• Anthony Asquith

    1902 - 1968

    Anthony Asquith (1902 - 1968)

    The Honourable Anthony Asquith (/ˈæskwɪθ/; 9 November 1902 – 20 February 1968) was a leading English film director. He collaborated successfully with playwright Terence Rattigan on The Winslow Boy (1948) and The Browning Version (1951), among other adaptations. His other notable films include Pygmalion (1938), French Without Tears (1940), The Way to the Stars (1945), […]

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  • Anthony Caruso

    1916 - 2003

    Anthony Caruso (1916 - 2003)

    Born in Frankfort, Indiana, Anthony Caruso was reared from the age of 10 in Long Beach, California. He made his film debut in Johnny Apollo (1940). During his long career, Caruso often portrayed villains in supporting roles and bit parts. He often played people of different descents like Italians, Indians, Arabs, Persians, Mexicans, Latinos and […]

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  • Anthony Corallo

    1913 - 2000

    Anthony Corallo (1913 - 2000)

    Mafia Boss of the Lucchese Crime Family. Criminal record dates back to 1929. He did 2 yrs in prison in 1962 for paying $35,000 in bribes to New York Supreme Court Justice James Vincent Keogh and Assistant U. S. Attorney Elliott Kahaner to assure a light sentence for a mob associate. In 1968 Corallo was […]

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  • Anthony Eisley

    1925 - 2003

    Anthony Eisley (1925 - 2003)

    Born Frederick Glendinning Eisley in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose father was a general sales manager for a large corporation. He was the father of Amanda Eisley, Jonathan Erickson Eisley, Nan R. Eisley, David Glen Eisley and grandfather of actress India Eisley. Following service in the United States Navy, he took drama classes at the University of Miami […]

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  • Anthony Giacalone

    1919 - 2001

    Anthony Giacalone (1919 - 2001)

    Organized Crime Figure. Anthony Giacalone was born on the Eastside of Detroit in January of 1919. The oldest of seven siblings Giacalone spent a lot of time helping his father sell produce from the back of his horse drawn wagon in the Indian Village section of Detroit. Unimpressed by the meager living his father provided […]

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  • Anthony Mason

    1966 - 2015

    Anthony Mason (1966 - 2015)

    Anthony Mason attended Tennessee State University and was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers in the third round of the 1988 NBA Draft (53rd pick), but was cut shortly afterwards. He then played for the Efes Pilsen basketball club in Turkey. Mason played for Marinos de Oriente in Venezuela and other teams in the CBA and the […]

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  • Anthony Perkins

    1932 - 1992

    Anthony Perkins (1932 - 1992)

    Perkins made his film debut in The Actress (1953). He received the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year – Actor and an Academy Award nomination for his second film, Friendly Persuasion (1956). The tall (6’2″, 188 cm) Perkins also portrayed the troubled former Boston Red Sox baseball player Jimmy Piersall in the […]

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  • Anthony Quinn

    1915 - 2001

    Anthony Quinn (1915 - 2001)

    Quinn was born Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca in Chihuahua, Mexico, during the Mexican Revolution. His mother, Manuela “Nellie” Oaxaca, was of Aztec ancestry. His father, Francisco (Frank) Quinn, was also born in Mexico, to an Irish immigrant father from County Cork and a Mexican mother. Frank Quinn rode with Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, then later […]

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  • Anthony Russo

    1916 - 1979

    Anthony Russo (1916 - 1979)

    His nickname was Little Pussy and he was a Captain in the Genovese Organized Crime Family. New Jersey was the base of his operations all his life. His older brother John, who was also member of the Genovese Family, was nicknamed Big Pussy. During the 1960s, FBI wiretaps overheard New Jersey mobsters telling the story […]

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  • Anthony Salerno

    1911 - 1992

    Anthony Salerno (1911 - 1992)

