Radio Personality. He was a diminutive actor who became known as “The Angry Drunken Dwarf” on shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show. He began his career in the Boston dinner theater but after a pilgrimage to Stern’s New York studio he quickly became a part of Stern’s “Wack Pack” of oddball characters.

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  • Hans Kaltenborn

    1878 - 1965

    Hans Kaltenborn (1878 - 1965)

    Journalist. He was a well-known radio news commentator who made a few cameo appearances in movies, usually as himself. He appeared in the films “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (1951), “The Babe Ruth Story” (1949), and “Mr Smith Goes To Washington” (1939). He also appeared as a panelist on the television series “Who Said […]

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  • Harold Sakata

    1920 - 1982

    Harold Sakata (1920 - 1982)

    Actor. A native of Holualoa, Hawaii, he is best remembered for his role as henchman ‘Oddjob’ in the James Bond spy film, “Goldfinger” in 1964. His character’s weapon of choice was a razor-rimmed bowler hat, that could pass for a frisbee. The film also starred German actor Gert Frobe in the title role. Other credits […]

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  • Harriet MacGibbon

    1905 - 1987

    Harriet MacGibbon (1905 - 1987)

    Actress. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she made her Broadway debut in 1923 and worked on the stage for some 20 years. She made her screen debut in “Cry For Happy” (1961), followed by “A Majority of One” (1961). Her other credits included “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (1962), “Son of Flubber” (1963) and “The Judge […]

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  • Harry Antrim

    1884 - 1967

    Harry Antrim (1884 - 1967)

    Actor in 25 films and 44 films including: “Desire,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “The Heiress,” “Ma and Pa Kettle,” “no Man of Her Own,” “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” “Elmer Gantry,” and “The Monkey’s Uncle.”

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  • Hattie Jacques

    1924 - 1980

    Hattie Jacques (1924 - 1980)

    British-born comic actress. Probably most famous for her role as ‘Matron’ in “Carry On Matron”(1972). She was married to comedy actor John Le Mesurier from 1949 to 1965, when they divorced.

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  • Heather Angel

    1909 - 1986

    Heather Angel (1909 - 1986)

    Actress. She appeared in films for over 30 years, with her first starring role coming in “Night in Montmarte” (1931). Her last regular role was on the television series, “Peyton Place”. Her last husband was film director, Robert B. Sinclair.

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  • Hedwig Biebtreu

    1868 - 1958

    Hedwig Biebtreu (1868 - 1958)

    Actress. Born in Linz, Austria, she made her stage debut in 1886 at the Theater of Augsburg in Germany. In 1891 she moved to Vienna, where she became the doyenne of the National Theatre. She later appeared in the silent films “Die Herrin der Welt” (1919) and “Die Kurtisane von Venedig” (1924). Her most famous […]

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  • Helen Broderick

    1891 - 1959

    Helen Broderick (1891 - 1959)

    Actress and Screenwriter. She wrote screenplays for 2 films: “High Speed” (1924) and “The Mystery Club” (1926). She also appeared in 35 films including: “Top Hat,” “Swing Time” (both with Astaire & Rogers), “The Road to Reno,” “The Rage of Paris,” and “no, no, Nanette.” Mother of actor Broderick Crawford.

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  • Helen Burgess

    1916 - 1937

    Helen Burgess (1916 - 1937)

    American stage and screen actress. She was discovered by Cecil B. DeMille, and made her screen debut as Buffalo Bill Cody’s wife in “The Plainsman” (1936). While filming “Night of Mystery” (1937), she caught a cold which developed into pneumonia. She was only 20 years old when she died.

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  • Helen Mann

    1915 - 1947

    Helen Mann (1915 - 1947)

    American stage and motion picture actress and dancer of the 1920s and 30s. Appeared with Loretta Young in the 1933 drama “Employee’s Entrance.”

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  • Helen Page Camp

    1930 - 1991

    Helen Page Camp (1930 - 1991)

    Actress. Best known for her roles on television, she started out as ‘Lucy’ on the TV show “Here Come the Brides” in 1968. Later, she made many guest appearances on popular shows such as “The Wild, Wild West”, “The Waltons”, “All in the Family”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Cheers”, “Different Strokes” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. […]

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  • Henry Armetta

    1888 - 1945

    Henry Armetta (1888 - 1945)

    Actor. At the age of 14, he stowed away on a boat to America, performed menial tasks to get by and eventually got a part in a chorus for a New York City stage show. In 1920, he moved to Hollywood and easily found work performing as stereotypical Italian in silent films. He went on […]

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  • Henry Daniell

    1894 - 1963

    Henry Daniell (1894 - 1963)

    Actor. One of the screen’s most memorable heavies. Born Charles Henry Daniel in London, he made his stage debut in 1914 and served in the British Army during World War I. He began appearing on Broadway in the late 1920s and settled in Hollywood in 1934. Daniell’s shark-like eyes, thin slash of a mouth, and […]

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  • Herb Andress

    1935 - 2004

    Herb Andress (1935 - 2004)

    Actor. Austrian-born, he came to the U.S. in the late 1950s and appeared in TV series and films, often playing Nazis and other stereotypical German roles. His credits include the TV shows “Combat,” “My Favorite Martian,” and “Burke’s Law.” He appeared in movies such as “The Ghost In the Invisible Bikini.” He returned to Austria […]

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  • Herb Edelman

    1933 - 1996

    Herb Edelman (1933 - 1996)

    Actor. The 6’5″, Emmy-nominated actor began his career by performing in the Broadway theater production of Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park in 1963; a role he reprised when the play was adapted to television in 1967. Though appearing in numerous television sitcoms and movies throughout the 70s and 80s, Herbert Edelman is most remembered […]

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  • Hermes Pan

    1909 - 1990

    Hermes Pan (1909 - 1990)

    Choreographer. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he was dance director responsible for choreographing some of Hollywood’s most memorable movie musicals. He was the principal choreographer for such stars as Betty Grable, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse and Rita Hayworth. He received Academy Award nominations for “Top Hat” (1935), “Bo jangles of Harlem” (1936) […]

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  • Hermione Baddeley

    1908 - 1986

    Hermione Baddeley (1908 - 1986)

    Actor. Born Hermione Youlanda Ruby Clinton-Baddeley. In her more than 60 year career Hermione enjoyed success in all the acting media. Prior to World War II, she became popular in London stage comedies and revues due to her dancer’s training and innate flair for comedy. In her film career she played memorable character roles, including […]

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  • Hideko Takamine

    1924 - 2010

    Hideko Takamine (1924 - 2010)

    Actress. Called “Japan’s Shirley Temple”, she extended her film career over a long span of years. After making her silver screen bow in the 1929 silent “Mother”, she had a steady succession of film roles, the depth of her assignments increasing with maturity. Takamine became a freelance performer in 1950 when she took the risk […]

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  • Hilda Braid

    1929 - 2007

    Hilda Braid (1929 - 2007)

    Actress. A popular British character performer. Born in Kent, Hilda began her career on stage with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, and first won widespread fame in the mid-1960s for her roles in television. Braid was best known for her role in the BBC comedy “Citizen Smith” and particularly as Nana Moon in “EastEnders,” which […]

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