Olive Borden (Olive Borden)

Olive Borden

Actress of the silent and early sound era. Contrary to urban legend, her original name was not Sybil Tinkle. She began her career as one of Mack Sennett’s bathing beauties in 1922 and in 1925 was named one of the thirteen WAMPAS Baby Stars of the year. Her fame and popularity continued to increase after she signed a contract with Fox Studios, and she soon was regarded as one of the most beautiful women of the era and celebrated for her long pitch black hair. She appeared in a variety of films, among them comedies, Westerns, horror films, and dramas. Among her film credits were ‘The Overland Limited’ (1925), ‘Fig Leaves’ (1926), ‘The Monkey Talks’ (1927), ‘Gang War’ (1928), ‘The Eternal Woman’ (1929), ‘The Social Lion’ (1930), and ‘The Mild West’ (1933). She left Fox Studios in 1928 because she refused to take a pay cut, though she was still very popular and was able to find work at other studios, such as Radio Pictures and Columbia Studios. Throughout the Twenties she also worked with a number of famous directors, such as Leo McCarey, Howard Hawks, and John Ford. When the movie industry transitioned to sound, she had to change the types of characters she played because of the way her voice sounded. Frequently she had played Vamps, exotic types, and sophisticated society women, but those sorts of characters did not match the type of voice she had. In the films she made in the early Thirties, Olive played characters who were younger and more modern. Her final film appearance, ‘Chloe, Love Is Calling You,’ came in 1934. Like many once-popular stars of the silent era, she also found her popularity waning and was viewed as a relic from the distant past. Following her retirement from the screen, she struggled to find a permanent job, and also had many personal problems with failed love affairs, stress, and substance abuse. In 1943 she joined the Womens’ Army Corps, and after receiving her discharge, she tried to restart her movie career, but it didn’t work out. By 1946 she had been reduced to cleaning floors, and the next year died of a stomach ailment in the Sunshine Mission, a Los Angeles home for destitute women.

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  • July, 14, 1906
  • USA
  • Richmond, Virginia


  • October, 01, 1947
  • USA
  • Los Angeles County, California


  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale)
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • USA

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