    Organized Crime Figure. He was the Boss of the Genovese Family from 1981 until 1986. Taking over after Frank Tieri’s death. Salerno and three other New York City Mafia Bosses were sentenced to 100 years in prison in the famous Commission trial in 1986. After Salerno went to prison Vincent (The Chin) Gigante became the […]

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  • Anthony Shadid

    1968 - 2012

    Anthony Shadid (1968 - 2012)

    From 2003 to 2009 Shadid was a staff writer for The Washington Post where he was an Islamic affairs correspondent based in the Middle East. Before The Washington Post, Shadid worked as Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press based in Cairo and as news editor of the AP bureau in Los Angeles. He spent […]

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  • Anton Rodgers

    1933 - 2007

    Anton Rodgers (1933 - 2007)

    Rodgers was born in London, the son of Leonore (née Wood) and William Robert Rodgers. His early education was at Westminster School. Later he was educated at the Italia Conti Academy and LAMDA. He appeared on stage from the age of 14. He was well known for his television performances, specifically his long-running roles in […]

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  • Antoni Tàpies

    1923 - 2012

    Antoni Tàpies (1923 - 2012)

    The son of Josep Tàpies i Mestre and Maria Puig i Guerra, Antoni Tàpies Puig was born in Barcelona on December 13, 1923. His father was a lawyer and Catalan nationalist who served briefly with the Republican government. At 17, Tàpies suffered a near-fatal heart attack caused by tuberculosis. He spent two years as a […]

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  • Antonio Aguilar Barraza

    1919 - 2007

    Antonio Aguilar Barraza (1919 - 2007)

    Aguilar was born José Pascual Antonio Aguilar Márquez Barraza in Villanueva, Zacatecas, the son of Jesús Aguilar Aguilar and Ángela Márquez Barraza Valle, both of Villanueva.  He spent his early childhood in “La Casa Grande de Tayahua”, an hacienda first built in 1596 in the town of Tayahua, about 35 km from Villanueva. Aguilar’s ancestors […]

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  • Antonio Cárdenas Guillén

    1962 - 2010

    Antonio Cárdenas Guillén (1962 - 2010)

    Antonio Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén was born on 5 March 1962 in El Mezquital ranch in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. As a teenager, Antonio Ezequiel and his brother Osiel earned their living by washing cars at the headquarters of the Federal Judicial Police in their hometown. By the late 1980s, Cárdenas Guillén started […]

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  • Antonio Cincotta

    1875 - 1915

    Antonio Cincotta (1875 - 1915)

    Organized Crime Figure. He was a Mafia Blackhand Leader in New York City whom attempted to extort $15,000 from opera star Enrico Caruso in 1910. Cincotta was arrested when he went to pick up the extortion money at a drop in Brooklyn. He was convicted of extortion and sent to prison until December 1914. Cincotta […]

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  • Antônio Ermírio de Moraes

    1928 - 2014

    Antônio Ermírio de Moraes (1928 - 2014)

    Antônio Ermírio de Moraes (June 4, 1928 – August 24, 2014) was a Brazilian businessman who was the chairman of the Votorantim Group; one of the country’s largest companies, specialized in metals, paper, cement and frozen orange juice. He was the grandfather of IndyCar Series driver Mario Moraes. Moraes was also the president of the […]

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  • Antonio Lombardo

    1891 - 1928

    Antonio Lombardo (1891 - 1928)

    Chicago gangster. Valued advisor of Al Capone. He became Capone’s consigliere after Johnny Torrio retired in 1927.

