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Florence Marly

Florence Marly (2 June 1919 – 9 November 1978) was a Czech-born French film actress. During World War II, Marly moved to neutral Argentina with her Jewish husband the film director Pierre Chenal where she appeared in several films. She also acted in two of her husband’s films while they were in Chile. She played a major role in René Clément’s Les Maudits, a fictionalized account showing the fate of Nazi refugees. After moving to Hollywood she acted in Paramount’s Sealed Verdict opposite Ray Milland. Next year, she starred in Stuart Heisler’s Tokyo Joe (1949) alongside Humphrey Bogart. In it she played Bogart’s wife who divorces her after he moves to US from Japan during World War II. The film met with mixed responses from critics. Clive Hirschhorn wrote in his book The Columbia Story, that it was “a little more than a Bogart parody”. Marly’s acting in the espionage film Tokyo File 212 brought her appreciations. Robert J. Lentz wrote in Korean War Filmography that she had given the best performance in the film. It was Hollywood’s first feature film to be shot entirely in Japan. In 1962, she starred in Dead Man’s Shoes. She had the eponymous role of a blood-thirsty vampire queen in Curtis Harrington-directed horror B-movie Queen of Blood (1966), based on a novel by Charles Nuetzel. It met with positive reviews. Paul Meehan wrote in Saucer Movies that she gave a “convincing” performance. Marly had made a 16mm sequel to Queen of Blood titled Space Boy! Night, Neal and Ness.

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  • June, 02, 1919
  • Obrnice, Czechoslovakia


  • November, 09, 1978
  • USA
  • Glendale, California

Cause of Death

  • heart attack

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