Helene Stanley (Dolores Diane Freymouth)

Helene Stanley

Dolores Diane Freymouth (July 17, 1929 – December 27, 1990), better known by the stage name of Helene Stanley, was an American actress and a live model for Cinderella and other Disney characters. Stanley was born in Gary, Indiana. Her parents were Michael Freymouth, who was an acrobat who worked in Europe, and Gerty Freymouth. Around 1953 Helene Stanley had an affair with Johnny Stompanato. The two had planned to marry, but Stompanato had a secret affair with Lana Turner (whom he eventually married), and when the affair exposed the two separated. After Stompanato, Stanley married a physician from Beverly Hills, David Niemetz. After they were married, Stanley formally retired from show business. Her last role in her career was in the Disney movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Helene Stanley died on December 27, 1990, in Los Angeles. The cause of her death was not reported. By the age of 14 she made her first role in the film Girls’ Town in 1942. Then she played a series of roles at Universal between 1943 to 1945 (sometimes she took part of a teen dancing group called “The Jivin’ Jacks and Jills”) and during this period she identified as Dolores Diane. In 1946 she started to work with MGM and began to identify herself as Helene Stanley. Her collaboration with Disney started around 1950. She became the live-action model for Cinderella’s Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora and the character of Anita Radcliff in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

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  • July, 17, 1929
  • USA
  • Gary, Indiana


  • July, 17, 1929
  • USA
  • Los Angeles, California

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