Cachirulo Alonso (Cachirulo Alonso)

Cachirulo Alonso

Actor, Playwright. He was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Born Enrique Fernández Tallaeche, he made his debut on stage in 1948 with the play “La Temporada del Recuerdo.” But he is fondly remembered for his character “Cachirulo” that he played for the childrens’ program for television “Teatro Fantástico” of which he also was producer and that runned for 1955 to 1961. Also he adapted several popular Mexican tales such as “Dos Tandas para un Boleto,” “Chin, Chan Chun y las Musas del País,” “El Portal de Belén” and “Cuento para una Noche de Reyes,” playing in more than 200 roles, and leaving a positive impression for a generation of children. Also he wrote two biographical books.


  • September, 07, 1923
  • Sinaloa, Mexico


  • August, 27, 2004


  • Panteón Jardines del Recuerdo
  • Mexico City, Mexico

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