• Thorton Wilder

    1897 - 1975

    Thorton Wilder (1897 - 1975)

    Thorton Wilder was born in Madison, Wisconsin, the son of Amos Parker Wilder, a newspaper editor and U.S. diplomat, and Isabella Niven Wilder. All of the Wilder children spent part of their childhood in China. His older brother, Amos Niven Wilder, was Hollis Professor of Divinity at the Harvard Divinity School, a noted poet, and […]

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  • Thurman Munson

    1947 - 1979

    Thurman Munson (1947 - 1979)

    Munson was born in Akron, Ohio to Darrell Vernon Munson and Ruth Myrna Smylie, the youngest of four children. His father was a World War II veteran who became a truck driver while his mother was a homemaker. When he turned eight, the Munson family moved to nearby Canton, Ohio. He was taught how to play baseball by his older brother Duane, and usually played […]

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  • Tim Holt

    1919 - 1973

    Tim Holt (1919 - 1973)

    Tim Holt was born Charles John Holt III on born February 5, 1919, in Beverly Hills, California, the son of actor Jack Holt and Margaret Woods. During his early years, he accompanied his father on location, even appearing in an early silent film. Holt was educated at Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana, graduating in […]

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  • Timothy Carey

    1929 - 1994

    Timothy Carey (1929 - 1994)

    Timothy Agoglia Carey (March 11, 1929 – May 11, 1994) was an American film and television character actor. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. Carey was best known for portraying manic or violent characters who are driven to extremes.  One of his best remembered early roles was in the Stanley Kubrick film The Killing […]

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  • Timothy Carr

    1970 - 2005

    Timothy Carr (1970 - 2005)

    Timothy Don Carr (May 30, 1970 – January 25, 2005), a 34-year-old white male, was executed by lethal injection at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia on January 25, 2005. Carr was found guilty of the 1992 murder of Keith Patrick Young, a 17-year-old white male. Carr, who was 22-years old when […]

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  • Tod Browning

    1880 - 1962

    Tod Browning (1880 - 1962)

    Motion-Picture Director and Screenwriter. Known as “The Master of the Macabre”, he was one of the most idiosyncratic artists ever to work in Hollywood. Browning was born in Louisville, Kentucky. At 16 he ran away from home to join a travelling circus, earning his keep as a contortionist and clown. It was the formative experience […]

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  • Todd Christensen

    1956 - 2013

    Todd Christensen (1956 - 2013)

    Christensen was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, on August 3, 1956, to Ned Jay and June Christensen. His father was working on a doctorate degree at Pennsylvania State University at that time. After teaching in West Virginia, his father was offered a professorship in Eugene, Oregon, when Todd was 5 and the family relocated. Athletically, Christensen’s early desire was to continue […]

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  • Todd Christensen

    1956 - 2013

    Todd Christensen (1956 - 2013)

    Christensen was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, on August 3, 1956, to Ned Jay and June Christensen. His father was working on a doctorate degree at Pennsylvania State University at that time. After teaching in West Virginia, his father was offered a professorship in Eugene, Oregon, when Todd was 5 and the family relocated. Athletically, Christensen’s […]

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  • Tom Addison

    1936 - 2011

    Tom Addison (1936 - 2011)

    Addison attended the University of South Carolina and was drafted by the NFL Baltimore Colts and the Canadian Football League Ottawa Rough Riders, but chose to sign in 1960 with the Boston Patriots of the newly formed American Football League, playing his entire pro career with the Patriots. Considered a leader of the newly formed […]

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  • Tom Bell

    1933 - 2006

    Tom Bell (1933 - 2006)

    Thomas George Bell was born on 2 August 1933 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Evacuated as a child during the Second World War, he lived with three different families in Morecambe, Lancashire. In 1948, at age 15, Bell began to act in his first school plays, and though he never dominated the performances he nonetheless demonstrated […]

