• Pablo Neruda

    1904 - 1973

    Pablo Neruda (1904 - 1973)

    Pablo Neruda (/nəˈruːdə/; Spanish: [ˈpaβ̞lo̞ ne̞ˈɾuð̞a]) was the pen name and, later, legal name of the Chilean poet-diplomat and politician Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto (July 12, 1904 – September 23, 1973). He derived his pen name from the Czech poet Jan Neruda. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.  Neruda became known as […]

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  • Pablo Picasso

    1881 - 1973

    Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

    Picasso was baptised Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad, a series of names honouring various saints and relatives. Added to these were Ruiz and Picasso, for his father and mother, respectively, as per Spanish law. Born in the city of Málaga in the Andalusian region of Spain, he was the […]

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  • Paco de Lucia

    1947 - 2014

    Paco de Lucia (1947 - 2014)

    Francisco Gustavo Sánchez Gomes (21 December 1947 – 25 February 2014), known as Paco de Lucía [ˈpako ðe luˈθia], was a Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist, composer and producer. A leading proponent of the New Flamenco style, he helped legitimize flamenco among the establishment in Spain, and was one of the first flamenco guitarists to have […]

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  • Paddy Chayefsky

    1923 - 1981

    Paddy Chayefsky (1923 - 1981)

    Sidney Aaron “Paddy” Chayefsky (January 29, 1923 – August 1, 1981) was an American playwright, screenwriter and novelist. He is the only person to have won three solo Academy Awards for Best Screenplay (the other three-time winners, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder, have all shared their awards with co-writers). He was […]

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  • Pamela Blake

    1915 - 2009

    Pamela Blake (1915 - 2009)

    Actress. She appeared in more than fifty B-movies from the mid-1930’s until the 1950’s and had roles opposite such leading men as John Wayne in “Wyoming Outlaw” (1939) and Alan Ladd in “This Gun for Hire” (1942). Born Adele Pearce in Oakland, she studied acting after a first place finish in a beauty contest and […]

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  • Pamela Brown

    1917 - 1975

    Pamela Brown (1917 - 1975)

    Pamela Mary Brown (8 July 1917 – 19 September 1975) was an English stage and film actress. She was born in Hampstead, London to George Edward Brown, a journalist, and his wife, Helen Blanche (née Ellerton). Brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, she attended St Mary’s School, Ascot. After attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic […]

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  • Pamela Mason

    1916 - 1996

    Pamela Mason (1916 - 1996)

    Born Pamela Helen Ostrer in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Mason was the daughter of Isidore (1889-1975) and Helen Ostrer. Isidore Ostrer was a wealthy industrialist and banker who became president of the Gaumont British Picture Corporation in the early 1920s. Pamela left school at age 9, and married cinematographer Roy Kellino at age 16 in 1932. In 1935, […]

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  • Pappy Boyington

    1912 - 1988

    Pappy Boyington (1912 - 1988)

    Gregory Boyington was born on December 4, 1912 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Sometimes he is erroneously quoted as being born in 1906. He grew up in the logging town of St. Maries, Idaho and in Tacoma, Washington, where he was a wrestler at Lincoln High School. He took his first flight when he was six […]

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  • Parveen Babi

    1949 - 2005

    Parveen Babi (1949 - 2005)

    Parveen was born in Junagadh, Gujarat in a Muslim family. She did her early schooling from Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad and later attended St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad where she emerged as a Master of Arts in English literature Her father Vali Mohammed Babi (died 1959), was a System administrator with the Nawab of Junagadh […]

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  • Pat Buttram

    1915 - 1994

    Pat Buttram (1915 - 1994)

    Buttram was born in Addison in Winston County, Alabama, to Wilson McDaniel Buttram, a Methodist minister, and his wife Mary Emmett Maxwell. He had an older brother, Augustus McDaniel Buttram, and five other elder siblings. When “Pat” Buttram was a year old, his father was transferred to Nauvoo, Alabama. Buttram graduated from Mortimer Jordan High […]