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  • Antonio Moreno

    1887 - 1967

    Antonio Moreno (1887 - 1967)

    Born Antonio Garrido Monteagudo in Madrid, Spain, he emigrated to the United States at the age of fourteen and settled in Massachusetts, where he completed his education. Although he claimed to have attended Williston Seminary in Easthampton, Massachusetts, the Archives of the school, now the Williston Northampton School, have no record of his having done […]

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  • AP Carter

    1893 - 1960

    AP Carter (1893 - 1960)

    AP Carter A.P. Carter is best known for forming the Carter Family band, which combined traditional Appalachian sounds with a unique guitar style and African American gospel influences. A.P. Carter was born to Robert C. Carter and Mollie Arvelle Bays in Maces Springs, Virginia, an area in present-day Hiltons, Virginia, which is known as Poor […]

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  • Archie Campbell

    1914 - 1987

    Archie Campbell (1914 - 1987)

    Archie Campbell Actor, Comedian. This native of Bulls Gap, Tennessee, got his start in 1936 co-hosting a radio show with Roy Acuff on Knoxville station WNOX. After one year he relocated to Chattanooga where he worked in radio until joining the Navy in 1941. He retuned from the service to Knoxville where he helped launch […]

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  • Archie Moore

    1916 - 1998

    Archie Moore (1916 - 1998)

    Archie Moore He turned professional in 1938 and boxed all but one of his 12 bouts that year in San Diego. Moore had eight bouts in 1939, going 5–2 during that span, with one “no contest.” He lost to former Middleweight Champion and future Hall of Famer Teddy Yarosz during that time, and his no-contest […]

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  • Argentina Brunetti

    1907 - 2005

    Argentina Brunetti (1907 - 2005)

    Actress. Best remembered as ‘Mrs. Martini’ in the holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” She began her show business career at the age of three in a walk on part in the opera, “Cavalleria Rusticana” and followed her mother actress Mimi Aguglia’s footsteps in the theater performing several supporting roles on stages in Europe, and […]

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  • Ariel Castro

    1960 - 2013

    Ariel Castro (1960 - 2013)

    Castro was 52 years old at the time of his arrest. He was born on July 10, 1960 in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Pedro Castro and Lillian Rodriguez. Shortly after his parents divorced when he was a child, Castro moved to the mainland U.S. with his mother and three siblings. The family first settled […]

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  • Arlen Specter

    1930 - 2012

    Arlen Specter (1930 - 2012)

    Arlen Specter (February 12, 1930 – October 14, 2012) was a United States Senator from Pennsylvania. Specter was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, when he switched back to the Democratic Party. First elected in 1980, he represented his state for 30 years in the Senate. Specter was […]

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  • Arlene Martel

    1936 - 2014

    Arlene Martel (1936 - 2014)

    In 1962, Arlene Martel made her first of two appearances on Perry Mason, as Fiona Cregan in “The Case of the Absent Artist”. Later, she guest starred as Sandra Dunkel in “The Case of the Dead Ringer” (1966) when Raymond Burr played a dual role, that of Mason and as the actual murderer, Grimes. Martel […]

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  • Arletty

    1898 - 1992

    Arletty (1898 - 1992)

    Arletty was born Léonie Marie Julie Bathiat in Courbevoie (near Paris), to a working-class family. After her father’s death, she left home and pursued a modeling career. She took the stage name “Arlette” based on the heroine of a story by Guy de Maupassant. She was not interested in acting until she met Paul Guillaume, […]

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  • Arnold Daly

    1875 - 1927

    Arnold Daly (1875 - 1927)

    Actor in 11 silent films.

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  • Arnold Klein

    1945 - 2015

    Arnold Klein (1945 - 2015)

    Arnold Klein was born on February 27, 1945, in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, the son of a Jewish Orthodox rabbi. He was raised in Michigan and North Miami, Florida, graduating from North Miami High School in 1963. In 1967, Arnold Klein earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. He attended the University of […]

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  • Arnold Rothstein

    1882 - 1928

    Arnold Rothstein (1882 - 1928)

    Arnold Rothstein Nothing gave a stronger boost to organized crime in America than Prohibition, which took effect on January 16, 1920. The ban on the manufacture and sale of drinking alcohol did nothing to dry up the demand for whiskey and wine. Some observers speculated, in fact, that banning alcoholic beverages made them more appealing […]

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