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  • Tom Bosley

    1927 - 2010

    Tom Bosley (1927 - 2010)

    Bosley was born in Chicago, the son of Dora (née Heyman) and Benjamin Bosley. Although well known for playing a Catholic priest—and numerous Protestants—Bosley was actually Jewish. During World War II, Bosley served in the United States Navy. While attending DePaul University, in Chicago, in 1947, he made his stage debut in Our Town with […]

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  • Tom Campbell Clark

    1899 - 1977

    Tom Campbell Clark (1899 - 1977)

    Clark was born in Dallas, Texas on September 23, 1899, to son of Virginia Maxey (née Falls), and William Henry Clark. A graduate of Dallas High School, he served as a Texas National Guard infantryman in 1918; afterward he studied law, receiving his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1922. […]

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  • Tom Clancy

    1947 - 2013

    Tom Clancy (1947 - 2013)

    Tom Clancy was born at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 12, 1947, and grew up in the Northwood neighborhood. He was the second of three children to Thomas Clancy, who worked for the United States Postal Service, and Catherine Clancy, who worked in a store’s credit department. His mother worked in order […]

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  • Tom Ewell

    1909 - 1994

    Tom Ewell (1909 - 1994)

    Ewell was born Samuel Yewell Tompkins in Owensboro, Kentucky. His family expected him to follow in their footsteps as lawyers or whiskey and tobacco dealers but Ewell decided to pursue acting instead. Ewell began acting in summer stock in 1928 with Don Ameche, before moving to New York City in 1931. He enrolled in the […]

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  • Tom Foley

    1929 - 2013

    Tom Foley (1929 - 2013)

    Foley was born in Spokane, Washington, the son of Helen Marie (née Higgins), a school teacher, and Ralph E. Foley, a Superior Court Judge. He was of Irish Catholic descent. In 1946, he graduated from the Jesuit-run Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane. He went on to attend Gonzaga University in Spokane and the University of […]

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  • Tom Laughlin

    1931 - 2013

    Tom Laughlin (1931 - 2013)

    Laughlin was born in Minneapolis, and reared in Milwaukee, where he attended Washington High School. While in high school, he was involved in an athletic controversy that made headlines throughout the city. The controversy involved Laughlin being forced to attend another school for a brief period, making him ineligible to play football at his previous […]

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  • Tom McHale

    1963 - 2008

    Tom McHale (1963 - 2008)

    Tom McHale was an American offensive guard in the National Football League. During his career he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987–92), Philadelphia Eagles (1993–94) and Miami Dolphins (1995). Born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, he attended Gaithersburg High School and then Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, Pennsylvania before playing college football at Maryland (1983) and Cornell […]

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  • Tom Mix

    1880 - 1940

    Tom Mix (1880 - 1940)

    Tom Mix On October 12,1940, cowboy-movie star Tom Mix is killed when he loses control of his speeding Cord Phaeton convertible and rolls into a dry wash (now called the Tom Mix Wash) near Florence, Arizona. He was 60 years old. Today, visitors to the site of the accident can see a 2-foot–tall iron statue […]

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  • Tom Neal

    1914 - 1972

    Tom Neal (1914 - 1972)

    Born in Evanston, Illinois, Tom Neal was one of three children born to banker Thomas, Sr. and Mayme Neal (née Martin). He had two older sisters, Mary Elizabeth and Dorothy Helen. His great uncle was John Drew. Neal and his sisters were raised in a spacious ten-room home in Chicago. He attended Lake Forest Academy […]

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  • Tom Perry

    1922 - 2015

    Tom Perry (1922 - 2015)

    Tom Perry was born in Logan, Utah, to Leslie Thomas Perry and his wife, Elsie Nora Sonne. Perry, Utah is named for Perry’s ancestor, Gustavus Adolphus Perry and his family, who were among the first settlers in that area. From the time of Perry’s birth until he was eighteen, his father was bishop of their LDS […]