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  • Pat Harrington

    1929 - 2016

    Pat Harrington (1929 - 2016)

    Pat Harrington was born in the New York City borough of Manhattan on August 13, 1929. His father was a song and dance man who worked in vaudeville and performed on the Broadway stage. Harrington attended a Catholic military school, then graduated from Fordham University in 1950 with a Bachelor of Arts and subsequently received a […]

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  • Pat Harrington Jr

    1929 - 2016

    Pat Harrington Jr (1929 - 2016)

    Pat Harrington Jr…Son of Pat Harrington Sr. Pat Harrington Jr., 86, an actor and comedian who portrayed the farcically macho building superintendent Dwayne Schneider in One Day at a Time, a sitcom that explored sexism, harassment and other tribulations through the lens of a divorced working woman and her two teenage daughters, died Wednesday.  His daughter […]

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  • Pat Hingle

    1924 - 2009

    Pat Hingle (1924 - 2009)

    Hingle was born Martin Patterson Hingle in Miami, Florida (some sources say Denver, Colorado), the son of Marvin Louise (née Patterson), a schoolteacher and musician, and Clarence Martin Hingle, a building contractor. Hingle enlisted in the U.S. Navy in December 1941, dropping out of the University of Texas. He served on the destroyer USS Marshall […]

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  • Pat Nixon

    1912 - 1993

    Pat Nixon (1912 - 1993)

    Thelma Catherine Ryan was born in the small mining town of Ely, Nevada, the day before Saint Patrick’s Day. Her father, William M. Ryan Sr., was a sailor, gold miner, and truck farmer of Irish descent; her mother, Katherine Halberstadt, was a German immigrant. “Pat” was a nickname given to her by her father, referring […]

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  • Pat Paterson

    1910 - 1978

    Pat Paterson (1910 - 1978)

    She was born Eliza Paterson on 10 April 1910 at No.74 Fitzgerald Street, Horton, a suburb of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire. Her mother, Hannah Holroyd (b. 4 February 1888, Bradford) was English, her father, John Robb Paterson, (b. 1888, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland) was a Scot. Eliza was the second of three children. From infancy, Eliza […]

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  • Pat Tillman

    1976 - 2004

    Pat Tillman (1976 - 2004)

    Tillman was born on November 6, 1976, in Fremont, California. The eldest of three sons, with Kevin and Richard as the other two, Tillman excelled at football. He went to Bret Harte Middle School and helped lead Leland High School to the Central Coast Division I Football Championship. Tillman then went to Arizona State University on a football scholarship. Tillman was […]

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  • Patric Knowles

    1911 - 1995

    Patric Knowles (1911 - 1995)

    In his first American film, Give Me Your Heart (1936), released in Great Britain as Sweet Aloes, Knowles was cast as a titled Englishman of means.  While making The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) at Lone Pine, California, he befriended Errol Flynn, whom he closely resembled and whose acquaintance he had made in England […]

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  • Patrice O’Neal

    1969 - 2011

    Patrice O’Neal (1969 - 2011)

    Patrice Malcolm O’Neal was born in New York City, on December 7, 1969, and grew up in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. His mother, Georgia, named him after Patrice Lumumba, the leader of the Congolese independence movement, and Malcolm X. He was raised by his mother and never knew his father.  He was a […]

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  • Patricia Avery

    1902 - 1973

    Patricia Avery (1902 - 1973)

    Actress. Motion Picture star of the silent era. She is interred along with her husband, although her name does not appear on the marker.

