• Morris Dalitz

    1899 - 1989

    Morris Dalitz (1899 - 1989)

    Organized Crime Figure. Known to his contemporaries as “Moe”. Born Boston, he was raised in Michigan. During Prohibition he was a bootlegger in Detroit, Akron and Cleveland, where he was associated with the Mayfield Road Gang. Expanding beyond bootlegging into gambling both in the Clevland area and in Newport, Kentucky, he operated several illegal casinos […]

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  • Morris Kessler

    1912 - 1935

    Morris Kessler (1912 - 1935)

    Organized Crime Figure. He was the chauffeur and bodyguard of Jewish mobster Joseph Amberg. On September 30, 1935, he and Amberg were lined up against the wall of a Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City, New York auto repair shop and machine-gunned to death by a rival gang.

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  • Moses Eugene Malone

    1955 - 2015

    Moses Eugene Malone (1955 - 2015)

    Professional Basketball Player. Moses Malone was Hall of Fame basketball player who starred in both the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association. A three-time NBA MVP and one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players, Malone was the most successful prep-to-pro player of his era, going straight from Petersburg High to a 21-year career […]

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  • Moses Gunn

    1929 - 1993

    Moses Gunn (1929 - 1993)

    Born in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of Mary and George Gunn, he was the oldest of seven children. After his mother died, his family separated. Moses left home and rode the railroad at just 12 years old. He returned to St. Louis and attended school while living at the home of Jewel Richie, his […]

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  • Moses Malone

    1955 - 2015

    Moses Malone (1955 - 2015)

    Moses Malone American professional basketball player, who was the dominating centre and premier offensive rebounder in the National Basketball Association (NBA) during the 1980s. He led the Philadelphia 76ers to a championship in 1983. Malone, who led Petersburg High School to 50 consecutive victories and two state championships, was one of the most sought-after college […]

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  • Moss Hart

    1904 - 1961

    Moss Hart (1904 - 1961)

    Moss Hart was born in New York City and grew up in relative poverty with his English-born Jewish immigrant parents in the Bronx and in Sea Gate, Brooklyn. Early on he had a strong relationship with his Aunt Kate, with whom he later lost contact due to a falling out between her and his parents, and […]

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  • Mother Teresa

    1910 - 1910

    Mother Teresa (1910 - 1910)

    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, M.C., commonly known as Mother Teresa (26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997), was a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary who lived most of her life in India. She was born in today’s Macedonia, with her family being of Albanian descent originating in Kosovo. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of […]

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  • Moustapha Akkad

    1930 - 2005

    Moustapha Akkad (1930 - 2005)

    Al Akkad was born July 1, 1930 in Aleppo, Syria. He received his high school degree from the Aleppo American College. His father, then a customs officer, gave him $200 and a copy of the Quran before he left for the United States to study film direction and production at the University of California, Los […]

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  • Movita Castaneda

    1916 - 2015

    Movita Castaneda (1916 - 2015)

    Movita Castaneda, a Mexican American, was born in Nogales, Arizona, on a train travelling between Mexico and Arizona. Movita began her acting career singing the Carioca to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire’s first dance number in the first film in which the famous duo appeared together, Flying Down to Rio (1933). She continued playing exotic […]

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  • Mozelle Britton

    1912 - 1953

    Mozelle Britton (1912 - 1953)

    Actress. American motion picture actress of the 1930s. She is interred along with her husband, actor Alan Dinehart.

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  • Mr Gerald Allen Wear

    1968 - 2010

    Mr Gerald Allen Wear (1968 - 2010)

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  • Mr Joe A. Johnson Jr.

    2013 - 2013

    Mr Joe A. Johnson Jr. (2013 - 2013)


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  • Mr William J. Duncan IV

    1726 - 1790

    Mr William J. Duncan IV (1726 - 1790)

    This is a test of the editor.

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  • Mulgrew Miller

    1955 - 2013

    Mulgrew Miller (1955 - 2013)

    Mulgrew Miller was born in Greenwood, Mississippi, to parents who had been raised on plantations. He had three brothers and four sisters. His family was not musical, but they had a piano, which no-one in the house could play. Miller, however, played tunes on the piano from the age of six, playing by ear. He […]

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  • Muriel Siebert

    1928 - 2013

    Muriel Siebert (1928 - 2013)

    Siebert began her career working at various brokerages. In 1967, she founded her own eponymous firm, Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc., beginning by doing research for institutions, and buying and selling financial analyses. That same year, she applied for a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Of the first ten men she asked to […]

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  • Myrna Dell

    1924 - 2011

    Myrna Dell (1924 - 2011)

    Myrna Dell (March 5, 1924 – February 11, 2011) was an American actress, model, and writer who appeared in several television programs and motion pictures for over four decades. Born under the name Marilyn Adele Dunlap she changed her name to Myrna Dell upon entering show business as a dancer making her debut in A Night […]

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  • Myrna Loy

    1905 - 1993

    Myrna Loy (1905 - 1993)

    Loy was born Myrna Adele Williams in Helena, Montana,  to Adelle Mae (née Johnson) and rancher David Franklin Williams, and raised in nearby Radersburg. Her paternal grandparents were natives of Wales, and her maternal grandparents were Swedish and Scottish. Her first name was derived from a whistle stop near Broken Bow, Nebraska, whose name her […]

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