• Yankel Kalich

    1891 - 1975

    Yankel Kalich (1891 - 1975)

    Actor. A native of Rymanów, Galicia, Austria-Hungary (now Poland), he had a long career in Yiddish Theatre, and also made a number of appearances on early television programs.

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  • Yip Harburg

    1896 - 1981

    Yip Harburg (1896 - 1981)

    Yip Harburg, the youngest of four surviving children (out of ten), was born Isidore Hochberg on the Lower East Side of New York City on April 8, 1896. His parents, Lewis Hochberg and Mary Ricing, were Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jews who had emigrated from Russia. Isidore later adopted the name Edgar Harburg, and came to be best […]

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  • Yolande Donlan

    1920 - 2014

    Yolande Donlan (1920 - 2014)

    The daughter of James Donlan, a character actor in Hollywood films of the 1930s, it is speculated by some that she had uncredited roles in films such as Pennies From Heaven (1936) and Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), but this has not been confirmed. Her early credited roles include Frenchy, the maid in the horror film […]

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  • Yootha Joyce

    1927 - 1980

    Yootha Joyce (1927 - 1980)

    Yootha Joyce Needham was born in Wandsworth, London, the only child of musical parents Hurst Needham, a well-known singer, and Jessica Revitt, a concert pianist. Her mother named her “Yootha” an Aboriginal name meaning “thirsty” ) Joyce was evacuated to Hampshire during World War II. She left school at 15, then trained at RADA where […]

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  • Yoshisuke Aikawa

    1880 - 1967

    Yoshisuke Aikawa (1880 - 1967)

    Aikawa was born in what is now part of Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi prefecture. His mother was the niece of Meiji period genrō Inoue Kaoru. He graduated from the engineering department of Tokyo Imperial University in 1903 and went to work for Shibaura Seisakusho, the forerunner of Toshiba. Although his pay was very low, Aikawa managed […]

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  • Yves Montand

    1921 - 1991

    Yves Montand (1921 - 1991)

    Montand was born Ivo Livi in Monsummano Terme, Italy, to Giuseppina (née Simoni) and Giovanni Livi, a broommaker. Giuseppina was a devout Catholic, while Giovanni held strong Communist beliefs. Montand’s family left for France in 1923 because of Italy’s Fascist regime. He grew up in Marseille, where, as a young man, he worked in his […]

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  • Yvette Wilson

    1964 - 2012

    Yvette Wilson (1964 - 2012)

    Before she started her career in the entertainment business, Yvette Wilson attended San Jose State University and majored in communications. Wilson first entered comedy when she lost a bet and had to perform as a stand-up comedian at a friend’s club. She decided to make a living off comedy and never turned back. Her big break […]

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  • Yvonne Brill

    1924 - 2013

    Yvonne Brill (1924 - 2013)

    Yvonne Brill was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her parents were immigrants from Belgium. She attended the University of Manitoba, but was barred from studying engineering because of her gender, so she studied chemistry and mathematics.  Brill’s work in satellite propulsion systems resulted in a number of significant developments. She developed the concept for a new rocket […]

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  • Yvonne Craig

    1937 - 2015

    Yvonne Craig (1937 - 2015)

    Yvonne Craig was born in Taylorville, Illinois, and was raised in Columbus, Ohio.[citation needed] In 1951, her family moved the Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, where she attended WH Adamson High School and then Sunset High School, from which she did not technically graduate due to the lack of “a single PE credit”.  After […]

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