• Tony Alescio

    1893 - 1920

    Tony Alescio (1893 - 1920)

    Tony Alescio Organized Crime Figure. Born in Alcamo, Sicily, he was orphaned as a young child and immigrated to Detroit, Michigan in the spring of 1911. Escaping an abusive uncle, mob boss Antonino “Tony” Giannola took him in and treated him as one of his own. He grew to be Giannola’s personal bodyguard, but during […]

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  • Tony Beckley

    1929 - 1980

    Tony Beckley (1929 - 1980)

    Beckley was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England. He was a child out of wedlock and never met his father. His mother, Beatrice Mitchell, was a stewardess who worked on ocean liners such as the RMS Mauretania and the RMS Aquitania. Due to work commitments she was often away and Beckley was brought up mainly by […]

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  • Tony Bettenhausen

    1916 - 1961

    Tony Bettenhausen (1916 - 1961)

    Melvin Eugene “Tony” Bettenhausen (September 12, 1916 Tinley Park, Illinois – May 12, 1961 Indianapolis, Indiana) was an American racing driver, who won the National Championship in 1951 and 1958.  Bettenhausen was nicknamed the “Tinley Park Express” in honor of his hometown. He was nicknamed “Tunney” after heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney. “Tunney” later became […]

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  • Tony Canzoneri

    1908 - 1959

    Tony Canzoneri (1908 - 1959)

    Tony Canzoneri American professional boxer who held world championships in the featherweight, lightweight, and junior-welterweight divisions. Canzoneri weighed only 95 pounds (43 kg) when he began his amateur boxing career. After turning pro in 1925, he won the National Boxing Association’s version of the bantamweight title. Canzoneri’s first world-title match was as a featherweight on […]

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  • Tony Curtis

    1925 - 2010

    Tony Curtis (1925 - 2010)

    Tony Curtis The star’s career all but collapsed in 1962, however, when he divorced Janet Leigh after having an affair with 17-year-old German actress Christine Kaufmann. By then, he and Leigh had two children: Kelly Lee and Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis and Kaufmann married in 1963 and divorced in 1967. Shortly thereafter, in 1968, the […]

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  • Tony Doyle

    1942 - 2000

    Tony Doyle (1942 - 2000)

    He first came to prominence playing a liberal catholic priest – Father Sheehy – in RTÉ’s iconic rural drama The Riordans. He appeared in such popular shows as Coronation Street, Between The Lines, 1990 and Ballykissangel, and won an Irish Film and Television Academy Award for best leading performance for his role in the 1998 […]

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  • Tony Genna

    1890 - 1925

    Tony Genna (1890 - 1925)

    Tony Genna Known as “The Gentleman”, Tony was one of the six Genna brothers who controlled the Little Sicily section of Chicago during prohibition and fought a bloody gang war against Dean O’Banion‘s the North Side Gang. Tony was a shrewd building contractor and Architect. In this profession, he could have amounted to something honorable, […]

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  • Tony Hinkle

    1898 - 1992

    Tony Hinkle (1898 - 1992)

    Member, Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, James Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, the Helm Foundation Basketball Hall of Fame, and the National Association of Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. Best known as head basketball coach at Butler University from 1927-1942 and again from 1946-70, where he compiled a 557-393 record, including many games in which […]

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  • Tony Martin

    1913 - 2012

    Tony Martin (1913 - 2012)

    Martin was born in San Francisco, the son of Hattie (née Smith) and Edward Clarence Morris. His family was Jewish, and all of his grandparents had emigrated from Eastern Europe. He received a saxophone as a gift from his grandmother at the age of ten. In his grammar school glee club, he became an instrumentalist […]

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  • Tony Martin

    1961 - 2013

    Tony Martin (1961 - 2013)

    Tony Martin Professional Boxer. He was the former International Boxing Council Junior-Welterweight Champion from 1991 until abandoning the title to move up in weight-class. Born in St. Louis, he moved to Philadelphia in 1985 where he launched his professional career as a prizefighter. He earned his first world championship title chance against the Guyanese fighter […]

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  • Tony Martinez

    1920 - 2002

    Tony Martinez (1920 - 2002)

    Martínez came to New York City to study at the Juilliard School at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. He also studied acting and gained small parts in several films in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In 1954, he made his first television appearance as himself on The Colgate Comedy Hour, again as himself. […]

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  • Tony Scott

    1944 - 2012

    Tony Scott (1944 - 2012)

    Scott was born in North Shields, Northumberland, the youngest of three sons of Colonel Francis Percy Scott, who served in the Royal Engineers, and Elizabeth. He followed in his elder brother’s footsteps, studying at Grangefield School, West Hartlepool College of Art and Sunderland Art School, for a fine arts degree. At the age of 16, […]

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  • Tony Zale

    1913 - 1997

    Tony Zale (1913 - 1997)

    Tony Zale His three-fight series with Rocky Graziano between 1946 and 1948 are treated with reverence and awe by those who simply read about them as well as the relative few who witessed them in person. Only the third, in which Zale proved his superiority with a third-round knockout, was filmed. The grainy footage provides […]

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  • Trevor Bannister

    1934 - 2011

    Trevor Bannister (1934 - 2011)

    In 1960 Bannister appeared on stage at the Cambridge Theatre in London in Billy Liar, which starred Albert Finney. He starred as Darkie Pilbeam, a wartime spiv, in the 1968 television series The War of Darkie Pilbeam, and from 1969 to 1970 he appeared as “Heavy Breathing” in Jack Rosenthal’s sitcom, The Dustbinmen. Shortly afterwards, […]

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  • Troy Davis

    1968 - 2011

    Troy Davis (1968 - 2011)

    Troy Davis An American man convicted of and executed for the August 19, 1989, murder of police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah, Georgia. MacPhail was working as a security guard at a Burger King restaurant when he intervened to defend a man being assaulted in a nearby parking lot. During Davis’s 1991 trial, seven witnesses […]

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  • Troy Donahue

    1936 - 2001

    Troy Donahue (1936 - 2001)

    Born Merle Johnson, Jr. in New York City, Donahue was the son of a retired stage actress and the manager of the motion picture department of General Motors. One evening, producer William Asher and director James Sheldon spotted him in a diner at Malibu and arranged for a screen test with Columbia Pictures. It was unsuccessful, […]

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  • Tupac Shakur

    1971 - 1996

    Tupac Shakur (1971 - 1996)

    Tupac Shakur Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), also known by his stage names 2Pac and briefly as Makaveli, was an American rapper and actor. Shakur has sold over 75 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His double disc albums All Eyez on […]

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  • Tura Satana

    1938 - 2011

    Tura Satana (1938 - 2011)

    Satana was born Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi in Hokkaidō, Japan. Her father was a silent movie actor of Japanese and Filipino descent, and her mother was a circus performer of American Indian (Cheyenne) and Scots-Irish background. After the end of World War II and a stint in the Manzanar internment camp in Lone Pine, California, […]

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  • Tyson Stevens

    1985 - 2014

    Tyson Stevens (1985 - 2014)

    Tyson Stevens Tyson Stevens, former lead singer for Gilbert-based screamo group Scary Kids Scaring Kids has died. He was 29. A report posted Tuesday, Oct. 21, on Alternative Press’ website says: “A source who wishes to remain anonymous has told us that Stevens was found dead this morning by his girlfriend in Tucson, Arizona.” The news was […]

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