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  • Tom Poston

    1921 - 2007

    Tom Poston (1921 - 2007)

    Poston was born in Columbus, Ohio, the son of George and Margaret Poston; his father was a liquor salesman and dairy chemist. After completing high school, Tom Poston attended Bethany College in West Virginia, but did not graduate. While there, he joined Sigma Nu Fraternity. He joined the United States Army Air Forces in 1941. Accepted […]

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  • Tom Tryon

    1926 - 1991

    Tom Tryon (1926 - 1991)

    Thomas Tryon was born on January 14, 1926, in Hartford, Connecticut, as the son of Arthur Lane Tryon, a clothier and owner of Stackpole, Moore & Tryon. (He is often erroneously identified as the son of silent screen actor Glenn Tryon.)  He served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific from 1943–1946 during and after […]

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  • Tom Villard

    1953 - 1994

    Tom Villard (1953 - 1994)

    Villard was born in Waipahu, Hawaii and grew up in Spencerport, New York, the son of Diane Ruth (MacNaughton), a teacher of the emotionally handicapped, and Ronald Louis Villard, a photochemical engineer. He attended Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, before moving to New York City to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and […]

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  • Tom Wicker

    1927 - 2011

    Tom Wicker (1927 - 2011)

    Wicker was born in Hamlet, North Carolina. He was a graduate of the University of North Carolina. He won a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University in 1957. In 1993, he returned to Harvard, where he was a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government. He died from an apparent heart attack, on November 25, 2011. […]

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  • Tomasso Gagliano

    1884 - 1951

    Tomasso Gagliano (1884 - 1951)

    Organized Crime Figure. He took control of the Reina Mafia Family in New York City following the murder of Bonaventura Pinzolo during the Castellammare War. Gagliano’s Family was based in the Bronx. He died of natural causes in 1951. Following his death Thomas Luchese became boss of the Family, which still bears Luchese’s name.

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  • Tommie Lee Aaron

    1939 - 1984

    Tommie Lee Aaron (1939 - 1984)

    Tommie Lee Aaron (August 5, 1939 – August 16, 1984) was a first baseman and left fielder in Major League Baseball, and a younger brother of Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. They were the first siblings to appear in a League Championship Series as teammates. Born in Mobile, Alabama, he was signed by the Milwaukee […]

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  • Tommy David Morrison

    1969 - 2013

    Tommy David Morrison (1969 - 2013)

    Tommy David Morrison Tommy Morrison, who was a WBO heavyweight champion with a professional record of 48-3-1 with 44 KO’s, died on September 1, 2013, died at a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska from a blood infection at age 44. Tommy Morrison famously tested positive for HIV before a fight in 1996, which basically ended his […]

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  • Tommy Lynn Sells

    1964 - 2014

    Tommy Lynn Sells (1964 - 2014)

    Sells and his twin sister, Tammy Jean, contracted meningitis[citation needed] when they were 18 months old; Tammy died from the illness. Shortly thereafter, Sells was sent to live with his aunt, Bonnie Woodall, in Holcomb, Missouri, where he lived until he was five years old. When Sells was eight, he began spending time with a […]

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  • Tommy Ramone

    1952 - 2014

    Tommy Ramone (1952 - 2014)

    Erdélyi was Jewish, and was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1949, to parents who had survived the Holocaust by being hidden by neighbors, though many of his relatives were victims of the Nazis. The family emigrated to the US when Ramone was aged four and he grew up in Forest Hills, New York.  Tommy and […]

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  • Tommy Rettig

    1941 - 1996

    Tommy Rettig (1941 - 1996)

    Rettig was born to a Jewish father, Elias Rettig, and a Christian Italian-American mother, Rosemary Nibali, in Jackson Heights in the Queens borough of New York City. He started his career at the age of six, on tour with Mary Martin in the play Annie Get Your Gun, in which he played Little Jake. Before his […]

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