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  • Patricia Buckley

    1926 - 2007

    Patricia Buckley (1926 - 2007)

    Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, to a wealthy family, Patricia Taylor had tutors and attended Crofton House School. She was one of the three children of Austin Cotterell Taylor, a self-made industrialist, rich from lumber and mining. Her mother, Kathleen Elliott, daughter of the chief of police of Winnipeg, was a great beauty. Pat went […]

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  • Patricia Collinge

    1892 - 1974

    Patricia Collinge (1892 - 1974)

    Eileen Cecilia Collinge was born in Dublin, Ireland to F. Channon Collinge and Emmie (née Russell) Collinge. Patricia Collinge was educated first by a visiting governess and then at a girls’ school. She took dancing and piano lessons none of which interested her. She finally settled on being an actress. She made her first stage […]

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  • Patricia Cutts

    1926 - 1974

    Patricia Cutts (1926 - 1974)

    Born in London, Patricia Cutts was the daughter of the writer-director Graham Cutts. Her first roles were small parts in American films such as I Was a Male War Bride and The Man Who Loved Redheads and the television shows Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Perry Mason, where she played defendant Sylvia Oxman in the 1959 […]

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  • Patricia Dane

    1919 - 1995

    Patricia Dane (1919 - 1995)

    Patricia Dane (August 4, 1919 – June 5, 1995) was an American film actress of the 1940s. Born Thelma Pearl Pippins and sometimes known as Thelma Byrnes after her stepfather in Jacksonville, Florida, Patricia Dane began her career designing clothes for a New York City dress firm. She was signed to an MGM contract in 1941 […]

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  • Patricia Hayes

    1909 - 1998

    Patricia Hayes (1909 - 1998)

    Patricia Lawlor “Pat” Hayes, OBE (22 December 1909 – 19 September 1998) was an English character actress. Hayes was born in Streatham, London. As a child Hayes attended the Sacred Heart School in Wandsworth. She was featured in many radio and television comedy shows between 1940 and 1996, including Hancock’s Half Hour, Ray’s a Laugh, The Arthur […]

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  • Patrick Cargill

    1918 - 1996

    Patrick Cargill (1918 - 1996)

    Cargill was born to middle-class parents living in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. After education at Haileybury College, he made his debut in the Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society. However, he was aiming for a military career and was selected for training at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Cargill became a commissioned officer in the Indian Army. After the […]

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  • Patrick Macnee

    1922 - 2015

    Patrick Macnee (1922 - 2015)

    The elder of two sons, Macnee was born in Paddington, London in 1922 to Daniel Macnee (1877-1952) and Dorothea Mary Hastings (1896-1984). His father trained race horses in Lambourn, and was known for his dress sense; he had served as an officer in the Yorkshire Dragoons in the First World War. His maternal grandmother was […]

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  • Patrick McGoohan

    1928 - 2009

    Patrick McGoohan (1928 - 2009)

    McGoohan was born in Astoria, Queens, New York City to Thomas McGoohan and Rose Fitzpatrick, who were living in the United States after emigrating from Ireland to seek work. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic. Shortly after he was born, McGoohan’s parents moved back to Mullaghmore, County Leitrim, Ireland, and seven years later, […]

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  • Patrick Swayze

    1952 - 2009

    Patrick Swayze (1952 - 2009)

    Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas, the second child of Patsy Yvonne Helen (née Karnes; 1927–2013), a choreographer, dance instructor, and dancer, and Jesse Wayne Swayze (1925–1982), an engineering draftsman. He had two younger brothers, actor Don Swayze (born 1958) and Sean Kyle (born 1962), and two sisters, Vickie Lynn […]

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  • Patsy Cline

    1932 - 1963

    Patsy Cline (1932 - 1963)

    Patsy Cline Cline was born Virginia Patterson Hensley in 1932, in Winchester, Virginia, to Hilda Patterson Hensley, a 16-year-old seamstress, and Sam Hensley, a 43-year-old blacksmith. Patsy soon had a younger brother and sister, Samuel and Sylvia; the siblings were called Ginny, John, and Sis. The family moved often before settling in Winchester when Patsy […]

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  • Patsy Kelly

    1910 - 1981

    Patsy Kelly (1910 - 1981)

    Kelly was born Sarah Veronica Rose Kelly in Brooklyn to Irish immigrants parents John (died 1942) and Delia Kelly (1875-1930). She began her career in vaudeville as a dancer at the age of 12. While in vaudeville, she performed in Frank Fay’s act, first in a song-and-dance routine and later as Fay’s comic foil. In […]

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